#1041 La Fab Fundraiser – Art to Support Renos!

La Fab is a Chelsea Arts Centre representing many artists from the region. The centre is housed in the rectory of St Stephen’s Church.

The building needs some renovations and we’re having a fundraiser.
Visit La Fab next week to buy some fine art – at least 50% of proceeds go to the support the renovations of La Fab.

I have 4 pieces in the show including the shot below. Buy some fine art and support La Fab and the artists!

Join us…

La Fab
212, Old Chelsea road
Old Chelsea, Quebec

January 23rd from 5 pm to 7 pm
and continues until Feb. 2nd…

hockey print

Hockey photography

#1008 Platform Series – Solo Climbing in Yosemite with Doug Pratt-Johnson

Join us for an evening of photos, stories and adventure as veteran climber, Doug Pratt-Johnson, shares experiences of his most recent climbing trip to Yosemite.

Ansel Adams captured Yosemite in iconic large format photos in the 1930s.

Now Yosemite is a mecca for climbers who spend days inching their way up sheer cliffs.

Doug spent 9 days attached to one of the big walls last summer…

photo presentation Ottawa

Platform Series – Doug presents stories of his 9 day solo climbing adventure on Yosemite’s El Capitan.

Doug’s Climbing Presentation
Doug Pratt-Johnson will present an evening of photos and stories from his 9 day solo climb of El Capitan in California’s Yosemite Valley.  Widely regarded as a mecca for bigwall climbers,  Yosemite attracts climbers from all over the world.  Come see what it’s like to sleep on a portaledge and hang your feet over the abyss while having your morning coffee!

Date: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013; 7:30-9pm.
Location: Ottawa Studio Works; 160 Preston St., Ottawa.
Cost: Free, but donations accepted.
Registration: It’s first come, first served. Space is limited – Doors open at 7pm.

Join us!

Our Platform Series offers a platform for people to bring a selection of interesting photo, arts and related events to the community.

Doug Pratt Johnson climbing near Ottawa

Doug Pratt Johnson climbing near Ottawa © HarryNowell.com

#966 – Rowing Photo Safari

Ottawa Rowing Photography

Ottawa Rowing Photography – © HarryNowell.com

We hosted a custom Rowing Photo Safari last week with Kelly McKean who works as a performance analyst with “Own the Podium” an organization working with athletes to achieve greater success at international events.

Want the same photo coaching experience? See below.

Kelly wanted to learn some hands-on practical experience shooting sports – photographing a rowing crew from metres away with the support of a veteran photographer (I’ve shot rowing for stock and editorial use…)

The Ottawa Rowing Club deserve a big thank-you for allowing us access to the action – THANKS!

Kelly: “The workshop helped bring my photography skill to the next level allowing me to capture precise skills of athletes in motion.  This is key for providing our olympians with feedback on their performance.”

How did the shooting go? We spent the evening reviewing some important photo elements for shooting sports and then following a rowing crew for their evening training session. She did well…

Ottawa Rowing photography

Rowing photography © Kelly McKean

Kelly: “Learning in the uncontrolled environment of a rowing coach boat was really valuable for me.  There was a constant need to adapt the camera settings and composition of the photo to the changing environment (light, water, waves, motion of the coach boat, speed of the rowers, etc.).

Harry taught techniques that were specific to capturing the movement of the rowers and to telling a story.  I was given several assignments during the photo shoot and Harry provided feedback on the spot.  

It was a great learning experience.

Congratulations, Kelly!

Want the same experience?
The Ottawa Rowing Club is allowing us privileged access to offer this experience to others!

Dates possible are Thursday evenings – July 18, 25, and August 1st.The cost for three hours of one-on-one photo coaching alongside rowing crews is $275 + taxes. One person joins me per evening.

Interested? Let us know…

#876 – Photographing Pro Hockey Workshop – dates announced on the blog

It’s back!

We’re offering the Photographing Pro Hockey workshop in Ottawa again this year. We team up with the Ottawa 67s to shoot a regular season home game at Scotia Bank Place.

Ottawa photo workshop - pro hockey

Get close to the action! Ottawa photo workshop - pro hockey

It’s exciting!
It’s fun!
It will test your photo skills in an arena used by the NHL’s Ottawa Senators!

We cover everything from equipment to pre game planning to strategies for maximizing your shooting!

Ottawa 67s hockey

Ottawa 67s hockey

See past photos from the course.

Harry is a personable and gifted teacher, drawing upon a wealth of photographic and other life experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.” Past Pro Hockey Photo Student!

Join us for the action. Register soon – space is limited. 
Take home better sport shooting skills.

Hockey photography workshop

Hockey photography workshop - Ottawa

#870 New Photo Course Preview

We’re excited! Our winter line-up of photo classes, workshops and safaris is shaping nicely.

What’s Coming up?!
• Photographing Pro Hockey
Missing NHL hockey during the strike? Get your hockey fix by photographing the Ottawa 67s at Scotiabank place (home of the Senators.)

This is a classic course – our 6th annual visit to the 67s home ice.
February 2012

• Winter Landscapes
Many people shy away from winter shooting but we show you the spectacular ‘scapes available to those willing to brave winter weather. We also teach you to be comfortable shooting in the winter. It is possible!
February 2012

• Glass Blowing Photo Safari
We just visited the glass blowing studio – fiery furnaces, molten glass and active artisans makes for a photographic extravaganza! Limited spots available due to a small working space.
February 2012

• Photography for Pre-Teens – March Break Program
Join experienced school teacher, Shona Schneider, as she leads your budding photo artists through photo adventures during Ontario’s March Break.
March 2012

• Photoshop Seminars
Based on the success of our Lightroom Seminars with Peter Handley we are looking at seminars on specific elements of photoshop. Stay tuned!

Summer 2013 looks promising with more macro, safaris, sports and landscapes, people, tulips and more.

Online Photo Program
We offer more challenges on the Online Photo Program. Looking for ongoing photo fun, support and critique? This is the course for you!

Can’t wait? Drop us a line  and we’ll tell you more and reserve your spot…

#841 Guest Post: London Olympic Games – Short report + pictures

Yan Huckendubler is a graduate of some of our photo courses and is enrolled in our upcoming Summer Sport Photography with Blair Gable in September, 2012. He concentrates mostly on sports photos and this summer had the good fortune to be involved in the London Olympic Games. Yan has been to many international events in a supporting role. We’ve been lucky enough to receive a few of his posts from the field before.

Here is his guest post describing his experiences at the Olympics this summer.

Media Officer at the 2012 Olympic Games in London

I was privileged to be appointed as Media/Web Officer by the International Hockey Federation (field hockey) for the London Games, my fourth involvement in the Olympics after Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 as Media Attaché for the Canadian team, and Beijing 2008 with the International Federation.

Riverbank Arena, venue for the Olympic field hockey competition; the Media Tribune is just behind me (the cover is for the VIP section, not for the media section…)

It is amazing to realize the jump in technology in these twelve years. In Sydney, the internet was still in its infancy and updating a web site was a slow and expensive process over a phone line, when in London fast and reliable wired internet access in the Media Tribune and Press Centre allowed instant updates of our web site. The leap is even more impressive for photography. In 2000, most photographers were still using film, which needed to be processed by the Press Centre lab then scanned to produce a digital image. In London, our photographers made photos available so quickly that we could post or tweet them while the match was still in progress.

These Olympic Games were superbly organized to the smallest detail, in excellent spirit, with a large number of well trained, efficient and always smiling volunteers (or “Games Makers”, as they were called). It certainly helps to have the Games in a country of sport connoisseurs, just as in Sydney in 2000 (for the Australians “too much sport is still not enough”!).

Some of the many enthusiastic young volunteers who made the Games possible and so enjoyable

The Riverbank Arena was a brilliant venue for hockey and its blue and pink pitch will remain one of the striking visuals of the Games. 16,000 spectators filled each of the 3 daily sessions during the 14 days of competition, making hockey the third most attended sport at these London Games (after athletics and football), a fact that will probably surprise Canadians, given the profile of field hockey in our country. It is really a pity that this facility was only temporary and that the 1,600,000 pieces of scaffolding tubes will be soon dismantled.

During the day or in the evening, the venue was always full to capacity

The facilities for the media were excellent… although there was of course the slight problem of the uncovered Media Stands. It still baffles everybody’s mind that the organizers deliberately decided to leave completely exposed to the elements a stand that would be used during 14 days by broadcasters and journalists all with electronic equipment. Working on our laptops in some of the downpours of the first week was an act of faith, despite the efforts of the volunteers to protect us with plastic sheets and to mop up the water accumulating on the tables…

This is where my desire to be ultra-prepared came in handy: I knew of the situation and did some research that unearthed a unique “tent” to protect your laptop against the elements. I tested it at home and then was the only person able to sit in the stands and actually continue to work… until the rain was too torrential and we all had to run for cover. It makes for good stories later around a drink, but it was certainly not fun while it was happening…

My “laptop tent” proved very useful on the wet days (it does not rain in England, it is just relentlessly humid…)

I enjoyed sitting at my desk in the Media Stands early in the morning, before the start of the daily matches, preparing my files and notes for the day, sharing a cup of tea with the local volunteers, watching the spectators slowly fill the stands, and generally savoring the privilege of working in an “office” with such a unique view over 76 matches of top level hockey during two weeks!

We also had the regular visit of Kate Middleton, aka “Catherine Duchess of Cambridge”, a hockey player herself in her pre-royal life, who was always triggering much effervescence among the spectators and photographers, not to mention the young volunteers who all turned to avid paparazzi during the few minutes it took her to stroll from the stands to her waiting car.

A very relaxed Duchess!

As for the Federation web site, the goal of our team was to provide fast (but accurate) information to the numerous fans around the world following on the internet. We were 3 photographers (from Australia, France and The Netherlands) and 2 media officers (an Irishman and myself). During each match, we were tweeting the highlights and some pictures, and the web site was updated with scores, standings, reports, official match sheets, plenty of pictures and players’ quotes within minutes of the end of play.

We finished exhausted, but if asked would all do it again without having to think twice! There is no question that it is a rare and unique experience, as well as an honour, to be an active, contributing participant in a sporting event which is undoubtedly the centre of the world for two weeks!”

What do you do in your one day off? Go and watch some more sport, of course, but without a laptop for once!

Thanks Yan!

#838 Fall Photography Classes – taking better photos…

The fall photo workshop line-up is almost complete. There may be a couple of additions but here’s what’s hot and likely to help you:

• Take better photos.

• Smile more behind the camera.

• Figure out the basics (or advanced tweakings) of any camera.

• Understand the ideas of photographic art or vision.

• Learn how to handle your photos after the click.

• Discover new possibilities for the photos you take.

taking better pictures

Photo class - Ottawa

The photo courses:

Creative Fundamentals (Sept 19, 22, 26, 2012)

Confused by your camera? Disappointed by your photos? This is the course for you! We start from the beginning and take you as far as you are comfortable.

The Authorship of Photographs with Quinton Gordon (Sept 20-23, 2012)

Looking for more meaning in your photos or the process of photography? Check Quinton’s session.

Starting a Creative Business (September 27, 2012)

Wondering if a business is right for you? We have answers for your questions plus more. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

better sports photos

Capturing Summer Sports

Capturing Summer Sports with Blair Gable (September 29, 30, 2012.)

Experience life as a pro sports photographer with a pro sports photographer. Learn from a leading sports and event photographer.

Effective Selling Strategies for a Creative Business with Cedric Nowell (October 2, 2012.)

Many new photographers lack effective business skills. Learn to sell your services from a 36 year sales veteran. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

Night Light (October 19, 20, 24, 2012.)

How to take finer photos at night  – better special effects photography!

better low light photos

Night Light Photo Course

Mastering Lightroom with Peter Handley, RGD (October 20 and / or 27, 2012.)

Learning Adobe Lightroom – How to manage photos after clicking. Part of the Creative Business Seminar Series.

Photography for Communications Professionals (November 1st, 2012)

How to take better work place photos. Photos of speeches, events, executives, must-get-moments? Better photo successes. Impress your boss.

better workplace photos

Photography for Communications Professionals

Learn the basics of book binding with Mary McIntyre  (November 10, 11, 2012.)

What do you do with your pictures? Turn your photos into books!

Online Photo Program (Anytime)

Better photos from anywhere and any time. Learn on your schedule.

Custom Photo Courses (Anytime)

Learn how you want, where you want, anytime, anywhere.

See all the courses.

Join us this fall…

#802 Ottawa Rowing Club Photo Feature in Ottawa Magazine

Ottawa Magazine Rowing feature

Ottawa Magazine Rowing feature

Last summer I spent a lot of time at the Ottawa Rowing Club shooting for Ottawa Magazine.

I was a member at the club in 1986 and also rowed at University. My dad rowed for England in the 60s – so the article allowed me to rediscover rowing.

I was joined by Ottawa author Jamieson Findlay to investigate different aspects and people who use the club. Jamie and I also worked on an outdoor hockey article “Discovering Pure Joy on Five Outdoor Rinks.

Last weekend the issue hit the news stands and I smiled as I saw the finished product of our creative work. I’ll be doing a slide show at the club later in June.

Pick up the issue to see the photos, read the article and discover rowing:

Ottawa Magazine

Look for Ottawa Magazine - cover by Photolux/C Lalonde

#230 More Student Successes!

We sometimes hear from past students on our workshops and always like to trumpet their successes!

Pan Am Cup Field Hockey 2009

Yan Huckendubler has taken two sports photo workshops with HarryNowell.com. His first session involved the U20 World Cup Soccer Championships in Canada. Our students were granted media passes and sideline access to a world cup match. On Yan’s second workshop we had media access to a pro hockey game.

Pan Am Cup 2009

Yan also has a passion for field hockey and spends time helping the Canadian Team at International events. He is covering the Pan Am Cup in Chile supporting the team by photographing and managing the web site. He recently emailed some of his photos for the blog:

Pan Am Cup Field Hockey 2009

Pan Am Cup Field Hockey 2009

Nice work Yan – great shots from a challenging event!

Coming soon we have two more sport photo workshops:

  • Sessions Sports Photo Workshop – June – we cover the world of cycling photography over a month – details comings soon
  • Polo Sports Photo Workshop – August 29, 30, September 2nd – test your sports skills alongside thundering horses!

Stay tuned and send a big cheer for Yan’s continued successes!


#27 More hockey

One of my students from the Hockey Photo Workshop contributes to an Ottawa 67s blog. V is a big hockey fan and wanted to learn a little more about the photography end of things! Have a look at her blog posting and photos from the game we shot!

Another photo from the game with a student shooting from ice level:HarryNowell.com

Students from my event photo workshop were able to borrow gear from Headshots Rentals Ottawa location – some students walked out with thousands of dollars of pro-level gear to try for the afternoon. Thanks Headshots!

Stay tuned for the summer event photography workshop!