#1170 Butterfly or Moth? Where Did the Water Go? And Thank-You!!

Can you tell the difference between moths and butterflies?
Can you figure out where the pond water went?
Or why “thank-you” is so contagious?

This month’s videos challenge young learners to think, question and develop strategies to find the answers.

Watch the inquiry videos. They have easy connections to Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum!

See the notes (underneath the YouTube video in the description) for learning extensions and links to more information.

Butterfly or moth? Do you know the difference? And what do you know about symmetry?! Check out this inquiry video:

What about the water in this pond? Where did it go? Can you figure it out?!

What happens when you say “thank-you?” Explore kindness with this video:

See all the videos.

We’re always looking for ideas to support Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 learning with links to the Ontario curriculum and appropriate for homeschoolers and Forest School fans!

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