#978 Platform Sessions at the Photo Studio

Platform Sessions

Based on successes in the last few years, this fall we are introducing Platform Sessions at Ottawa Studio Works.

Platform offers a space and time to bring a selection of interesting photo, arts and related events to photo and arts enthusiasts.

presentation at Ottawa photo studio

Ottawa Book Award Winner – Jamie Findlay – at Ottawa Studio Works

Effectively, we are offering a platform from which people can speak and show interesting ideas to the community:
• slideshows
• tech nights
print presentations
• critique sessions
• equipment exchanges
• socials
book readings

We’re open to your ideas and would love to hear from you!
Cost? Dates? Events?
We’re making it up as we go…

Stay tuned to our workshops page to see what’s coming up… We’ll be adding some events in August.

photo presentation - Ottawa

Print Presentation at the photo studio

#977 Web Distractions – Photo Links from the Web!

A big thanks to readers for feeding us some fun photo links. This week we have some fun for you:

100 years of Tour de France photos
Cycling readers inspired this link to historical photos from the world’s most famous cycling race!

The Rise of the Selfie (Self Portrait) in Social Media
Lee brought us this link that explores the current social media obsession with the self portrait!

Photo Spotlight on Detroit (and a series on Theatres…)
Marc sent us a link to the works of Marchand & Meffre. Worth a look!

Photo Tips = Better Photos
And we bring you photo tips most days of the week @ PrimePhotoTips.com

Thanks for the web distractions. If you have things to share please send them in!

Self Portrait

iPhone Self Portrait – Harry Nowell

#976 Student Success – Scott in the Photo Studio

Years ago I got a message from Scott Martin who was looking to advance his photo skills and get into some photo work.

His photos at the time were mere snapshots.
After a couple of years on the ProProgram his work blossomed.

© Scott Martin – Liam Lloyd

What happened?
He worked hard.
And he took many of our photography courses lead by accomplished working  photographers like David Trattles (award-winning, veteran social documentary photographer) and Blair Gable (leading Reuters photojournalist.)

There are a lot of photo workshops offered nowadays. Learning from experienced veterans goes a long way, just saying!

Scott now runs ScottMartinVisuals.com and SpotlightOttawa.com. He recently shot Liam Lloyd at our photo studio for a feature.

We’re proud of what he’s accomplished!!
Well done Scott.

Student Success

© Scott Martin – Liam Lloyd

#975 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Photo Tips = Better Pictures

Photos are easy to make – aim and click. Almost everybody has a camera device and there are trillions of, erm, bad photos out there.

Good photos take time and patience and learning…

How would you:
• make white snow white? (most people produce gray snow)
• make a waterfall turn into a milky smooth masterpiece?
• showing a hint of motion in the water and oars while keeping the boat and background crisp?

Regular photo tips can help!

In this edition of Exposed! we offer some of the most important (and fun) tips.

Read the tips.

Photo Tips = Better Pictures

Photo Tip #201 – Anticipate your subject’s actions.

#974 Adobe Lightroom Seminar with Peter Handley, RGD

Photos lacking punch?
Can’t find your favourite photos?
Looking for more from your photography?

Learn the post processing power of Adobe Lightroom.

Before Lightroom:post precessing with Adobe Lightroom class

After Lightroom:post precessing with Adobe Lightroom class

Join one of Ottawa’s most sought-after graphic designers – Peter Handley – as he guide’s a lucky group through the powerful Adobe software that has quickly become the leading software for batch processing and archiving.

What about Adobe’s Photoshop?!
Photoshop is another powerful and amazing tool with some key differences.

Peter will lead you through the Lightroom modules over two weekends. You can join one session or both!

Join the Lightroom Seminar

#973 Traditional Technical Training for Modern Industrial Applications

This spring we were contacted by Ontario Power Generation in Southern Ontario about some specialized technical training for their staff. We developed a Custom Course to meet their needs.

Specialized Photo Training – Old technology for modern testing.
They needed training in traditional dark room skills to perform the (almost) 100 year old test that involves traditional photography. Steve explains it better himself:

“We work in a Performance and Testing department with Ontario Power Generation.  Our group provides experienced engineering and skilled technical personnel to consistently provide high quality services in data analysis, performance verification, regulatory environmental emission data, and to support aspects of operation and projects. 

The Gibson Test
The Gibson Test is one example of a performance test that our group offers.  It is a method that was developed almost 100 years ago, that uses a pressure-time graph to determine water flow through a pipe.

Interestingly, the pressure-time graph that is produced during a Gibson Test is done through photographic means.  A large piece of photographic film is wrapped around a column inside a canister.  The narrow slit along the side of the canister allows light to strike the film.

black and white darkroom training

Gibson Photography Graph

A column of mercury is used that rises and falls as the pressure inside the penstock changes; this mercury blocks a portion of the light entering the canister.  The canister rotates slowly, and the mercury rises and falls, creating a pressure-time graph on the photographic film. 

The film is developed on site in a darkroom built and set up by our technicians.  Since these Gibson Tests can occur at any of the remote hydroelectric stations across Ontario, creating an adequate darkroom setting can be challenging at times.

Thanks to Harry and Marie-Helene, we now have more of an expertise to create a darkroom and the skills necessary to develop this photographic film in the non-traditional settings we encounter with our work.  Thanks guys!!”

And thank-you for coming from Southern Ontario for your taining!

1923 Gibson Photography - Film Canister for 20x24

1923 Gibson Photography – Film Canister for 20×24″ film – capture on an iPhone!

#972 Travel and Documentary Workshop Announced!

Travel photography course

Travel & Documentary Photography Course with David Trattles (above)

That’s right…

David Trattles is offering his Travel and Documentary Photo Workshop in Ottawa in mid-September!

Some of you may remember David’s past workshops. He brought laughter, passion and a new way of seeing to his students:
Harry – thank you for introducing me to David.  This course has changed the way I take photographs.  More importantly it has changed the way I see myself and the world around me.” Prasad J. (photo below)

Travel and documentary photography course

Photo from past course – © Prasad J.

Well, we’re lucky to have him back. David travels extensively and has offered us the dates (below) in early September.

Dave does things differently – “I have not seen anything even close to this offered in Ottawa.” Sue S.

His workshops will change the way you think of photography.  With a big heart and passion David will lead you on a new adventure in your photo adventures.

Documentary Photographer David Trattles

© David Trattles – Boxing Ladies of Calcutta

September 12-15, 2013.

Ottawa Studio Works
160 Preston St.; Ottawa

$375 + tax

Join us.
Details and registration.

#971 Photo Contest!!

Photo Contest!!

Last year four lucky (and talented) workshop graduates had their photos featured on our workshop poster and brochures:

better pictures through courses

Photography Course Poster

This year we are looking for four new photos! You’ll get:
• Bragging rights
• Beatured on the blog and get a chance to promote your photography
• Three free months on our Online Photo Program!

Contest rules:
• Photos must be from graduates of one of our workshops, classes, safaris or programs.
• Photos may be taken anytime in the last year – they do not have to be from a workshop.
• You must have permission from any recognizable person/people in the photo to have their face in our promotions.
• You grant HarryNowell.com the right to use your photo in posters, brochures, websites and other ways to promote what we do. You, the photographer, retain copyright (that’s a good idea!)
• Final photos must be available at 6″x9″ @300dpi, unwatermarked. This is a 14mb uncompressed file.
• We will credit you as the photographer and list your website, if applicable/appropriate, in promotions.

How to submit:
• Please send a maximum of three jpeg photos to Harry@HarryNowell.com.
• Send photos for consideration as 1024×768 pixels at 72 dpi or similar – this is 2mb or less.
We will only be asking the winning photographers for printable files – 6″x9″ @300dpi, un-watermarked.

Deadline for entires?
Monday, July 29th; 9pm.
We’ll be contacting the winners by early August.

Send us your best!

#970 Online Photo Challenge Review

Our online photo program roars along with a new photo challenge every month. Members receive video lessons, tips, links and share ideas as they produce their best shots for the photo challenge.

June’s challenge was photojournalistic storytelling and members were guided as they created single photos that told stories within themselves.

Better Photos

Photojournalism Challenge – “One Photo Stories” Love – © Gina R

The creative challenges are often tougher than the technical challenges because there are fewer “recipes for success!” Still, participants rose to the challenge with some amazing photos.

Photo Critique

Photojournalistic storytelling – Online Photo Challenge  – © Maisie I

And they continue to enjoy the process!
Comments from the past month:
• “[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!

• “Harry, you always keep me on my toes and throw in extra food for thought. I love it, thank you!

Better pictures

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Challenge – © Lynn G

I found this challenge to be very challenging. I got out shooting and I tried a new style that should help improve my images going forward.  It was a good exercise and (as always) it was helpful to see what others were shooting

Better photos

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge – © John D.

Thanks for another great challenge!

Photojournalism, a very good challenge… it makes you think about taking just a photo vs. a photo story.  Gives the photo taking purpose and helps with composition.”

Better pictures

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge – © Allan C.

This was my first challenge and I found it consumed a lot of my thoughts; I was excited, scared and felt hungry for the challenge … I do feel a little sad that it’s over but I will continue to use the story telling in all my photos in the future. I look forward to the July challenge.

Photojournalistic Storytelling - Online Photo Challenge - © Marcel M.

Photojournalistic Storytelling – Online Photo Challenge
– © Marcel M.

Want better photos?
Looking to boost your skills?
The online photo program helps you get the experience for better pictures.

Weekly content with lessons, videos, links, critique and a member forum.
Join us…

#969 Web Distractions – Photo Links from the Web!

We’d like to thanks readers Norman, Allan and Don for this instalment of web distractions!

Annie Liebovitz talks
Norman shared a link on Annie Liebovitz discusses “Dream Portraits,” the future of photo and other views…

Worthwhile, really!
Allan (from our Online Program) offered a link countering a post from the last web distractions about the worthlessness of most of the bzillions of photos produced every day.

Insights from Henri Cartier-Bresson
Don (also from our Online Program) contributed a link to a video with inspirational words from Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Thanks for the web distractions. If you have things to share please send them in!