#83 Cycling event was a blast!

The cycling photo workshop was a blast – literally!

This weekend students photographed the annual Ottawa Italian Week Criterion Cycling event. Racers converged from afar to race for prize money and fame.

Both races had sunshine, driving rain and blasts of thunder & lightning. Students learned about the wild world of fast moving sports photography as well as managing gear (successfully) in wet conditions!

Sports Photo Workshop
HarryNowell.com sports photo workshops

Stay tuned this week for a new pop quiz with a prize from ChelseaGallery.ca.


#82 Sports photography

This weekend I am running the sport photography workshop – we will be covering a criterion race in central Ottawa – racers travel many times around 1.2km city course.

Photo students also have the opportunity to borrow available pro level photo equipment from Headshots.

bike photo
It’ll be fun!

Stay tuned for a race report next week.

Also look for a photo quiz next week with a prize from ChelseaGallery.ca


#81 Governmental Apologies

This week Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is issuing an apology on behalf of the Canadian people to survivors of the residential school system that ripped apart many aboriginal communities.

I got a call from a government department that wanted a custom photo course to help a staff member cover the event photographically. ‘T’ had some base photo experience from a hobby perspective and needed a refresher for this task.

We met and spent two hours experimenting with scenarios related to the high profile event. Two hours won’t turn ‘T’ into a working pro but will give her some tools and confidence to get some results for her communications department.

Hiring a pro can be beyond department means. My wife works in communications – she sometimes has to work with frightening photos because the job is given to a well meaning staff with poor photo skills!! Running a custom photo course for a group of staff can help ensure better work related photos cost effectively!


#80 Hot, hot, heat.

The wedding was fun and hot!

We had many friends attend – some with their cameras. Dave Trattles performed the official photojournalistic coverage supported by young children wearing official media passes and disposable point and shoot cameras. They had a blast.

We had a short break and are both back to work. We’ll take a break again this summer.

Back at work, I got another request for a custom course. This time from a government agency who are sending a staff to a high profile event – they are sending her on a refresher course.

A typical week this week – next week there will be a pop quiz with a prize at this photo blog to show off four new files being uploaded to ChelseaGallery.ca this week.

Lake Superior at ChelseaGallery.ca
Lake Superior @ ChelseaGallery.ca

#78 In the Media

I was in the paper this week. I was interviewed about my relatively new
group – The Working Creatives.

I started Working Creatives as a networking group for people working in a creative field as their primary, full time work. The group has over 100 people from which a different creative mix meets each month to share ideas and learn from presentations. It certainly helps my business.

I am always a little nervous talking with media because they have the final word and could mis-quote or get facts a little wrong. However, I was happy with the story – there was promotion for my business – facts and content were correct.

Media offers a great opportunity for promotion.

#77 Submissions

A business with many facets (stock, assignment, workshops and fine art) is a good thing
as it evens out any peaks and valleys in the sales department. There is never a low period – always something to do.

On the down side, the less immediate deliverables sometimes get delegated to the low priority end of the work list. My current stock submission has been ALMOST ready to go for a few weeks.

stock photo
Recent stock shoot.

On my Creative Business Seminar I talk about goals for business. Goal setting helps get things done! By June 18th I plan to have it out the door!


#76 ‘Google’ for photos

Exposed! photo newsletter went out late last night – New subscribers will receive the newsletter today or tomorrow! Older issues are available for reading on my site.

I recently discovered a website that searches the web for your pictures. It’s like google for your photos. Tineye scans the world wide web for other placements of your photos. Quite amazing and has great applications for working photographers!

The site is new and growing – ie it is in beta format and there is still some growth needed before it is fully comprehensive. You need to register, but give it a whirl!


#75 New Exposed! Newsletter

My Exposed! newsletter will be coming out in the next few days for those who have signed up to receive it (see top right of this page). Older Exposed! articles and homework can be found on my site.

This month’s article will feature what I like to call photographer’s insurance – ways to maximize your odds of success! It will include photos & anecdotes of shooting rock bands and golf!

drum set @ ChelseaGallery.ca

My cycling race photo workshop is less than two weeks away – spots are still available. We will be shooting for the EMD Serono cycling wonen’s and men’s team with a chance to connect with these athletes.

Have fun,