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For 15 years offered a wide range of photography classes, safaris, workshops, online photo programs, custom courses, mentorships, a professional program and portfolio critique session throughout the year in Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and across Canada.

Currently, Harry works as a teacher in Ottawa’s public school board.

We offer, on occasion, custom courses for government, schools, groups and individuals including:

Creative Fundamentals remains our most popular custom workshop – covering the creative potential of the fundamentals of photography. A great course for a new photographer or a refresher for an intermediate photographer.

Other possible custom workshops include:
Natural Light Portraits – Geared towards better people picture with natural and hand held flash. Perfect for producing better portraits either of your friends or potential clients.
Night Light – An urban night-time photography course. Discover the magic light of the night! (Harry’s favourite course!)
Landscapes – Available in many settings such as Gatineau Park, city landscapes or following the flow of Harry’s Watershed art project. Hone your skills with digital, film, 35mm or large formats.
Watershed Photography – Photograph sites along Chelsea Creek, part of a 20 year Watershed photographic project by Harry Nowell
Photography for Art Promotion – Learn to photograph your own artwork.
Motion and Sports Photography – We can develop your custom course around motion and sports in many settings and venues.

Information and availability:
Contact Harry to develop and book your custom or group course.