#218 Craft conference presentation

Coming up this weekend we will be presenting to the Ontario Crafts Council’s Ottawa Business Development Conference – ‘Building Your Successful Craft Career’

Our session covers photography techniques to document artwork suitable for websites, juried shows and promotion. Techniques presented will involve photography fundamentals and ideas to produce stunning photos without breaking the bank.

With simple photo tools and lights you can achieve beautiful documentary photos. Come and visit this weekend!

Featured below is some work we did for a private collector of the work of Fiore De Henriquez – world renowned portrait sculptress:

Sculpture of Fiore de Henriquez

#217 Facebook photo rights

Facebook is in the news again concerning their fine print regarding rights to YOUR photos! I have posted on this specific topic before.  Read the article to get Photo District News’ interpretation of developments with respect to Facebook’s fine print.

As far as we’re concerned:

  • beware of where you post your photos if you are at all concerned about copyright
  • tastefully watermark your photos
  • don’t post your finest photos to the net
  • read more on the value of photographs

Have fun. Be careful out there.

Your photos have value that others would love to use!

Iceland photo tour

Iceland’s WaterfallsPhoto Adventure Tour

#216 Student Successes!

One of our students, Daniel Marchand, has been taking our Sessions Photo Challenge.

Daniel is already an accomplished amateur photographer and wanted to continue to grow. On one of our Sessions we visited “Maman”, Louise Bourgeois’ magnificent spider sculpture in Ottawa. I introduced the idea of light painting and we explored options with this enormous artwork.

Daniel first explored with his camera. He produced this photo – posted with permission – using two very differently exposed – but exactly same composition – photos and used techniques from the realm of High Dynamic Range photography to produce this photo. Nice work Daniel!

Interested in learning more? Night Light Photography Workshop is coming up soon.

Daniel Marchand photo

#214 Forgotten anniversary

Oh big trouble!

Have you ever forgotten a big anniversary? How about the FIRST anniversary?

Well, ahem, we forgot the first anniversary of the blog at HarryNowell.com. It came and went on February 4th with no fanfare or flowers. In an effort to celebrate belatedly here are some highlights from the last year:

motion - photo newsletter

hockey photo

16x20 Wisner view camera

Herbie Hancock


Iceland Photo Adventure

creative portrait


Student Success- Valerie Wutti

Happy Anniversary blog!

#212 Chelsea Foundation Photos

This weekend we covered a small assignment for our hometown – Chelsea, Quebec. A community centre – the Meredith Centre – has been proposed, supported and launched by many fine people at Chelsea Foundation.

The event on Saturday drew a great local crowd including politicians, athletes and Chelsea celebrities including ultramarathoner Ray Zahab, Olympian Lise Meloche, author Phil Jenkins, and National Biathlon Champion Dave MacMahon.

People listened, laughed and smiled thanks to politicians speeches, the antics of the Junkyard Symphony and ever popular sleigh rides:

Stéphanie Vallée Stéphanie Vallée

Junk Yard Symphiny Junkyard Symphony

sleigh rides

#211 Sessions Photo Challenge

Last night we ventured out to Winterlude to photograph the ice sculptures as the second night of Sessions Photo Challenge.

We also covered the National Capital Commission’s 60th anniversary celebrations of NATO. Many decorated veterans attended the ceremony and watched the lighting of a special ice sculpture.

It was a great night. Next week we plan to return to Winterlude. Let us know if you would like to join next week’s challenge.

Below a few photos – all photojournalistically shot – ie hand held with an f1.8 lens between teaching:

Sessions Photo Challenge

Sessions Photo Challenge

Sessions Photo Challenge