#57 Remember Scott?

Scott was my assistant for two weeks as he completed his work placement portion of his Algonquin College photo program. He posted many of my blog entries while he worked with me.

Scott is now in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, a windsurfing mecca. He is combining his love of windsurfing with his photo skills to launch his photo career. A good idea, as people have a better chance at success pursuing those things they love! Of course, good business sense and good timing are needed to achieve your goals, too!

While Scott was here he most wanted to learn about the business side of photography and he helped prepare my Creative Business Seminar. He already has good photo and post processing skills!

Read Scott’s blog to learn about his new business adventure and windsurfing tales. He has an amazing summer scheduled following the wind around the world.

Good luck Scott! I’ll be following your travels to success.

#56 Workshop photos and blogs

Creative Fundamentals photo student, Christine Melenhorst of Love Bunny Photography took some fun pictures on the course, posted below!

There are also two student blogs from that course that show comments about their course experiences and some great pictures!:

Amy’s Insight Photo Blog – orchids and course review.

Love Bunny Blog – babies, and photography views.

Harry reviewing speeding mountain bike motion exercise:


Explaining the idea of full frame pictures before speeding mountain bike focus exercise:

Thanks Amy, Christine and all my students. You make my teaching worthwhile!


#55 Workshops and whitewater

I had one of my Creative Fundamentals groups on the practical part of their course this weekend. In the spring I choose a spot where there are often whitewater paddlers to photograph. Sometimes this course coincides with the Level Six Capital Cup. It’s a fun whitewater kayak and canoe rodeo event put on by Stig and Tyler at Level Six.

The course went well and the festival atmosphere added to the fun for my students! Thanks Level Six!

Stig and Tyler paddled on the Canadian National Team as they started their business. Here is Stig at Ottawa’s downtown Pumphouse slalom paddling site – the site has just undergone major renovations:

Stig at the Pumphouse

Have fun,


#54 My apologies!

Sorry for leaving you without content the last couple of days. Occasionally, I get days that stretch from very early to quite late – Wednesday and Thursday left no time for extras.What was I doing?

Creative Fun is going well. It’s my most popular course – ons graduating student wrote: “I’ve come away with exactly what I needed to get – Thanks!”

My assignment was to photograph Malcolm Isaac’s super insulated house near Wakefield, Quebec. It is built with the ideas of a European Passivhaus that consumes 10% of the energy of a conventionally built Canadian home. The cost is marginally more than a normal house but the $energy savings are astronimcal!

This is Malcolm’s photo of his house (mine must go directly to the magazine – they have first rights!):

Malcolm's Passivhaus

Have fun,


#53 Photo of the Month

Summer is coming…

I have just posted the current photo of the month – race photography from a “criterion bike race.”

I have also just announced a new sport photography workshop – photographing an elite bike race!

For the skiers – there is still snow in “them hills” – yesterday I skinned up Camp Fortune and had a fun tele-descent! Gatineau Park xc trails have less snow.

Have fun,


#52 The week ahead

Scott, assisting me for two weeks as part of his Algonquin College photo course, has moved on to bigger things. Thanks for your help! He has a summer full of photographing windsurfers ahead of him. Lucky man!

Sadly for H, the snow is fast disappearing – the xc trails are getting large patches of dirt and Camp Fortune – the little hill that could – is starting to show a few bare small bare spots. Sigh.

As far as the world of Harry I have a busy week:

  • an assignment for a magazine
  • I am close to submitting a new batch of work to one of my stock agencies
  • I am teaching two workshops
  • I have a new sport photo workshop to announce later this week
  • lots of admin

For some fun have a look at this YouTube video that shows a high profile fashion photo shoot – start to finish. Not everything is as it seems!

Have fun,


#51 The end of Batman and Robin…

Scott here one last time. It’s my last day at Harry Nowell Photography Inc., so we thought we would leave you with a reflection of what both harry and myself learned during the 2 weeks together.Scott learned from Harry:

  • how to shoot for stock
  • managing business client relationships
  • handling expenses for a small business
  • your best work is the work you’re most passionate about

Harry learned from Scott:

  • some advanced photoshop techniques
  • networking solutions for computer and camera hardware
  • that going to school for photo is very valuable – he has learned some excellent skills in a very short two years
  • that Scott is very modest and a bit ‘shy’. He said “I’ll never be able to¬† teleski” after successfully navigating a double black diamond on his third (ever) run on telemark skis.

Here is a self-portrait of both of us that we took today.How did we shoot it? (no ladder or tripod involved)

#49 The Seminar

This is Harry again.

I presented the Creative Business Seminar on Sunday to a diverse group of people. Participants included:

  • photographers
  • artists
  • a graphic designer
  • a technical writer
  • a web person
  • small business owners
  • part time business owners and
  • prospective business owners

Participants brought many diverse views and ideas to the table making it a great learning experience – for me too! Thanks to OCRI’s Entrepreneurship Centre for their support.
The next Creative Business Seminar has been set for November 2nd, 2008. See some student’s comments.

For more business ideas explore my recent Exposed! article:

“What is Your Photo Worth? The Business of Photography

Scott, my assistant on a two week work placement, will be posting a fine photo (of me) soon!

Take care,


#48 Movement on the water

Scott here again. I thought I’d show you some samples of my work that represent my style of photography. These images were both taken during the 2007 season. Both of them using a panning effect to bring some motion into the images.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing are actually quite popular in Ottawa. These photos were taken at Britannia Park, which is the most popular spot in Ottawa for these sports.

This summer and fall I hope to focus my photography more specifically on capturing the action here in Ottawa as well as abroad. I like to keep my photos dynamic because it reflects the most significant aspect of windsurfing that keeps every sailor hooked to the sport. It’s probably one of the most unique sports because it’s a different experience every time you go out, and there is a variety of disciplines/styles to tackle.

The changing water conditions, fluctuating winds, and the movement of the board and sail together create an experience that’s unmatched by any other activity. This is what I want my photography to represent.