#273 Media Event

On Thursday I had an assignment to shoot the official opening of the Canadian National Team Whitewater Paddling Training Site – The Pumphouse – in downtown Ottawa.

Official opening of the Pumphouse

L-R: spectator, Olympian James Cartwright, NCC Russell Mills, Councillor Diane Holmes, Olympian Sarah Boudens

In attendance were past Olympians:

Official opening of the Pumphouse- James Cartwright

Olympian James Cartwright

Also showing their support were politicians from different levels of government:

Official opening of the Pumphouse - Paul DewarOttawa MP Paul Dewar

National Team Trials are this weekend at the Pumphouse hosted by the Ottawa River Runners. See past Pumphouse photos.

It was a good media event!

Official opening of the Pumphouse - David Ford, Russell MillsOlympian David Ford with NCC Russell Mills (L) and Ontario Whitewater President Jim Tayler (R)

#272 Urban Landscapes Weekend

• Coming up this weekend is our annual Urban Landscapes workshop.

We explore central Ottawa and Hull expanding ideas of observation, anchor points and squeezing three dimensions into a 2D photo.

“You are exceptional!  It shows that photography is your passion.”
     N.S. Ottawa Urban Landscapes
“Very Good.  Subtle but effective.”
     D.S. Ottawa Urban Landscapes
“Excellent, I saw a big difference in my pictures.”
     Anonymous. Ottawa Urban Landscapes 

Urban Landscapes Photo Workshop

• Next week is the Sport Sessions Photo Workshop

Students learn about motion, sports and event photography.

“Challenging, fun, great learning and a teacher who is positive and able to provide constructive feedback in a gentle and positive manner.”
M.M. Ottawa Sport Photo Workshop  

Sports Sessions Photo Workshop

#271 Student Successes – race photos

Yesterday, I posted photos from National Capital Race Weekend. I also heard from recent past students, Kim and Nathalie, who have put their photo workshop skills to work.

Kim took a spring session of Creative Fundamentals. The course includes the skills appropriate to capture well exposed, well composed sports shots. Kim also has family and friends who are experienced racers.

National Capital Race Weekend

10km Men -1st and 2nd places Merga (L) & Cheboiywo (middle)

Nathalie has just started our Professional Program and is keen to learn all about event, sport and race photography as her family and friends are avid triathletes, cyclists and runners. She plans to start a business shooting what she loves and is enrolled in the Sport Sessions Photo Workshop in June.

National Capital Race Weekend

National Capital Race Weekend

National Capital Race Weekend

Both women shot different aspects of the 10k event with good different styles and should be proud – nice work Nathalie and Kim!

#270 Marathon Race Photos

This weekend was race weekend in Ottawa. It was good weather for running – clear and warm, not hot.

One of our Pro Program students did covered her first ‘event assugnment’ and did very well. And I covered the half marathon – shooting general coverage of the event. See photos below.

To learn about event coverage, sport shooting, and motion photography consider the Sport Sessions Photo Workshop.

National Capital Half Marathon

The Start Line

National Capital Half Marathon

1st Man – Half marathon – Steve McNabb

National Capital Half Marathon

2nd Man – Half marathon – Nicholas Chadi

National Capital Half Marathon

1st Woman (by a large margin!) – Half marathon -Marie Danais

National Capital Half Marathon

The Bytown 171 group

National Capital Half Marathon

National Capital Half Marathon

National Capital Half Marathon

National Capital Half Marathon

National Capital Half Marathon

Have fun. See you at the races!

#268 Networking

Last week I met with a group of working creatives for some networking, nibbles and refreshments. There was no agenda – just a session to exchange ideas, resources and tall tales.

The group consisted of a mix of people working in creative fields. We had a writer and illustrator, photographers, Genie award winner, printer, film and video reps, and designers. Specal guest, Pat Castel – Mac expert, visited the group, too.

Below are some photos captured by Ming Wu’s camera – check his blog post for more photos.

Working Creatives

Working Creatives

#267 Photographer Interview – David Trattles

A past student sent me a link to an interview with Canadian Geographic with one of Canada’s finest photojournalists, David Trattles.

I have mentioned Dave before:

I met him many years ago and he encouraged me to pursue photography. Early on we lived in the same big student ghetto house near Ottawa University. It was a good time and I soaked up a lot of photo knowledge from Dave. His style certainly influenced aspects of my work – from stock to weddings.

Read the interview.

Check Dave’s photo tips.

Visit Dave’s site.

Dave’s influence at HarryNowell.com:





#266 Photo events and contests

I have been sent many photo related events lately. A few are listed below. Always check the fine print – never give up your copyright – and have fun!

One Pic One Click – a grassroots photo project to collect photos from around the world at a specific instant in time the anniversary of the first earth photos from outer space – October 24th, 1946.

Life’s Work – a photo contest for Ontario Seniors. Looks well organized with appropriate rules!

The Camera Trading Company has just taken in a lot of studio darkroom equipment from a retiring photographer. Tom says there are deals to be had!

Camera Trading Company

Mark at the Camera Trading Company

Have fun – keep shooting and exploring.

#263 More Wedding Photos

Jack and Kris had a beautiful wedding day last summer:

Ottawa Wedding Photography

My task was to capture some intimate moments at their fun wedding in Chelsea Quebec, moments north of Ottawa. My style is to act as a fly on the wall to capture the quietly candid moments missed by many.

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy

They were all smiles: “The great thing about an August wedding in Ottawa is the possibility of thunderstorms and sunshine in the same afternoon.  We got both, along with wedding bells and a great party with friends and family.”

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy

Years ago a bride admitted she chose us for their photography because my portfolio of wedding stories was the only one that “… almost made me cry!”

That’s what I shoot for when covering an intimate celebration!

Ottawa Wedding Photohraphy