#1028 Large Format Camera Heats Up


I’ve been shooting with the new 8×10 Large Format camera for a few weeks on two related projects:

1. Watershed
Capturing Watershed on unique 8×10 paper positives. The paper in the camera is the final artwork. Lovely and fun.

2. Sun-tracking Landscapes
I’ve been using a very old technology to track the sun in some landscapes using a different in-camera paper capture.
It’s a lovely process.
And powerful.
So powerful that the sun BURNED THROUGH THE PAPER in the camera – see below.
I love it!

Large Format photo

8×10 capture Sun Track

I’ll be showing the early results at our Open House on Saturday:
Saturday, November 30th; from 3-10pm
Ottawa Studio Works
160 Preston St.,

A big thanks to our students who supplied much of the show’s imagery.
And another big thanks to the businesses who helped pull the prints together:
Dave Andrews
Patrick Gordon Framing

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