#295 Rest and Relaxation

That’s it!

We are taking a few days of rest and relaxation – possibly some day trips. I will try to stay out of the office as much as possible. Blog postings and correspondence will be slower for the rest of this week.

Happy Canada Day – I’ll be smiling, too.

Harry Nowell

#294 Fake photos

Often you cannot believe what you read. Sometimes you can’t believe what you see!

Read an article from PhotoDistrict News’ online presence – PDNpulse.com – about a suspected fake photo that has been circulating of the Iranian leader getting the finger. PDNpulse explains why they are suspicious of the fingered photo.

You cannot believe everything you see!

#293 Self Promotion Portrait

I often get asked for a “portrait of Harry” for speaking gigs and workshops and, while I have some, I wanted an up to date version.

Roberta came to the rescue and we did a short session to capture a simple, clean portrait that will also bust the myth that I am old. Sigh. I’m 41.

Harry Nowell portrait

We also had some fun:

Harry Nowell portrait

#292 Michael Jackson tribute

News of Michael Jackson’s death was a bit of a shock last night.

Michael Jackson led a talented, unusual and tough life but leaves behind a musical legacy few entertainers have matched. Cherish our musical masters. Pay tribute to their accomplishments!

While I never had the chance to see or shoot Jackson I have had the opportunity to capture other greats including James Brown, Mavis Staples, George Clinton and others, below. It’s been a musical education for me.

Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy

Pine Top Perkins

Pine Top Perkins

#291 Gallery Visit

We will be visiting galleries this summer to bring people interested in photography together to meet, discuss, learn, and enjoy prominent photo exhibitions. This is an informal social gathering. There is no cost to participate.

Scott McFarland – A Cultivated View

  • Thursday, July 16th, 2009;
  • Gallery Cost: Free gallery entry after 5pm
  • Meet: 6:30pm in the main lobby of the National Gallery, 380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa
  • RSVP

We visit the National Gallery to see Scott McFarland’s work shot on a large format camera and ‘adjusted’ digitally.

See you there,


#290 Photo colour, explained

Years ago, I got a distraught phone call from a wedding client. “The photos look different!” the groom cried.

The photos the clients had printed themselves, as part of their package, were not as nice as the original prints we provided. The couple was exasperated and disappointed in the work their lab had done. They were learning about the complex and confusing world of colour.

In this month’s Exposed! we offer some clarity to the murky world of vivid hues:
Photo Colour, Explained.

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Take photos. Have fun!

srgb colour gammut


Adobe RGB 1998

Adobe RGB 1998 simulation

#288 More student race photos

Ok… this is the last set, it seems, of student photos from our sport sessions photo workshop based around motion and bike racing at Ottawa’s NRC training race hosted by Ross Knight.

Students have progressed nicely. We have our critique session this week. See more photos below.

Missed this workshop? Consider the next Sport photo Workshop in August or Creative Fundamentals in September.

Thanks to the participants!

Sport photo workshop

Sport photo workshop

Sport photo workshop

Sport photo workshop

#287 Athlete Portrait

Recently, I did some work for a local athlete who has been involved with the Ottawa Rowing Club for years. She has wanted some sport portraits for herself for a long time. With the arrival of a new boat she decided this was the time.

I followed in a ‘coach boat’ with a driver working to get me in the correct spots. I have a broad selection of work. A sample, below, printed with permission:

Sport Portraits