#639 Jazz Festival photos

On Monday night I covered some of the Ottawa Jazz Festival for the Ottawa Sun. It was a simple assignment, but as usual with music festivals, it was on the fun end of the work spectrum.

Jazz Festival Photo - Chick Corea

Jazz Festival Photo - Chick Corea

My assignment was to cover Return to Forever IV lead by Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke – ground breakers in the fusion of Jazz and Rock in the early 70s.


See more of my photos from Monday night’s Jazz Festival concert on the Ottawa Sun website. On Tuesday we start some light R&R – a break with our new baby – I’ll be checking and responding to emails that require immediate attention but we are taking a slow week, work wise.

July gets busy with work including our Music in Print Exhibition and Print Sale celebrating shooting music festivals for the last decade.

We also have some assignments and new photography courses to announce for the fall – stay tuned!


#638 Reader’s Photo of the Month Contest

Every month we select one of YOUR photos for our Reader’s Photo of the Month. We look for a photo that moves us in some way and some kind of inspiration or indication of how the photo turns your crank! We’re less interested in what camera you used and more interested in your process.

This month was, as usual, a tough choice.

But in the end Andrea Johnstone came out on top with her photo, below, from a recent session:

Photo of the Month contest

Photo of the Month contest

Andrea says, simply, “I grabbed this photo of Christine’s daughter.

My inspiration was the way she was getting tuckered out and looked like she wanted some cuddling, which I thought was so spontaneous.  It was just about the end of the session and the kids were getting tired.   It was a perfect chance to grab an instant non-posed snap.

Sometimes the best photos are the least planned – especially with children.

For Andrea’s efforts she wins a photo safari at HarryNowell.com this summer or fall. We have two coming up in July – bike racing or street performers – and are planning one for the fall – to be announced soon. Congratulations Andrea!

Prizes? You never said anything about prizes!!

Yes, we are now have prizes for the contest! Next month Canadian Geographic has kindly offered a subscription to their beautiful magazine. Interested in the prize, fame and glory?

Canadian Geographic

Canadian Geographic prize

Send us your photos!

Please send one photo at a time. Maximum three photos per person per month. Please keep your photos small – we cannot consider photos greater than 1mb. Ideally, size photos to 450 x 300 pixels at 72 dpi. A gentle watermark is fine.

Supporting Text – This is as important as the photo. What inspired you? Why do you like it? How did you do it? Tell us about your photo!

Links – Would you like a link to your site? Please send us the specific link!

Sorry, we cannot reply to all photos submitted. Stay tuned. We will feature the Reader’s Photo of the Month at the end of each month.


#637 This week

There’s never a dull moment at HarryNowell.com.

Not that this week was all fireworks and chocolate frosted sugar bombs but here were some agenda items this week:

  • prepare for our upcoming ‘Music-in-Print’ exhibition and print sale highlighting years of shooting Bluesfest, Jazzfest, Tulipfest, etc. Who will be on the walls? Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Hedley, Xavier Rudd, John Prine, JJ Cale, Blue Rodeo… and many more.
Music festival Photo Exhibition - Jazzestival - Ottawa

Music festival Photo Exhibition - BluesFest - Ottawa

  • planning more fall workshops – more Wildlife/Landscape, Creative Exploration, post processing and other work. Stay tuned – dates to be announced soon.
  • we sold a laptop and are looking for new tenants for the apartment above the studio.
  • judging our photo of the month contest – winner announced Monday – we think we have a winner unless you think you have something really good!
May's Photo of the Month Contest Winner - Hagen Hohn - 2H photography.ca

May's Photo of the Month Contest Winner - Hagen Hohn - 2Hphotography.ca

  • wrap up a couple of photo workshops
  • discuss an upcoming editorial assignment with a client – looks like some good (and fun!) work developing
  • Some family time with our new munchkin!
Baby Portrait Ottawa

Baby Portrait Ottawa

Never a dull moment…


#636 Landscape and Wildlife Photo Workshop Review

It’s over. J David Andrews finished  the Landscape and Wildlife Photo Workshop we offered.

Participants smiled at the photo opportunities we arranged:

Wildlife landscape photo course - J David Andrews

Student photo Wildlife Landscape Photo Course - J David Andrews

The best part of the workshop for me was the practical sessions as well as the feedback sessions on our pictures… The class size was perfect, and there was good interaction between the participants, and between David and us.  I did learn a lot about wildlife photography … and that I still have lots to learn!

The group braved some rain as they were shooting one segment of the course – but produced some amazing photos.

Student photo Wildlife landscape photography course - J David Andrews

Student Wildlife Landscape Photo course - J David Andrews

A very enjoyable workshop. had a great time and David is fun…

We are planning another session with David – hoping for the fall – stay tuned!

Loved it, David makes the Landscape & Wildlife workshop fun. The other students also made it enjoyable.
I know a couple of them are going to make it as professional photographers.”

Student photo Wildlife Landscape Photo Class - J David Andrews

2HPhotography.ca Wildlife Landscape Photo Course - J David Andrews

Thanks to Anne, Hagen and Kevin for submitting the photos – thanks to everyone for a fun course!


#635 Preston Street Bike Race Photography

This weekend was the final part of Ottawa’s Italian Week Festival right outside our photography studio. And Sunday was the annual Preston Street Criterium Bike Races. We shot two races for our photo blog – the U17 men, U19 men, Sr 3,4 men and the elite race.

Join us to learn bike race photo tips in our July Bike Race Photo Safari for better race photos.

Italian Week Bike Race Photo

Italian Week Bike Race Photo U17, U19

Italian Week Bike Race Photo U17, U19Italian Week Bike Race Photo U17, U19 Winner
Italian Week Bike Race Photo U17, U19
Italian Week Bike Race Photo U17, U19
Italian Week Bike Crit Photo

Italian Week Bike Crit Photo

Italian Week Bike Criterium Photo Photograph

Italian Week Bike Race Photo

Italian Week Bike Race Photo

Italian Week Bike Race Photo

Italian Week Bike Crit Photo

Italian Week Bike Race Photo

Italian Week Bike Crit Photograph 2011

Italian Week Bike Race Photo Dominant Team 2011

Italian Week Bike Race Photograph 2011

Italian Week Bike Race Photograph 2011



#634 Student Success

Last year I met a new student on one of our photography classes. He enjoyed the course and seems to have got hooked on photography! Kevin asked about our ProProgram and we developed a Custom Program that suited his goals. Over almost a year he worked hard to develop technically and creatively.

Kevin worked hard through many of our courses but also traveled far to learn from André Gallant – read Kevin’s review of that East Coast workshop.

Kevin started a website, photo blog and worked towards his photo goals. He is now preparing for his first Fine Art Photography Exhibition.

Listen to Kevin’s version of his progress:

One evening, a little over a year ago, I was sitting at my computer and thought to myself that I should take a course in photography. I had owned an SLR for over twenty years and had made the move to digital several years earlier but in all this time I had really only dabbled, never having taken any training.

Student Success - Ottawa Photo Course

Student Success – Kevin Foisy

Over the past year, I have taken many more workshops with Harry and through his pro-program he’s been my personal coach, mentor and friend. Though it is sometimes hard to take the critical feedback, Harry calls it as he sees it, and I have discovered in hindsight that he’s generally right on the money.

Student Success - Photo course

Student Success - Kevin Foisy

In just one year, with near constant shooting, I have completed Harry’s Pro-Program. I have seen great advancement in my skills that I would simply not have achieved on my own and I have made many new friends that share my passion for photography.  I am proud of my work and progressing towards a studio show and sale; the future looks bright!  Thank you Harry!


Student Success - Ottawa photography workshop

Student Success - Kevin Foisy

Thanks Kevin – hearing success stories like this make me smile!

#633 Better Backgrounds Photo Newsletter

Better Backgrounds Photography Newsletter

“Remember the background!”

On many workshops I give this simple advice.

I see lots of photos with beautiful subjects murdered by bad backgrounds. The foreground is exposed well, composed well, vibrant and caught at just the right moment but the background kills the photo and any chance of fame, fortune and bragging rights.

In this edition of Exposed! we give top tips to make your foreground pop by playing off the background.

Better Backgrounds Photo Newsletter

Better Backgrounds Photo Newsletter

And we’d like to thank this month’s Exposed! sponsor, Artopix.ca.




#632 Busy Weekend of Photo Workshops

We had a busy weekend of photo classes at HarryNowell.com and our photography studio – OttawaStudioWorks.

Christine Denis led some parents through the practical session of Photographing Your Children. I saw one student as she finished and she was beaming – that’s a good thing!

Ottawa Photo Class

Ottawa Photo Class

I taught the first half of Intro to Film and Darkroom photo workshop. Students were excited and challenged by cameras with no digital preview. Alex Leblanc showed them the light in the darkroom.

Ottawa Film and Darkroom Photography Course

Film and Darkroom Photography Course


And J David Andrews braved the elements to bring photographers face to face with some furry challenges in our Landscape and Wildlife photo workshop. I heard from a few students with glowing photos.

Ottawa photo workshop - student success

Ottawa Photo Workshop - student success - Kevin Foisy

Ottawa Photography Class - student success - Hagen Hohn

Ottawa Photography Class - student success - Hagen Hohn

Thanks to our instructors and students. Stay tuned for more photos…

#631 Jeff Fuchs – Art Photography at Exposure Gallery

Tonight we went to see the opening of Jeff Fuchs “The Ancient Tea Horse Road” at Exposure Gallery.
Jeff Fuchs - Fine Art Photographer

Jeff Fuchs - Fine Art Photographer

Jeff’s captivating portraits from the project are on display until August 2nd. Worth a visit.

Part of an opening is about the art, of course. Part of the fun is connecting with the people! Who else was at the show? We took a few photos for the blog!

Printer Dave Andrews, framer Patrick Gordon, and photographer Louis Helbig.

Patrick Gordon - Ottawa Framer

Patrick Gordon - Ottawa Framer

Louis Helbig - Fine Art Photographer

Louis Helbig - Fine Art Photographer


#630 Where are they now?

Our first ever ProProgram graduate jumped in head first and completed her photo classes in record time. Nathalie Madore worked hard! She started with average hobby skills but without technical finesse or artistic flair that comes with dedication, instruction and guidance.

Nathalie Madore - Photo Course graduate


She pursued her shadowing and assignments with passion and graduated with photos she never thought possible. Her passion is in the outdoors and covering active people in motion. I remember she took our Intro to Studio Lighting course and she quipped she wasn’t really interested in the indoor, manufactured realm of studio lights. But she LOVED it!

Nathalie Madore - Photo Course graduate


So where is she now? She lives in Gatineau and took her new skills, upgraded her equipment and started shooting. She now covers events, portraits and other work in the Ottawa area.

Two of her clients are SDV Magazine and the Canadian Press, CP. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for someone who started photographing seriously about two years ago. I am always jealous to see someone like Nat accomplish in one year what it took me 5-7 years to develop without instruction!

Please help us send Nathalie a cheer to congratulate her accomplishments!