#1037 HoHoHo!

Many thanks...


Thanks for the fun this year!

There was much to smile about:
Media and Celebrity Photo Contest
Photo Workshops
Our Online Photo Program
Building the BIG large format Camera
Watershed Art Exhibition developments
• Our new photo tips site

… and thanks for your support for keeping us going.
Without YOU none of this would be possible.

Congratulations to all of our students for your efforts and successes. You’ve come a long way!

Happy Holidays!
Holiday schedule:
We will be checking emails every few days and are open for online workshop registrations but we’ll be laying low (and skiing, building snow sculptures, skating and recharging) until the new year…

We’ll be back on the blog in early January.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

#1036 Platform Series Seminar – Photography for Art Promotion

We’re teaming up with La Fab in Old Chelsea, Quebec to host Photography for Art Promotion.

We developed this seminar to help artists and crafts people create better photos of their own artworks for the purposes of juried exhibitions, archiving, and promotion.

“Harry’s [Photographing Artwork] workshop was one of the main attractions for attendees. Harry’s presentation was full of simple, effective solutions that were explained in a fun and lighthearted way.” Sara WashbushOntario Craft Council – Photographing Artwork for Promotion.

Photography is expensive and complicated!
Anyone can click a picture. But to get technically perfect renditions of your art is tough!
We present two different systems (simple or complex) to help you understand and create better promotional photos of your work.

Join us March 22nd in the evening at La Fabrique:
Register now!


© Paul Saindon –

Paul Saindon – fine artist

#1035 New Seminar – Portrait Retouching Process with Blair Gable!

Based on past popularity Blair Gable is back with a new seminar – the portrait retouching process!

Capturing a portrait in-camera is one set of technical skills. Processing is a skill set that requires a whole new set of skills.

Join Blair as he shares skills he’s developed while shooting for clients like MacLean’s, Reuters and Globe and Mail.

Portrait Retouching - Ottawa photo class

Peter Milliken Portrait Retouching – © Blair Gable

February 22nd, 2014
Time – 4 hours
$100 (+tax) for a 4 hour safari with one of Canada’s leading photojournalists.
Central Ottawa.

Join us!
Register online at the bottom of this page.


Ottawa Photo Seminar

Portrait Retouching with Blair Gable

#1034 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Printing Your Photos at Home!

Printing Your Photos at Home!

Recently, I was approached by a biplane pilot I had photographed years ago for a stock assignment. He wanted reprints and I offered a digital file and permission to reproduce…

printing on your own printer

He wanted to print the photo at home.
That makes me nervous!


Printing is tougher than people realize and I often hear “the printer is broken” or “the file is bad.” Usually, the problem is somewhere else… and this month we help you navigate  the printing process to help you decide what to do.

#1033 Web distractions

It’s time for more of you web distractions – thanks for sending them in!

Perfect Timing – about the Lee Harvey Oswald Shooting
Thanks to Yan Huckendubler for sending us this video featuring Pullitzer Prize winning photojournalist Bob Jackson about his famous shot of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald – charged with killing President kennedy.

Social Documentary – Bedrooms from around the world
Lou Truss sent us this link to some eye-opening photos showing the variety of sleeping conditions!

Powerful Photos of 2013
We learned about this post from Victoria’s Brian Pridham. Thanks Brian!

Death of the DSLR?
We read this online article thanks to CAPIC!

• Photo Tips
Read our latest photo tips.Thanks for your contribution!

We’re always looking for photo tips and web distractionsSend us your best.

Photo tips

Photo Tips – Make a fast car seem faster by using a slow shutter speed like 1/15th of a second.

#1032 “Watershed” Project from the Big Camera

I’ve been working on the Watershed collection since 2001 – large beautiful prints of a little creek in Chelsea that happens to run behind our home. I’ve now followed it about 14 km with panoramic, medium and large format film equipment – capturing the very different facets of the waterway and the interrelationships with everything that it’s connected to.

It’s been a long project. Much of the work is hanging in an exhibition space at Ottawa International Airport.

Recently, as many of you know, I built an 8×10 large format camera. And I’ve started taking it out to the Watershed. It’s a lot of work – the new camera (including tripod) weighs about almost 14kg (approx 30 pounds) but the results are beautiful.

The whole point of an 8×10 camera is the beauty of enormous prints attributable to the large piece of film capturing every scrap of detail.

I’ve been using the camera in a different way. I am putting light sensitive paper (instead of traditional film) in the camera.

The ‘film’ I place in the camera is the final product that hangs on your wall.
Each photo is an original.

Also, there is NO post processing or darkroom manipulation to correct or enhance. The finished art comes straight from the camera and is a test of my camera skills and a showcase of my preferences at time of shooting.

I love it.

Interested in the art work?
Let me know…

Large format print

8×10 print – straight from the camera, literally

#1031 Kids Craft Offered Saturday, December 14th.

Our open house went very well last weekend!

So well, that we’re opening the doors next weekend (December 14th) but for only a couple of hours…
As part of our Platform Series, we’ll be offering the kid’s photo craft and showing off our large format camera.

Studio Open Hours
Saturday, December 14th; 1-3:30pm.

• Kids Craft
Kids (of all ages) will be welcome to try creating a photo craft learning about light and science and art. No equipment necessary. Kids take home their craft when they leave.
Time involved: 5-30 minutes.
Cost for craft: Minimum donation $5. Suggested family rate of $10.

• Our Large Format Cameras will be on display. Feel free to ask questions! Free.

This will be the last day to take advantage of our Online Program Special Offer!

photo craft

Adult version of the kid’s craft!

#1030 Special Deal on the Online Photo Challenge

In light of the festive season where many people are challenged to find meaningful gifts we offer you a special deal on our Online Photo Program.


Limited Time Special Offer
We’re offering a special deal to help you buy a worthwhile gift while saving you some $money.
• Six month membership is normally $195 + HST.
• Until Saturday December 14th, we’re offering six months for only $160 + HST.
Register now!

Online photo class

Online Photo Challenge – “Straight from the Camera” – © Alan Garner

What’s so good about our online class?
Well… Let me count the ways:
1. Challenge!
Each new monthly challenge offers photographers a reason to practice and grow.
2. It’s interactive!
Every month we present material, you submit photos, I offer critique and EVERYbody has the opportunity to share on the Private Facebook group!
3. New content every week.
We send an email linking to new content four times each month. Most regular courses last one to eight weeks after which many people’s passions dwindle. Our online program keeps you engaged every week!
4. Better Photos
Yes, your photos will improve.
Erm, I should add it’ll take some effort on YOUR part but we provide a platform that supports your growth in a fun, interactive and supportive way.
[My photos improved over the last year…] It’s all thanks to you, the course and the forum!  I know that I wouldn’t have learnt as much just taking a class here and there. For this, I can’t thank you enough!

Better Photos

Better Photos through our Online Program – © Maisie Ismail

5. It’s cheap!
Cheap like inexpensive, not cheap like crappy!
The normal price works out to $32.50/month. With this special offer it’s even cheaper!
6. Get inspired 
There are many members with amazing work.
There are many members grappling with he same challenges that you are, photographically!
On both the program and the interactive, private Facebook forum you will find people to help, inspire and support you!
7. It’s fun!
Yes, it is.
8. There’s a crazy guarantee
If, in the first month, you decide you don’t like it we offer a money back guarantee.

Last month we offered a “Straight from the Camera” challenge. It was designed to help photographers develop better in-camera photos so as not to rely on post processing to fix mistakes.

Online photo program

Online Photo Challenge – learn to properly make whites white in the camera! © Gilles Gagnon

Members said:
I realized just how challenging it is to take one’s time in order to get it right.   This month has provided me with an even greater appreciation for the craft. Thanks for the great challenge!” MI

Thanks again for helping me learn more about photography!” CS

Join us or have a loved one join us.
It’s easy.
Special price of $160 + HST lasts only until Saturday December 14th.
Register online right now!
Or read more details… and then join us.

#1029 People’s Choice Award Winner

We opened our doors to the fourth annual Studio Open House at Ottawa Studio Works.

We offered:
• New works from our Watershed series created with our Large Format Camera.
• Winter and spring workshops
• An exhibition of student photos selected by jury.

Lareg format photography

Open House – Ottawa Studio Works

Student Photo Show
One visitor asked “Who shot these photos?”
Harry – “Our photo workshop students.”
Visitor – “But they’re good.”
Harry – “Exactly.

STudent success

Open House at the photo studio – People’s Choice second place is awarded to Julius Liptak’s “Cuban Patriot” – featured here!

People’s Choice Award!
For the student show we asked visitors to vote for their favourite photo. By the end of the evening we had a decisive and clear winner.

Marie Josée L’s macro shot of droplets suspended on the stamen of a flower won over the Open House visitors. Her photo is the People’s Choice! And for her efforts she wins a free three month session of our Online Photo Program.

Photo success!

© MarieJoséeLeblanc – People’s Choice Award Winner!

Second place went to Julius Liptak’s Cuban Patriot (see above) and there was a very close tie for third: Al Garner’s Green Oasis, Morina Reece’s ‘Vintage’ Portrait and Cheryl Kreis’ Dogs in Flight.

Congratulations to all…

Thanks again for the fun. And thanks to our sponsors who made this show possible:

Thanks to our sponsors!