#460 Eco Core

Remember last week Proulx Brothers asked me to try their Eco Core 3 product for mounting photos?

Well, I got spare time this morning and gave it a try. Now, I was never good at cut-and-paste and I get very squirrelly when doing precision work with fine elements… but this turned out quite well!


I trimmed the print to be mounted on the eco friendly core backboard. It took a few slices to get the print just right. I then peeled the paper off the pre glued backboard and took a few deep breaths. (Photos below)


The hardest part was lining the print up with the backboard – ’cause once it is stuck, it’s stuck! I took some care and managed to get it lined up pretty well – I was less than a milimetre off in one direction.

Suggestions if you try…

When I do it again I will trim the print to a greater than needed size and trim excess with a sharp knife after it is glued. Doing all this on a backlit lightbox will help, too.

So, it went well – and I would do it again for photos where I need a quick, easy and effective mounting.

Thanks Proulx.

See the steps below – shot quickly, hand-held.

Proulx Brothers Eco Core  mountingStep 1 – Trim the print
Step 2 - Size the print

Step 2 - Size the print

Step 3 - Peel the backing

Step 3 - Peel the backing

Step 4 - Line up and stick

Step 4 - Line up and stick

Step 5 - Enjoy!

Step 5 - Enjoy!

#458 Algonquin College Student Exhibition

Tonight (Monday)!!

Algonquin College graduating photo students are showing off their best work tonight at the Algonquin College student exhibition

It’s well worth a visit to see what some emerging photographers are producing.

• Monday April 26th – Doors open at 4:00pm, Awards at 7:00pm, Doors close at 9:00pm.

• Tuesday April 27th – Doors open at 9:00am and the exhibition closes at 3:00pm.

• The Exhibition will take place in the Klondike Room at the Adobe Tower, 343 Preston St.

Public parking located off Beech St.

#457 Remember Westboro Academy?

Remember Westboro Academy?

Late last year I did some work for the private school in Ottawa. Their website did not do their school justice!

Recently, though, they invested in a new website that showcases Westboro Academy in a much brighter light using much of the work I shot – there are also some photos we did not provide.

Their website comes across far better and should do well to attract attention.

Have a look at Westboro Academy’s new site to see more!

Westboro Academy

Westboro Academy

#456 New product for mounting photos

I was at Proulx Brothers last week and they asked me to try their new product – EcoCore3.


EcoCore3 is a ready to go rigid board designed to make mounting photos quick, easy, and good looking. It’s also made from some recycled materials – easy on the earth!

In the interests of full disclosure Proulx Brothers are one of the businesses that helps keep our blog, ‘Exposed!’ newsletter and website viable with an ad – Proulx can be found on the workshops page. Please visit Proulx if you enjoy what we provide for free.

I’ll be trying the new Eco Core 3 product and reporting back soon!

#455 Remember Iceland? Amazing volcano photos!

Our partner in Iceland, Kent, just sent us some links to some amazing footage of life in Iceland since the volcanoes.

Some amazing beauty:

Thanks Kent!

It would be an amazing time to be in Iceland with your camera!

Iceland waterfall

Iceland waterfall

#454 Drag Racing at Luskville Dragway

We were asked to do some work at Luskville Dragway, just northwest of Ottawa – to capture some of the fun at this traditional dragstrip. The day’s weather co-operated for the day – it was a test day at the track where people could test and tinker with their machines.

The assignment was editorial and they were looking for a single photo to show some of the action. Below are a couple of the out-takes – ie not the best shots – but a teaser of the types of cars the track caters to – from dragsters to motorcycles to street cars to suped-up roadsters.

Stay tuned – I will announce when you can see more of the work…

Luskville Dragway - Assignment SPotlight

Luskville Dragway - Assignment Spotlight

Luskville Dragway -  Assignment Spotlight

Luskville Dragway - Assignment Spotlight

#452 Steve McCurry – in Ottawa

So, last weekend I did a Custom Photo Course with Luke who had specific questions on some technical photography elements he was working on.

Within half an hour the light bulb popped above his head and he said “Ok – workshop’s over!” – meaning I had helped solve his puzzle. We finished the session (see his photo below) and Luke was pretty pleased:

Thanks again for Saturday – really enjoyed meeting you and I got a lot out of our time together.

What about Steve McCurry?!

Luke also said:

By the way, are you aware that Steve McCurry will be at the Museum of Civilization this Wednesday (April 14th)?  The show starts at 5 and Steve will be speaking at 7:00 p.m.

See the official details. This is a very worthwhile show – if you have any interest in photojournalism or social documentary photo work you should consider going!

Who is Steve McCurry?

Steve McCurry s a well known photojournalist who made a name for himself by entering Afghanistan many years ago with a bag load of cameras and film returning with the start of some iconic portraits – his most famous being the Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

Luke’s photo of, erm, his instructor:

Photo Course Portrait - Ottawa

Photo Course Portrait - Ottawa