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Harry has taught hundreds of varied students over almost two decades of teaching. Read what students have said, below, about the teaching and learning experiences they gained from Harry courses and workshops.

Student comments:

“We’re lucky we have you to guide us” Anonymous

“Thanks so much Harry, couldn’t have done it without you and your course.” Anonymous

Harry was my first choice as a (photo) instructor. He was instrumental in encouraging me and giving me the confidence I needed to perform… Harry Nowell is a prized teacher who is gifted at what he does. He knows how to teach in a positive light with uncomplicated instructions. His blog contains a treasure of information for any photographer.” T.B. Photography for Communications Professionals Custom Course

Thank you so much for the great Creative Fundamentals custom course yesterday. It was absolutely worth every penny. 

I learned so much in just one day and can’t believe I never learned or knew about these skills before. This proves to me just how important it is to continuously upgrade and maintain photography skills in order to get better and better.

You are a wonderful and very patient teacher and obviously a gifted photographer.
Thanks so much for the great custom course.” Christine – Creative Fundamentals and other courses.

Harry Nowell is not only a very talented photographer but has a wonderful capacity to share his expertise and techniques to others. My grade 4 and 5 students were focused on his every word. The children clearly understood his instructions and expectations, and at the same time, discovered a new fascination to the world of photography. Harry guided the children through the entire workshop with great interest, kindness and patience. He was able to develop in the children, a sense of curiosity which enabled them to produce very creative works in a “new” and expressive art medium.

Harry enjoyed the company of my students and had their interests at heart. He was attentive to their different needs and always responded kindly to their many questions. His sense of humour was infectious and it promoted confidence in my students, especially to the ones who at first, did not feel confident to take pictures. Harry will always be a welcomed member of our learning community.” Marie-Josée LeBlanc; First Ave Public School.

“It was a tough assignment and needed a lot of elements to come together for it to work. But a great learning experience. I’m loving this course…”

I loved every single moment (of the session.) I grew so much so fast that I felt the growing pains! Normally I would be sad that it’s over but I know I have more fun to come so I’m looking forward to the next challenge.”

Thanks for all your straight forward advice and always being so encouraging while pushing us all to be better.” LG

This course has accomplished two things for me. First, it has renewed my love of photography and second it has made me a better photographer.” Allan C; Online and other courses

I have been learning from Harry for over 6 months through a one-on-oneCreative Fundamental course, Lightroom course and the On-line Program which I absolutely love.

These courses combined, have taken my photography to a whole new level. I have learned so much and I have a much better appreciation to the complexities and creative side to photography and, I am having so much fun.
Thanks so much Harry.  I am still learning and I will be for a long time.  You are an exceptional teacher.“ CP; Many courses…

“It was very interesting and [I] really like that the teaching was personalized.”
Julie; Creative Fundamentals

“I’m not sure why it took me so long to come aboard, I knew about this ages ago. I was certainly in a funk with photography and now feel inspired to shoot again.
I enjoyed the informative critique video very much and learned a lot through that review and exercise. I’m glad I signed up for this online program. Look forward to more…”
G.R; Online Photo Program

“You are a great teacher and left me wanting to learn more and improve further!”
Laura; Creative Fundamentals

“Again, thank you very much. I appreciate all that you have done for me/us and your customer service has been wonderful!”
Robyn; Different courses.

“I questioned the cost before joining. But now that I have completed 3 months I believe that it is an excellent value.”
Anonymous, Online Photo Program

“We all had a great time on Friday. Thank you for a great course! It was wonderful & exciting. I’ve always thought of myself as an impossible photographer. The course has left me with the confidence, patience & motivation to try and capture those photos I keep seeing. I appreciated your patience and the time you gave the three of us to ensure we understood. We all raved about how lucky and grateful we were to have learnt from you, your knowledge & experience.”
Sarah and friends, Aylmer + Wakefield. Custom CourseCreative Fundamentals

“[The best part was] Learning unique techniques to capture motion! Panning was loads of fun, as was trying to capture a upper-body profile shot of cyclists whizzing by at 30+km/h. Harry’s many tips (focusing, exposure, ways to capture cyclists) were so simple and easy to understand and yet made a huge impact on my images!”
Sarah; Criterion Bike Race Photo Safari

“Thanks so much for being Harry. You are always so consistent with making sure everyone understands the concept and getting it in our cameras. I have been to a number of (other) workshops and the instructor is just busy getting his own shots, really. You are the best instructor out there.”
Cheryl; Criterion Bike Race Photo Safari

“This course helped me think of the broader possibilities of hockey photography, beyond the action.”
Allan; Photographing Pro Hockey

“Effective and very well worth the money!”
Celso; Creative Fundamentals

“My favourite part? Learning how to set exposure and the relationship with f-stop and shutter speed. I really liked the exercise to lock this in.”
Anonymous; Creative Fundamentals

“It was an enlightening experience and reinforced my passion for photography. The small group made the experience even better – everyone felt like they were getting a personal touch!”
Kim; Creative Fundamentals

“Superbly challenging, informative, exciting & very practical!”
Morina Natural Light Portraits

“Very nice studio – well renovated! Great central location with lots of parking available.”
Kristina Natural Light Portraits

“Learning in a comfortable, casual and fun environment. Critique session valuable for further development and ideas.”
Tara Natural Light Portraits

“I enjoy your down to earth teaching methods – easy & clear understanding way of explaining techniques & methods. I love your honesty in critiquing my work.”
Brenda Natural Light Portraits

“Great course content, patient teacher! Thoroughly enjoyed it – thank you!”
Eugenie Creative Fundamentals

“Great location, nice to be in studio with your work on the walls (very inspiring).”
Helen Creative Fundamentals

“[This course] should be coupled with every new DSLR purchase.”
Kevin Creative Fundamentals

“Thanks Harry – a perfect course to intro me to [my] camera and begin to capture better technical shots & composition. I’m hooked – looking at things differently! Thanks!”
Andrew Creative Fundamentals

“You offer a lot of encouragement. Small class size is nice.”
Dawn Creative Fundamentals

“Organized, thorough. Well-tailored to our needs.”
anonymous Custom Photography for Communications Professionals

“Nice, simple teaching methods – covered fundamentals without going into too much detail and overwhelming information.”
anonymous Custom Photography for Communications Professionals

“Very good session in a 3.5 hour class.”
anonymous Custom Photography for Communications Professionals

“The best part? Explaining how to properly use flash.”
anonymous Custom Photography for Communications Professionals

“Harry was very good at explaining complicated issues in plain language.”
RV Natural Light Portraits

“Learned a lot more than expected.”
Stephanie Natural Light Portraits

“I also appreciate the break down for flash use – much simpler to understand and apply.”
MDH Natural Light Portraits

“The fact that you spoke at a level of understanding for the inexperienced and with patience was the best part. You are a model for sharing your knowledge, I learned so much.”
Brenda Creative Fundamentals

“The practical experience was the best part of the workshop. You work with everyone at their level no matter what that may be.”
Wayne Creative Fundamentals

“Awesome! Should have taken it years ago!”
Natasha Creative Fundamentals

“You have opened my eyes and provided me with confidence to shoot and have fun. I loved the course. Thank you!”
Brenda Creative Fundamentals

“Very friendly, helpful group of participants. Lee is very accepting and accommodates people’s concerns… Different from ‘technical techniques’ courses.”
Innerscapes with Lee Kraemer

“It was a way to use photography to explore myself.”
Innerscapes with Lee Kraemer

“Different than many courses out there! Using the camera to explore the ‘innerscape’ is very useful. A good way to grow inside… if you allow that growth to happen!”
Innerscapes with Lee Kraemer

“The opportunity to use my photography to try to tell a story about an issue I’m grappling with – it helped open up some new insights for me… Lee creates a very supportive environment for this exploration.”
Innerscapes with Lee Kraemer

“Very helpful – a way to find various ways to look at the work around me can only improve creativity. I am very glad I took it.”
Innerscapes with Lee Kraemer

“A great way to learn how to capture what you ‘see’ rather than rely on your camera to do it for you.”
Tara Creative Fundamentals

“The lifeboat that saved me from drowning in a sea of mediocre podium shots.”
Adele Photography for Communications Professionals

“Very good. Easy to understand. Well explained. Learned more than in previous courses elsewhere.”
Manon Photography for Communications Professionals

“The three classes were set up to teach, and then apply with assistance, which for me is invaluable. I’m a very hands on learner and like the immediate critique and assistance during trials.”
Sandy Natural Light Portraits

“An excellent workshop which gives a solid foundation of active photography. I took this course because a friend recommended it, and I will recommend it to others.”
John Natural Light Portraits

“It took my photography to the next level and made my investment in a DSLR camera worthwhile!”
May Natural Light Portraits

“I am thankful to Harry, he was there all day – accomplished what he said we would do, still I didn’t feel pressed. Thank you Harry, very professional course.”
Anonymous Photography for Communications Professionals

“Harry is honestly having an enormous impact on my photography…”
PJ Natural Light Portraits

“The Natural Lights course held at the National Arts Gallery gives you a new perspective of the beautiful structure, all the while perfecting your photographic arts.”
HH Natural Light Portraits

“Very good, very supportive but still the comments are constructive and helpful. Good at going around checking on everyone and keeping track of what we?re doing…”
RS Natural Light Portraits

“Felt like my ‘aperture’ opened up dramatically during this course.”
Prasad Creative Fundamentals

“Harry was very approachable and knowledgeable. The concepts were presented in a very clear manner and were easy to follow along. I like the combination of theory and application!”
C. Creative Fundamentals

“Excellent – you take a difficult and often confusing topic and tell it simply. Actual practice in the field is also valuable.”
Beth Creative Fundamentals

“Helped me to use my camera better & to think differently about what I’m shooting.”
J.R. Photography for Communications Professionals

“Excellent. Adapts really well to everyone’s level of experience & equipment.”
Dominique Photography for Communications Professionals

“Provided a great opportunity to learn the basics to starting a creative based business.”
Christine Creative Business Seminar

“Motivating, stimulating, informative.”
S. Creative Business Seminar

“The instruction was clear and concise. It was easy to apply new techniques right away. The review session was a must. I like that you gave individual feedback as the course was ongoing.?
Curtis Night Light

“…supportive, and always encouraging. An excellent and well thought out introduction to night photography, printing with light and motion.?
Hagen Night Light

“It helped me consolidate a collection of abstract information in a more cohesive and complementary body of knowledge.”
Maria Creative Fundamentals

“Amazing. He is truly a great teacher… made everything make sense. A very educational course that every new photographer should take.”
A.D. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“We felt as though we were getting lots of individual attention. Creative Fundamentals perfectly describes this course.”
J.D. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Perfect for learning the fundamentals with a few fun techniques as a bonus.”
J.A. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Aimed at the right level – never felt silly asking questions.”
K.S. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“An entertaining and educational introduction to shooting photos at night.”
Al,  Night Light

“Learning a whole new aspect of photography – very exciting!  I have never before taken photos at night – (successfully!) and it is becoming more like ‘art’, which is one of my favorite outcomes of this course.  Harry is an awesome teacher.  I give him 10/10!”
Sandy,  Night Light

“The location and exercises were very well picked.  Highly effective!”
Sylvain, Night Light

“Great.  I liked the feedback and criticism, as well as the suggestions of which subjects to take and how to improve the composition.”
Steffen, Night Light

“Good insight you wouldn’t necessarily get from a book.”
Anonymous, Creative Business Seminar

“…useful having your ‘real life’ stories.”
Ellie, Creative Business Seminar

“Harry’s experience shows through the whole class.”
Sylvain, Creative Business Seminar

“I find your courses very well prepared, highly constructive.  Your approach is very holistic.  You are a good listener and are not afraid to share your expertise.  BRAVO!”
Anonymous, Creative Business Seminar

Stefan, Creative Fundamentals

“This course has opened a part of my mind that I did not know was there and I’m so excited to explore it.”
Deb, Creative Fundamentals

“The best part of the workshop was the close interaction between student and teacher. I thought it was perfect.  I learned more about my camera and photography than I have in the ten years I been photographing”
Nicole, Creative Fundamentals

“Harry’s teaching methods were excellent.  It was all explained in simple, easy to understand terms.”
Anonymous, Creative Fundamentals

“Harry is the epitome of what makes a great teacher.  He has a way of making everything clear, in a very easy-going way and leaves you feeling confident and excited to try out what you learned!”
S.S. Gatineau Hills, Creative Fundamentals

“I like your ability to adapt to everyone’s way of learning.”
Anonymous, Creative Fundamentals

“The Creative Fundamentals course was incredibly useful and very enjoyable!”
O.C. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Harry, I enjoyed the course and have some very strong take-aways that will help me get more out of my photography.”
P.R. LaPeche Creative Fundamentals

“You are exceptional!  It shows that photography is your passion.”
N.S. Ottawa Urban Landscapes

“Very Good.  Subtle but effective.”
D.S. Ottawa Urban Landscapes

“Excellent, I saw a big difference in my pictures.”
Anonymous. Ottawa Urban Landscapes

“Challenging, fun, great learning and a teacher who is positive and able to provide constructive feedback in a gentle and positive manner.”
M.M. Ottawa Sport Photo Workshop

“I enjoyed learning from an experienced professional”.
J.K. Ottawa Sport Photo Workshop

“I’m glad that Teachers College didn’t get you.”
M.G. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Taught us not to fear the camera.  Even mistakes were useful sometimes.”
R.O. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Harry is a great teacher.  He gives you great attention when he is with you discussing an issue, yet makes time for all students without you feeling rushed.”
E.M. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Thanks Harry!  Before this workshop, I was afraid of ‘manual’ mode!”  Now I feel so much more confident in getting the “right” photo.”
J.M. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“An excellent course for both beginners and those with some experience as Harry tailored the course to each person’s level of knowledge.”
R.B. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“The course is a fun balance of basics and more advanced technique that should appeal to anyone short of a seasoned professional photographer.”
C.P. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Thank-you Harry for giving me the confidence to try and the encouragement to continue.”
J.B. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Being in business for 20 years I’ve had loads of experience what I should be doing but should doesn’t always bring action. Your seminar helped me connect sound business concepts to positive steps of action, thanks Harry.” Becky Mason, fine artist and owner of Classic Solo Canoeing 2008. Creative Business Semnar

“…practical advice, given by someone who has ‘been there, done that’… very useful, helpful and supportive. Thanks!” R.O. Ottawa Creative Business Semnar

“A great learning opportunity described as three days of fun!”
H.P. Ottawa Natural Light Portraits

“Approachable, relaxed. No pressure. Good atmosphere for learning.”
S.J. Ottawa Natural Light Portraits

“A little intense… I mean that in the best possible way!”
K.C. Ottawa Natural Light Portraits

“I must tell you, Harry, that my fellow photographers have noticed a huge difference in my photography since I’ve taken your workshops. They also say, “That Nowell Guy has really made a difference”. And of course I say, Harry is the Best instructor EVER! They go, yeah, yeah, we know. So you can be very proud of your ability of teach. Thank God, there is a Harry.”
Cheryl – Ottawa garduate of many of my courses.
ed. note: She makes me blush when she says these things. Thanks Cheryl!

“… a professional who, with honesty and humour, identifies problems, challenges and solutions…”
H.V. Ottawa Creative Business Seminar

“Great inspiration to try a path to succeed in a creative business… good timing, well laid out, great suggestions. Thanks Harry!”
Anonymous, Ottawa Creative Business Seminar

“It’s an excellent way to get your brain kick started into being more serious about a creative business” B.J. Ottawa Creative Business Seminar

“I’ve spent a bit of money since starting this and I feel that the money for the course was as necessary as the money for the camera. I’m really looking forward to the portraits course in January.”
K.Y. Barrhaven Custom Course

“Good range of exercises (dusk, full dark, motion)… Thoroughly explains techniques.”
S.H. Ottawa Night Light

“It’s a great way to get out and see the city from a different perspective! Harry helps bring out the creativity!”
B.J. Ottawa Night Light

“Fantastic, he is passionate & his enthusiasm is transferable… he also explains EVERYthing well.”
A.E. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Money very well spent :)”
K.C. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“Friendly. Clear. Patient! Helpful. Explains himself very well and admits if he can’t answer a question.
I’ve read the (camera) manual, bought a video but your class is where everything came together and made sense.”
S.M. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“I’ve taken another course that was purely classroom theory, and while I understood what was taught, it’s hard to apply it yourself and know if you’re doing it right or not. It’s like learning to drive a car by just reading a book and never actually getting in a car with someone who knows what they’re doing.
I’ve always wanted the confidence to shoot in manual, and now I really feel like I know what I’m doing. Not just HOW to do things, but also when and why. Thanks Harry!”
N.B. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“When I found Harry’s website, it seemed that the workshops offered sounded just like what I needed to help me become comfortable with my newly acquired digital SLR. I signed up for the Creative Fundamentals and can honestly say that what I learned in the two evenings and one day workshop was FAR better than an 8 week course that I had taken a few months before at my local Community College. When I met Harry, I had a fundamental knowledge of the theory behind proper exposure, but not a clue how to actually DO it! Thanks to Harry, I can quite easily shoot frame after frame of properly exposed photos – some “keepers” too! Harry’s insights into the creative side of photography helped me to take shots I never thought possible. I look forward to every workshop Harry wants to give.”
S.S. Ottawa Creative Fundamentals

“We loved the last [Custom] course with you. I’ve been meaning to send in a course critique but I honestly can’t think of much to say that would help you improve it. We recently took a [different photo] course… I learned more in the five hours with you than in a five week course with them!”
C.P. Ottawa Custom Course

“These 3 exercises, were a turning point on how I viewed photography. Frankly I finally got it. Thanks Harry. You are very gifted with the ability to teach! Oh, and (a) hugely gifted Photographer! That goes without even saying…
Harry, you have the gift for simplifying the complexity of Photography…
This course combined with The Creative Fundamentals Workshop, I feel go hand in hand.”
C.K. Ottawa Urban Landscapes

“Harry – I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoyed and benefited from the custom course you designed and delivered for me. I was looking for help to develop a systematic approach to photography. This included the intangible of deciding what to photograph and getting the creative juices flowing as well as a step-by-step approach to resolving the technical questions that come with taking a photo. You delivered big time on both counts! As a result my confidence in taking photos and the joy I get in taking them have both greatly increased – not too mention the improvement in my technical skills! You have terrific teaching skills, great patience and a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Harry, I would happily recommend your custom courses to anyone who asked… With much appreciation and thanks,”
Al G. Ottawa Custom Course

Other Comments:

“I’ve taken many photo courses and this has been the absolute Best. 10 out of 10.”
“Harry takes all the technical stuff and keeps it simple so people get it.”
Cheryl, Ottawa

“A+! Very knowledgeable on photography, friendly environment and very, very, very helpful!”
Dimas, Ottawa

“Very good! Made many different subjects come together in a concise & fun way.”
Peter, Chelsea

“Excellent. Positive. Great communication.”
“Much superior to other classes.”
Terri, Ottawa

“Excellent — Not many people that do can teach. Very patient and tailored learning to students.”

“Awesome! Can’t wait for the next one!”

“Great! Very calm and interesting without being too long-winded or ‘techy’.”

“It’s great to see other students’ work.”

“After taking Harry’s courses my confidence level in experimenting with different things has greatly increased. Thanks, Harry!”

“Good pacing and information is clearly covered.”

“A very challenging experience which grows skills.”

“Great course!”

“A good course for people with intermediate experience and interest in both the technical and creative concepts.”

“Clear messaging.”

“Excellent – easy to understand his explanations of difficult concepts…”


“You have a very kind, thoughtful and ‘present’ way about you that enables people to be at ease.”

“Very good. Examples, hands-on and critique session were perfect for teaching.”

“I learned more from Harry than I’ve learned in the past year reading dozens of books.”

“A great course, Harry!”

“Harry, don’t change a thing!”

“This course is essential for anyone wanting to move beyond ‘point and shoot.'”

“I’m looking forward to the next one! Thanks, Harry!”

“Excellent! Very patient, and although Harry is obviously very knowledgeable, he has an easy way of putting things into perspective. (Pardon the pun.)”

“Very good. Very interactive and descriptive.”

“I loved every minute of it and feel I know so much more than I did a week ago.”

“Patient, thorough exploration of concepts.”

“Learning how to see and how to truly explore a subject are wonderful exercises.”

“It is a very thorough course which teaches you the fundamentals and gives you direction in applying it.”