#962 Rowing Photo Safari

A couple of years ago I spent the summer shooting at the Ottawa Rowing Club for an assignment for Ottawa magazine. It was a fun job – I rowed at university and my father rowed for Britain in the 60s – that let me relive the fun of the sport!

Rowing Photography for Ottawa Magazine

Rowing Photography for Ottawa Magazine

We’re offering a very small rowing photo safari next week on a weekday evening.

The Rowing Safari
We’ll be taking one or two people to the club to experience photographing a training session. I’ll be coaching the photographers to capture the on-land preparation fun, photojournalistically, and then jumping in a coach boat to follow the rowers on water.

Rowing Photography Safari

Rowing Photography Safari

The session will be an evening of photo learning and opportunities. Approximately three hours of photo fun.

Interested in the spot? Interested in a session later in the summer?
Contact me by email for details…

Rowing Photo Safari

Rowing Photo Safari

#820 – Rowing Photography Presentation @ Ottawa Rowing Club

editorial photo assignment Ottawa

Rowing Photography Assignment - Ottawa Magazine

Last summmer I spent many early mornings photographing the Ottawa Rowing Club for Ottawa Magazine. It was a fun assignment.

This week I return to the rowing club to present the collection of photos I produced last summer. Rowers (elite and newbie) will be there as well as many people intrigued by the fun at the rowing club.

The nice thing is YOU are invited to come and see what the club is all about. Come for the people, the rowing or the photos!

There will be some complimentary copies of Ottawa Magazine and photos will be available for purchase.


Friday, July 20th; 7pm onwards

Ottawa Rowing Club; off Sussex Dr, near the McDonald Cartier Bridge

Rowing Photography

Rowing Photography

#802 Ottawa Rowing Club Photo Feature in Ottawa Magazine

Ottawa Magazine Rowing feature

Ottawa Magazine Rowing feature

Last summer I spent a lot of time at the Ottawa Rowing Club shooting for Ottawa Magazine.

I was a member at the club in 1986 and also rowed at University. My dad rowed for England in the 60s – so the article allowed me to rediscover rowing.

I was joined by Ottawa author Jamieson Findlay to investigate different aspects and people who use the club. Jamie and I also worked on an outdoor hockey article “Discovering Pure Joy on Five Outdoor Rinks.

Last weekend the issue hit the news stands and I smiled as I saw the finished product of our creative work. I’ll be doing a slide show at the club later in June.

Pick up the issue to see the photos, read the article and discover rowing:

Ottawa Magazine

Look for Ottawa Magazine - cover by Photolux/C Lalonde