#1194 More Trees!

I recently saw a post from 3 or 4 years ago of the first tree I had planted of a small tree plantation project. It worked hard to establish itself but is growing well now. See the same tree below 3-4 years apart.

Pine Tree
Newly planted pine tree 2018 Chelsea Quebec
Pine Tree October 2022
Same Pine Tree 2022 Chelsea Quebec.

Tiny Forest
In other exciting news, I’ve been working towards a school based project to plant a “Tiny Forest.” After writing an initial proposal, we have received our first approval. Fingers crossed we move ahead next spring…

A tiny forest?
The Tiny Forest idea was started by Japanese Botanist, Akira Miyawaki who started planting small dense forests in urban areas. Watch the video from the BBC World Service, below for more information on tiny forests:

#1192 Christine Persaud, Film Maker – Supporting New Creators.

In 2021 I was approached by Christine Persaud, a film maker, who wanted to feature my process in creating the series of inquiry videos aimed at young learners.

She was hired by the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) to help their members create better training programmes and grow awareness of appropriate storytelling.

Christine interviewed and filmed my video creation process. You can watch her video below:

I am pleased with her video and grateful to be asked.
And very happy to help others create content…

#1189 Bird Nest

A bird has made a nest 3 metres from our front door. Below is a series of very short videos documenting the bird’s nesting / laying cycle.

The bird does this most years very close to our front door and we are vey careful to be mindful of the birds’ needs.

April 20, 2022. The nest is being built:

April 25, 2022. The first egg appears:

April 27, 2022. More eggs appear:

April 28, 2022. The mama bird protects the eggs:

May 2, 2022. Our nest blew away in a wind storm (April 29th.) Eggs were lost. Mat Gorr continues to document his robin nest (Thanks Mat!):