#290 Photo colour, explained

Years ago, I got a distraught phone call from a wedding client. “The photos look different!” the groom cried.

The photos the clients had printed themselves, as part of their package, were not as nice as the original prints we provided. The couple was exasperated and disappointed in the work their lab had done. They were learning about the complex and confusing world of colour.

In this month’s Exposed! we offer some clarity to the murky world of vivid hues:
Photo Colour, Explained.

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srgb colour gammut


Adobe RGB 1998

Adobe RGB 1998 simulation

2 thoughts on “#290 Photo colour, explained

  1. A good question Daniel!
    I did charge a premium to give them access to some printing – it can cause problems, as my newsletter suggests. That wedding was years ago. Our print policies have changed!