#840 Free photo safari – Gatineau Park – Labour Day Weekend!

photo safari - gatineau park

photo safari - gatineau park

Join us this weekend at McKenzie King Estate for a guided tour/photo safari!

Bring any camera and soak up the magnificent history while getting photo tips as you go.

Tours leave from in front of the Moorside cottage – a five minute walk from the parking lot.

Join us Sunday (September 2nd, 2012) or Monday (September 3rd, 2012) at 1, 2 or 3pm.

Cost to participate is free – (Thank Gatineau Park and the NCC for picking up the tab!) There is a cost to park a car.

More details

gatineau park photo safari

gatineau park photo safari

#839 Online Photo Review – better photos through online learning.

Our new online photo program has finished it’s introductory phase – this summer brave photographers challenged their skills and tested our new program designed to help people looking for photo skills, inspiration and community from anywhere they could get an internet connection.

better photos through online learning

Online photo program - Blurred Motion - © Marcel M

  • Skills improved.
  • Photos developed.
  • Feedback made me smile.

August’s challenge was a technical one dealing with motion – freezing it, blurring, panning, etc. Previous challenges have pushed photo skills with less technical challenges – self portraits and compositional elements.

better photos through online learning

Online photo program - Blurred Motion with flash - © Jeff F

Coming up in September we launch the full program with more integrated web software & new challenges. A forum for sharing ideas and photos with our online community is coming, too.

better photos through online learning

Online photo program - Hints of Motion - © Heather C

Rates for the program:

  • $35 monthly
  • $180 for 6 months – (represents $30/mth)
  • $300 for the year – (represents $25/mth)
better photos through online learning

Online photo program -Frozen Motion - © Jane B

What’s included?Each month you will receive four emails linking to printable notes, a video tutorial, pertinent web links, resources and a critique session in the last week of the month. There will also be a chance to share with the group casually.

All from the comfort of your home (or wherever your computer is connected to the internet!)

Your pace, your speed, your location.

Register at the bottom of the Online Program page.

better photos through online learning

Online photo program - Mix of frozen and blur - © Bressan

#838 Fall Photography Classes – taking better photos…

The fall photo workshop line-up is almost complete. There may be a couple of additions but here’s what’s hot and likely to help you:

• Take better photos.

• Smile more behind the camera.

• Figure out the basics (or advanced tweakings) of any camera.

• Understand the ideas of photographic art or vision.

• Learn how to handle your photos after the click.

• Discover new possibilities for the photos you take.

taking better pictures

Photo class - Ottawa

The photo courses:

Creative Fundamentals (Sept 19, 22, 26, 2012)

Confused by your camera? Disappointed by your photos? This is the course for you! We start from the beginning and take you as far as you are comfortable.

The Authorship of Photographs with Quinton Gordon (Sept 20-23, 2012)

Looking for more meaning in your photos or the process of photography? Check Quinton’s session.

Starting a Creative Business (September 27, 2012)

Wondering if a business is right for you? We have answers for your questions plus more. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

better sports photos

Capturing Summer Sports

Capturing Summer Sports with Blair Gable (September 29, 30, 2012.)

Experience life as a pro sports photographer with a pro sports photographer. Learn from a leading sports and event photographer.

Effective Selling Strategies for a Creative Business with Cedric Nowell (October 2, 2012.)

Many new photographers lack effective business skills. Learn to sell your services from a 36 year sales veteran. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

Night Light (October 19, 20, 24, 2012.)

How to take finer photos at night  – better special effects photography!

better low light photos

Night Light Photo Course

Mastering Lightroom with Peter Handley, RGD (October 20 and / or 27, 2012.)

Learning Adobe Lightroom – How to manage photos after clicking. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

Photography for Communications Professionals (November 1st, 2012)

How to take better work place photos. Photos of speeches, events, executives, must-get-moments? Better photo successes. Impress your boss.

better workplace photos

Photography for Communications Professionals

Learn the basics of book binding with Mary McIntyre  (November 10, 11, 2012.)

What do you do with your pictures? Turn your photos into books!

Online Photo Program (Anytime)

Better photos from anywhere and any time. Learn on your schedule.

Custom Photo Courses (Anytime)

Learn how you want, where you want, anytime, anywhere.

See all the courses.

Join us this fall…

#837 Young Cancer Survivors Photo Exhibit @ Ottawa Photo Studio

It’s coming up fast.

Lou Truss introduces you to the faces of some courageous young women. Her show, “Faces and a Cause,” showcases young women who have fought breast cancer.

Cancer Survivor Photo Exhibition Ottawa

© Lou Truss - courageous cancer survivors!

Lou says:

My father was diagnosed and died quite suddenly with Cancer eleven years ago.

Since then I’ve always wanted to raise awareness about this horrendous disease, and my photography seemed like the fitting avenue to go down. The idea photographing women who have survived Breast Cancer came about when Harry Nowell photographed Katie Evans.

I met Katie and talked to her about Breast Cancer and how she dealt with the treatment. She blew me away with her courage and strength.

It also blew me away when I found out how young she was when she was diagnosed.

Cancer Survivor Photo Exhibition Ottawa

© Lou Truss - courageous cancer survivors!

Meeting Katie was a turning point for me. I then decided to photograph women who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I’m amazed that women in their early twenties are now being diagnosed. When you are in your 20’s you think you’re invincible, you can live forever. Women in their 40’s + get Breast Cancer!

I never checked myself when I was in my 20’s. Having a young daughter has made me more aware that she needs to check herself when she’s older.

The charity I chose to support is Young Adult Cancer Canada which is close to Katie’s heart.

The women I photographed are amazing.

They are incredibly strong, beautiful women and I feel incredibly honoured to have been able to capture their images.

Come celebrate the show, meet courageous women, share experiences, donate, laugh and live.

Friday, September 14th, 2012;


160 Preston St. – between Gladstone and Somerset.
Funds will be collected for “Young Adult Cancer Canada.”
Congratulations Lou! We are very proud of Lou’s success – she’s a graduate of our Pro Photo Program.
Cancer Survivor Photo Exhibition Ottawa

#836 David Trattles’ South India Bicycle (and Photo) Adventure

Remember David Trattles?

He has run a workshop for us like no other – helping people see beyond f-stops and shutter speeds and looking at the story and vision. We hope to offer his course again in the next year. (This year we are offering Quinton Gordon’s workshop for a different experience.)

David Trattles

David Trattles

But David has a new venture coming up (we’re not involved in this one) – a bike / photo tour of south India!

If you have met Dave or been on his workshop you know he does things differently. I expect his bike / photo adventure to paste a permanent smile on your face!

Check it out.

Dave is also publishing a book on his work of the German rodeo scene… Have a look – there are opportunities to support this project online.

photo bike tour India

South India Bicycle Adventure

#835 Thank-you!

A big thank-you to everyone who came to see and learn from the Watershed exhibit in Chelsea this weekend. We had visitors from the municipality of Chelsea, Hendrick Farm, Orleans photo club, Club Polarisé, photo students, neighbours and art buyers. People came from far away to see the largest showing of Watershed work to date.

Thanks to Becky and Reid and Susan for helping us take the show down at the end of the weekend before the rain came!

We will be showing the work by appointment at our photo studio within a week and will be announcing a show at a gallery soon for the fall. Interested in seeing the work? Let us know by email.

We will also be showing the work of Lou Truss at the studio in September – stay tuned for an announcement soon!

Watershed art exhibit

Watershed art exhibit

#834 Photojournalism awards in Ottawa

The World Press Photo Exhibition are back in Ottawa at the War Museum.

It’s a collection of the best press photography in the last year. There are some tear-jerking, heart-crushing, hard-to-look-at photos from some of the world’s hot spots.

But there is some fun, lively and lovely imagery as well. I make sure to see the exhibit every year.

Last year we brought a group and then had Blair Gable present some of his photo work at our studio.

GO! That’s an order.

The exhibit is on only until August 26th.

It’s worth a visit. And it’s free.

World Press Photo Exhibit - Ottawa

World Press Photo Exhibit - Ottawa

#833 On Location Lighting – Course Review

A few weeks ago we ran a second session of On Location Lighting with Blair Gable.

We had a strong group of photographer who soaked up Blair’s info.

Some comments:

Exactly what I wanted and needed.

I was really impressed with the course with Blair, and with your studio. Thanks again for offering such high-quality courses. I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store!

Tons of tips to handle many different scenarios.

Join us as Blair shares his skills in September on “Shooting Summer Sports.”

flash photography workshop

On Location Lighting - student success - © Danielle Donders


#832 Creative Business Seminar Series – starting a business…

We’ve been in business a long time and made many, many mistakes. I’ve also taught many photographers and helped them start their creative businesses.

The photography is hard but easier to learn than the business side.


Because most new photographers LOVE photography but don’t love the challenges presented in business.

We’ve shaken up our long running “Creative Business Seminar” into smaller different segments to help people answer:

• What’s involved in starting a business?

• What do I need to succeed?

• I have artistic skills… but how am I ever going to sell my work?

• How am I ever going to manage my own collection of artwork?

• How can the web help my business?

Our new Creative Business Seminar Series allows photographers and other creative people answers to these questions! We’ve gathered some experts to help you answer these types of questions.

Creative Business Seminar Series

• Is a Creative Business Right for Me?

September – In this seminar we provided questions and insights to help you find answers. This is based on many early business mistakes and years of teaching the Creative Business Seminar.

How to start a new business

Harry Nowell

• Learn Better Selling Strategies for Creative Businesses

October – We have brought in a veteran sales man who spent almost 40 years learning sales techniques, sales strategies and developing trusted relationships with clients based on solid communication skills.

how to sell

Cedric Nowell, 36 year veteran salesman

• “Managing your Creative Work

October – We’ve got a seasoned graphic designer to assist you in developing a library as well as refining your work and using the powerful output tools of Adobe Lightroom.

Peter Handley Lightroom expert

Peter Handley, Registered Graphic Designer

• “Web Basics for Business”

Coming soon… We’re there to help you decipher the world of web. We explain strategies to harness the web and get people finding you and your business!

#831 Better photos through online learning

If you read this blog you’ve probably heard about our new Online Photo Program – it’s been a lot of work but a very fun adventure building the program and connecting with photographers from far and wide.

This week I got a personal email from one of the online photo members. It made me smile:

… I really like the format of these discussions/lessons. I purchased my camera last year, and despite having taken various classes, what I really needed was to take more pictures and practice certain techniques. Being able to do so from my home is very convenient.

It’s the student comments like these  from our regular photo classes (and the new online program) that helps me  help you get better photos!

See some of the past photos from the program.

learn photo skills

Online photo program - student success!