#81 Governmental Apologies

This week Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is issuing an apology on behalf of the Canadian people to survivors of the residential school system that ripped apart many aboriginal communities.

I got a call from a government department that wanted a custom photo course to help a staff member cover the event photographically. ‘T’ had some base photo experience from a hobby perspective and needed a refresher for this task.

We met and spent two hours experimenting with scenarios related to the high profile event. Two hours won’t turn ‘T’ into a working pro but will give her some tools and confidence to get some results for her communications department.

Hiring a pro can be beyond department means. My wife works in communications – she sometimes has to work with frightening photos because the job is given to a well meaning staff with poor photo skills!! Running a custom photo course for a group of staff can help ensure better work related photos cost effectively!


One thought on “#81 Governmental Apologies

  1. I hadn’t thought of things [custom course for communicators] that way.

    Last week I was on a course and they wanted a group shot. It was taken in deep shade (I couldn’t sway them to consider a sunnier location) by a guy who wasn’t familiar with the camera. Guess what … he was back on the last day of the course to take the picture again. Doh. (And, as it turns out, there were two others who where photographically inclined but didn’t say anything.)

    When I get into a position like that again, I’ll be passing along your name.