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COVID caused a disruption in traditional learning.

To support young learners at school I started producing “inquiry” videos like the one below. There are now about 40 inquiry videos on the Inquiry video Youtube channel from math concepts, science, farm animals, life cycle, pond life, self-regulation and more!

Inquiry Videos?
Inquiry-based learning is a teaching concept whereby teachers / parents / educators pose scenarios with questions while enticing learners to hypothesize, question, investigate, discuss and research the answer. Research has found that students have greater learning and engagement when they are immersed in the learning.

Inquiry is popular in Forest School and Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 learning environments but is also used in junior, intermediate and senior grades as well as college and university. It’s prevalent in homeschooling circles, too.

On this page you can find a recent Inquiry video. Check back regularly for a new one…

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