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Custom courses are designed to be exactly what you want. Courses can be developed for individuals, small groups or government and corporate departments with specific needs. Tell us what you are looking to learn and we will create a custom course outline. We have developed courses for individuals, couples, small groups, government, and industry. Costs reflect the depth of the Custom Course.

Critique Sessions

We also help people who request specific help – evaluating a portfolio, guiding a new creative business or developing communications strategies.


“We hired Harry Nowell Photography Inc. (now just to provide photography training to a few select staff as an economic alternative to hiring a photographer for major events.

We found it worthwhile and cost effective to provide photo training for staff through Harry’s firm.

Harry Nowell brings the complex ideas of digital photography to a simple and achievable level. He is patient, organized and talented at teaching concepts of photography to diverse people who learn in different ways.

I first took a photo workshop in 2007. I knew he would provide effective results for us.

I would certainly recommend the photo courses at to individuals. His Custom Courses offered to organizations are also excellent.”

“Thanks Harry. I spent a lot of money because it was a private course, but I really feel that it was money well spent. I learned a lot and I very much appreciate the fact that now I have someone I can bring my questions to.

I’ve spent a bit of money since starting this and I feel that the money for the course was as necessary as the money for the camera. I’m really looking forward to the portraits course in January.”
K.Y. Ottawa

“We loved the last [Custom] course with you. I’ve been meaning to send in a course critique but I honestly can’t think of much to say that would help you improve it. We recently took a [different photo] course… I learned more in the five hours with you than in a five week course with them!”
C.P. Ottawa

“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Harry Nowell as a photography instructor. I was a student in several of Harry’s workshops. I was asked by my department to photograph the Indian and Residential Schools Apology given by the Prime Minister of Canada in the House of Commons.

Harry was my first choice as a (photo) instructor. He customized a two hour program and was flexible enough to meet my needs. He was instrumental in encouraging me and giving me the confidence I needed to perform…

Harry Nowell is a prized teacher who is gifted at what he does. He knows how to teach in a positive light with uncomplicated instructions. His blog contains a treasure of information for any photographer.”

“Harry – I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoyed and benefited from the custom course you designed and delivered for me. I was looking for help to develop a systematic approach to photography. This included the intangible of deciding what to photograph and getting the creative juices flowing as well as a step-by-step approach to resolving the technical questions that come with taking a photo.

You delivered big time on both counts! As a result my confidence in taking photos and the joy I get in taking them have both greatly increased – not too mention the improvement in my technical skills! You have terrific teaching skills, great patience and a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Harry, I would happily recommend your custom courses to anyone who asked…
With much appreciation and thanks,”
Al G. Ottawa.


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