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When I wrote the latest Exposed! newsletter – “Breathing Life into Your Photos” – I was mildly concerned how people would react – I thought it may have focused too much on the soft skills side instead of tangible hard skills of photography.

But, we received very positive comments:

  • I always enjoy your newsletters but this is the best one yet.
  • Thanks for this article on “breathing” Harry!  I loved it!  Far too often do I get wrapped up in taking a picture…
  • … thank you for your really good bulletins. I am using it to practice and improve my skills. They are like a mini workshop each time.

… etc. ‘Exposed!’ usually brings in mail but this newsletter seemed to hit a cord with people!

This also happened in the fall – I wrote “Five Myths of the Photo Business” and was a little concerned it would not do well because some take other opinions – the article was inspired by a government client who could not believe we would charge extra for a second, very different usage!

But this article also made waves – the article got picked up nicely throughout North America causing the biggest Exposed! spike we have ever received! It, too, hit a cord.

Thanks for the feedback – it keeps me writing photo newsletters and blog posts!

Breathing Life into Your Photos - Exposed! Photo Newsletter

"Breathing Life into Your Photos" - Exposed! Photo Newsletter

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