#452 Steve McCurry – in Ottawa

So, last weekend I did a Custom Photo Course with Luke who had specific questions on some technical photography elements he was working on.

Within half an hour the light bulb popped above his head and he said “Ok – workshop’s over!” – meaning I had helped solve his puzzle. We finished the session (see his photo below) and Luke was pretty pleased:

Thanks again for Saturday – really enjoyed meeting you and I got a lot out of our time together.

What about Steve McCurry?!

Luke also said:

By the way, are you aware that Steve McCurry will be at the Museum of Civilization this Wednesday (April 14th)?  The show starts at 5 and Steve will be speaking at 7:00 p.m.

See the official details. This is a very worthwhile show – if you have any interest in photojournalism or social documentary photo work you should consider going!

Who is Steve McCurry?

Steve McCurry s a well known photojournalist who made a name for himself by entering Afghanistan many years ago with a bag load of cameras and film returning with the start of some iconic portraits – his most famous being the Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

Luke’s photo of, erm, his instructor:

Photo Course Portrait - Ottawa

Photo Course Portrait - Ottawa

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