#93 Canada Day!

It’s been a busy few weeks with little time off. I managed some down time but this is a busy time for work. I just finished shooting some of the Jazz Festival for the Sun newspaper and the Ottawa Bluesfest is about to ramp up.

I have also just submitted work for a custom stock assignment for the federal government – shooting a themed selection of imagery.

My recent Ottawa Magazine feature is hot off the press featuring Bluesfest’s 15th anniversary.

I also shot a family plus portrait at a cottage. Family plus? Some group photos and then some candids (candids are always more fun) at this family reunion. That was yesterday but feels like a week ago.

Remember blog post #77? I publicly announced I intended to have my main agency’s submission out the door by June 18th. Well it happened – it was down to the wire but done. The publicly stated goal helped get it done. Speaking of goals I just mailed students on my Creative Business Seminar the goals they made in April.

I also just bought a 14mm prime lens. Nice for digital and film bodies. Very nice. And today I just bought a 4×5 “press” camera for a personal project. I have never shot large format. The film is huge. I am very excited!

Tomorrow is July 1stCanada Day. It’s Harry day, too – my birthday. I will be 40 in a few hours. It’s a big holiday. I had hoped for a day off but there will be an hour or two of work. Delivery of family portraits. Oh, and some “research” with the new 4×5. The research is more fun than work.

Later this week I have an “Executive Portrait” – clean crisp head shot – no crazy candids there. A very different style of portrait than the family affair. Check my Natural Light Portrait course if you’re curious about better people pictures.I am also teaching a custom course to a woman traveling with a personal photo project.

So tomorrow, in honour of Canada and my birthday I will be skipping a blog post.

Sorry. It’s gotta happen.


#92 Herbie Hancock at the Ottawa Jazz Fest

Herbie Hancock – another great name in music appeared at the Ottawa International Jazz Fest this week.

Many performers shy away from the media spotlight and photographers working in the media pit. Bob Dylan was enormously restrictive in last year’s performance – no photography.

Mr Hancock was welcoming and played to the crowd and photographers. He came to the front of the stage and talked to the audience while photographers worked hard. I was so close I could have touched his shin if I raised my arm.

The Photos:

Herbie Hancock at Ottawa Jazz Fest
Herbie Hancock greets the Ottawa Jazz Fest crowd

Herbie Hancock at Ottawa Jazz Fest
Hancock talks it up

Herbie Hancock at Ottawa Jazz Fest
A large crowd came to see Hancock perform

Herbie Hancock at Ottawa Jazz Fest
Hancock doing what he does best

Herbie Hancock at Ottawa Jazz Fest
Hancock brought the Fazioli piano from Toronto

Have a great weekend,


#91 Wynton Marsalis photo – Jazz Fest

One of the finest trumpeters alive, Wynton Marsalis played the Ottawa International Jazz Festival last week.

I was shooting for the Ottawa Sun Newspaper. It was fun, of course, but a significant challenge as Mr Marsalis sat in the middle of the back row of the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra – very hard to capture from the media pit!

Some photos:

Wynton Marsalis
Mr Marsalis at the Ottawa Jazz Fest – June 2008

Marsalis plays to the crowd
Marsalis plays to the crowd

Marsalis shapes the sound
Marsalis shapes the sound

Tomorrow… Herbie Hancock.


#90 Jazz Fest photos

Ok, here are some recent photos I shot from the Ottawa International Jazz Festival. I shot a couple of days for the Ottawa Sun – other freelancing. The Jazz Fest continues to July 1. Check it out!

Over the next few days I will be posting a few highlights starting with Buddy DeFranco – an 85 year old master clarinetist. He’s been performing for 73 years and, I imagine, has no desire to retire.

Coming up later this week I will post photos of Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock.

Neil Swainson gets into the bass
Neil Swainson gets into the groove – Ottawa Jazz fest

The crowd at Ottawa Jazz Fest
The crowd watching opening act FĂ©lix Stussi

Master clarinetist, 85 year old Buddy DeFranco

Joe Cohn on guitar
Joe Cohn captivates with a guitar solo as Buddy takes a break!

DeFranco plays for the Ottaw Jazz Festival crowd
Jazz great Buddy DeFranco plays to the Ottawa Jazz Festival crowd.

Tomorrow – Wynton Marsalis.

Friday – Herbie Hancock

Next week I will post leftovers from this week – student photo and copyright – “boring”… but important!

Have fun,


#89 Amazing live camera

I saw a recent video of the capabilities of a powerful ‘live’ camera:

  • The memory is enormous
  • The capability is staggering
  • Provides a 5.5 yard image
  • The processing time per image takes… days

I was stunned by the abilities and accuracy of Stephen Wiltshire‘s photographic memory. See his story and his aerial image of Rome.

Later this week on the photoblog at HarryNowell.com:

Stay Tuned!


#88 Winners, jazz greats and stunning people

This week at the photoblog of HarryNowell.com we hope to share:

  • news and views of my work at Ottawa Int’l Jazz fest
  • a report on a stunning person’s camera ability
  • new info on copyright
  • a student photo
  • a review of my stock goals
  • and today… the answer and winner of the last week’s photoblog quiz and contest

Last week I showed this photo and asked:

photo quiz
What was the shutter speed used to capture the motion of the swing photo?
What was the approximate aperture?
Where was the camera?

The Answer: I shot this with a slow shutter to get the blur – 15th second and a small aperture – f16 or f22. I used a fixed focal 15mm on a film rangefinder camera – no zoom. Camera was held in my right hand – just plain motion blur.

Curious to learn more? Consider my Creative Fundamentals Photo course in September in Gatineau Park.

The Prize Winner: Al G. of Ottawa was the first to correctly provide a good answer. Congratulations Al! He chose this ChelseaGallery.ca photo prize:


More tomorrow…


#86 Pop Quiz and Prize

It’s quiz day! The first reasonably close answer will win a 6×9 print of their choice from ChelseaGallery.ca

The question:

It’s photo detective time. How was the following photo taken? It was shot at 100 iso in a fully sunny location. Specifically:

  1. What was the shutter speed used to capture the motion of the swing photo?
  2. What was the approximate aperture?
  3. Where was the camera?

Send answers to Harry@HarryNowell.com Only the winner will be contacted. Answer will be posted next week!

pop 'photo blog' quiz

Need help?
Review the recent Exposed! articleCatching Superman.” Sign up to receive Exposed! at the top of this page.

Need more help?!
Consider the Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop this September!

Good luck,


#85 More student photos

More photos from another student Maureen who shot the sports photography workshop held last weekend in Ottawa’s lightning filled Italian week bike crit!

Check the blog tomorrow. It is quiz day with a prize from ChelseaGallery.ca.

Mo’s photos:

Sports Photo Workshop
Panning corner 4

Sports Photography Workshop
Head to head sprint with Pete from Rent-a-Bike in Black.
Nice work Maureen!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s quiz!


#84 Student work

More photos from one of my student’s from the Sport Photo Workshop at the Italian Week Bike Crit over the weekend. James of James Knox Photography is featured today. Other student photos will be featured tomorrow!

Yesterday, I described the event as some of the most challenging shooting conditions for a photographer – lightning, driving rain, and limited shelter! The students did a fantastic job coping with the adversity!

The photos:

Sport Photo Workshop
Student James Knox catching the motion in corner 4.

Sports Photo Workshop
Student James Knox following the emotion of the sprint in heavy rain. Notice the grimaces, pumped muscles and beautiful but subtle reflection in the road. Well done, James!

Keep checking this week – there will be the pop quiz with a prize from ChelseaGallery.ca.