#1192 Christine Persaud, Film Maker – Supporting New Creators.

In 2021 I was approached by Christine Persaud, a film maker, who wanted to feature my process in creating the series of inquiry videos aimed at young learners.

She was hired by the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) to help their members create better training programmes and grow awareness of appropriate storytelling.

Christine interviewed and filmed my video creation process. You can watch her video below:

I am pleased with her video and grateful to be asked.
And very happy to help others create content…

#939 Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop – Classic Course Results

Our longest running, most frequently run and well-loved photo class is Creative Fundamentals. We started it in 2001 and tweaked the curriculum as the course grew.

It’s popular because:
1. digital photography, for many people, is scary with too many buttons, menus and complications!
2. before photography, I was trained to teach people and develop curriculum in outdoor sports like alpine, tele, xc skiing and paddling while helping people achieve their goals.
3. I’ve learned to take scary ideas and convey them simply!

Ottawa photo course

Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop © Liz R.

Scary to beautifulness!
Last week we finished April’s Creative Fundamentals course. It was a fun group. As usual, many people arrived a little nervous and somewhat confused about all the buttons on their cameras.

By the end of the course people were smiling and producing beautifulness!! What they said:
• “I wasn’t sure that I learned much on the first class (theory) but the exercises (exposure, histograms) were a big breakthrough for me…” (ahem – see point 3 above!)

• “I got far more out of this course than ever expected!

• “I feel much more comfortable with the concept of exposure… Money very well spent.

• “The best part? The One-on-One opportunities to get feedback from Harry.

Next Creative Fundamentals Course Opportunity!
Join the next Creative Fundamentals group class on September 25, 28, Oct 2, 2013.
Can’t wait that long?! Take Creative Fundamentals almost anytime as a Custom Course.

Ottawa Photo Course

Ottawa Photo Fundamentals Course - Better Photos © Miranda K