Hello and welcome!

First some introductions – I am Harry Nowell, photographer and owner of Harry Nowell Photography Inc. There are four main lines of my work:

  1. Stock photography
  2. Teaching photography related workshops and presentations
  3. Fine Art Photography at ChelseaGallery.ca
  4. Assignment work

These activities are my full time work. They are also very fun – mostly. There are challenges and low points – paperwork, filing, taxes and editing dust take their toll! I meet fun people, photograph some pretty amazing subjects and get to make people smile. I work from home and often head into “global headquarters” as soon as I wake up. What will you find in this blog?

  • ideas about photography and the business of photography
  • interesting photo/design websites
  • insights into running a small business
  • pet peeves and inspirations
  • upcoming workshops and presentations
  • links to my “photos of the month”
  • announcements of new Exposed! e-newsletters
  • biases towards dogs, xc skiing, and the colour red

Please stay tuned and send your comments!

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