Urban Landscapes

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May 29, 30, & June 2, 20010
$325 + taxes

Urban Landscapes

What students say:
"These 3 exercises, were a turning point on how I viewed photography. Frankly, I finally got it. Thanks Harry. You are very gifted with the ability to teach! Oh, and a hugely gifted photographer! That goes without even saying...
Harry, you have the gift for simplifying the complexity of Photography...
This course combined with The Creative Fundamentals Workshop, I feel go hand in hand.
C.K. Ottawa Urban Landscapes

A weekend urban landscape photography event. You bet! We will venture on a landscape safari of stimulating and challenging urban masterpieces in central Ottawa/Gatineau.The course is designed to extend your visual limits - to help you recognize the exceptional within the ordinary.

We will begin by learning about the "Importance of Creative Observation"! All too often photographers rush to photograph the obvious and do not take the time to consume and breathe the familiar landscape around them. This will be our starting point!

As the course develops we will spend time exploring theory of composition and perspective and, more importantly, putting them into practice! We cover elements of composition, colour, perspective, as well as, creative use of focus and depth of field. We will have a chance to learn about and play with different qualities of light - see Exposed! article Intergalactic Lighting!

While ideas and exercises are presented to the group we spend one-on-one time with each participant challenging them to expand their photographic horizons at a pace that is good for them.

A follow up critique session allows participants to show off successes and learn from glorious mistakes!

Find our more about course dates and the course outline, and registration details.

The Urban Landscapes photo event will challenge your ideas about:

"Is this a digital or film course?" It is a photography course - about creating better pictures. The emphasis is on your skills behind the camera and your ability to effectively use the camera you have. Many participants bring digital cameras. Some choose film. Some bring both! Having people with both technologies on a course helps to compare the differences. Do not worry about your equipment - all you need is a 35mm SLR camera and lens(es) - "Point and shoot" cameras wil limit your opportunities on this course.

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