#1124 Laurentians / Tremblant Photo Safari and Adventure

Early mornings and a deliberate, casual pace marked this week’s photo adventure in the Tremblant area with long-time photo student Margaret.

photo adventure

Tremblant photo safari

I’ve been travelling to the region that many associate solely with the mega ski hill and village run by Intrawest. The ski hill is impressive but the surrounding hills, rivers, forests and lakes are what keep me coming back.

Like the slow food movement, I prefer observing and shooting with purpose rather than the speed of a fast trigger finger. Margaret finished the day with a manageable number of quality photos that made editing easier.

Tremblant photo safari

© Margaret A. – Laurentian’s water – learning about flow

We shot throughout the day. Yes, there are two magic hours per days. J David Andrews once told me “It’s always perfect weather to shoot something.” Likewise, there’s always something to shoot, no matter the time of day.

Tremblant region photo workshop

© Margaret A. –  Early morning calmness – a perfect time to observe and learn.

Days flew by. One day we visited a segment of waterfalls and rapids. We arrived at 11am and after what felt like an hour Margaret approached excitedly “It’s five o’clock!” When you’re excited and engaged time vanishes.

Margaret’s photos improved and her confidence grew. We both smiled, a lot! We spent evenings reviewing concepts, ideas and photos. See some of her work… Well done Margaret!

Laurentians photography adventure

© Maragret A. – We explored possibilities when shooting a scene – motion, composition, depth-of-field.

#1063 University Stock Assignment

stock photo

Stock assignment

One of my most fun assignments last month was shooting promotional material for a university recruitment program – effectively a stock assignment.

I spent a couple of days developing imagery with students, professors in two areas of the university.

My instructions were to capture some fun, vibrant activity and students and professors in action.

I am limited in what I can show but included are a couple of shots.

Very fun – and good people to work with…

Thanks for the fun!!

stock assignment

Stock photo – teaching laboratory – social work

#1048 Stock Photography Assignment – Trip to the Dentist

A while back I did some work for the Dentist in Commack who were looking to upgrade their online presence.

After consultation and some logistics I went to their office to capture the smiling faces behind the dental practice.

There were more smiling faces when I handed in the work. They were thrilled and so was I – this is my favourite type of photo work – a targeted stock assignment.


Stock photo assignment – Ottawa

Ottawa Gatinea

stock photography – targeted promotion

commercial stock assignment

Stock photography – Ottawa/Gatineau

#1040 Learning how to Photograph Events for the Workplace

event photography

Photographing key-note speeches

Years ago a government communications staff member lamented about the quality of photos she had to deal with in her work. She admitted photos often came from staff with intentions better than their photo skills – the reality being there was not always a budget to hire a working photographer.

She suggested we offer a photo course for communications staff that would help people get better pictures of their work events…

… And Photography for Communications Professionals was developed. We have run this course for many, many organizations including Carleton University, Ottawa Airport, Library and Archives Canada, Passport Canada.

The one day photo class includes material from:
Creative Fundamentals
Natural Light Portraits
• years of shooting events
and packages it in a format geared to communications staff from government and large organizations.

Event photography course Ottawa

Photographing podium speeches

The Format
1. There is a classroom section covering equipment, theory and challenges like consent forms.
2. A hands-on, practical session gives participants a safe environment to develop skills photographing:
• staff portraits
• podium speeches
• tricky lighting scenarios typical of events
• with and without the use of flash.

Photography for Communications Professionals is the perfect length, perfect structure, and perfect information for government photographers. One of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced.

This course is offered as a class and as a custom course for individuals or groups.

Group Course:
Wednesday, March 19; 8:30-4:30
• Morning: Classroom to be determined
• Afternoon: On Location shooting in central Ottawa/Hull
$600/person + any location costs

Custom Course
Available anytime schedules permit.
One person; full day: $775 + any location costs
Groups – please contact us for pricing
Location: Anything is possible. We can meet at your location or we can arrange locations.

Join us! Register online at the bottom of this link.

Event photography

Photographing in tricky lighting conditions

#1034 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Printing Your Photos at Home!

Printing Your Photos at Home!

Recently, I was approached by a biplane pilot I had photographed years ago for a stock assignment. He wanted reprints and I offered a digital file and permission to reproduce…

printing on your own printer

He wanted to print the photo at home.
That makes me nervous!


Printing is tougher than people realize and I often hear “the printer is broken” or “the file is bad.” Usually, the problem is somewhere else… and this month we help you navigate  the printing process to help you decide what to do.

#1005 Assignment Spotlight – Stock Assignment

In August one of my assignments was to capture imagery for one of Carleton University‘s science departments.

My job?
To capture students, professors and labs in a stock assignment for the school’s promotion.

I had great people to work with and they loved the work.

Stock photo assignment Ottawa

Stock Photography Carleton U

Stock Photography

Stock Assignment – Carleton U.

Stock Assignment - Ottawa

Stock Photo – Carleton U


#988 Watershed Photo Exhibition + Assignments + Photo Class

I realize I’ve been slacking on sharing some projects I’ve been working on…

What’s been going on this summer:
• Just finished an editorial assignment that sent me shooting a municipal political portrait and sunrise in a canoe for the same article.

• Finishing a stock assignment with an educational client.

• Finished Natural Light Portraits photo workshop. It’s always a good sign when nobody leave at the end of a course – makes me smile.


Better Portraits – Natural Light Portraits Photo Class

• Handed in some product shots a while back of some BEAUTIFUL custom furniture.

• Preparing some promotional material for our workshops.

• Installing Watershed at the Ottawa Airport very, very soon.

Watershed Art Exhibition

Details and photos will be coming as they become available for sharing…

#891 Recent Photo Assignments

I’m a bit behind on posting recent photo assignments and events in Ottawa. Below is a selection from some recent work.

Executive Headshots
In December I prepared for a large portrait session of executive headshots and group shots for a repeat client – my faviurite kind! Smooth sailing – logistics and timing went well.

Executive Portrait - Ottawa

Executive Portrait - Ottawa

Executive Portrait - Ottawa

Executive Portrait - Ottawa

Family Event & Portraits
I photographed a small family gathering honouring a75th birthday milestone. It was a fun family and fun event. It was the type of assignment I love – my only instructions were to capture the spirit and capture of the event. I shot for an hour as dessert and presents were presented. They loved the work (and bought many albums.)

Family Portraits - Ottawa

Family Portraits - Ottawa

Event Coverage
Another regular client asked me to cover a series of meetings and a social after. Again, my instructions were to capture the spirit of the events. Fun to shoot and the results made my client smile – which is not always easy to do!!

Event Photography Ottawa

Event Photography Ottawa

Event Photography Ottawa

Event Photography Ottawa

Event Photography Ottawa

Event Photography Ottawa

#868 Assignment Spotlight – editorial portrait

This fall I photographed  a local, new, Guiness Record Breaker.

Tessum Weber of (near) Wakefield, Quebec officially got in the record books by being the youngest to ever ski to the North Pole. Oh, and in doing so, this team did it faster than anyone else has ever done it.

Not bad, eh?

There is an article in the current edition of Ottawa Magazine celebrating Tessum’s adventures. I provided the opening portrait for the article.

Get a copy at your news stand today – worth a read!
Congratulations, Tessum!

editorial portrait Ottawa

Ottawa portrait - Tessum Weber for Ottawa Magazine

#860 Ottawa Gatineau Family Portraits

A while back I showcased a recent wedding and talked about a candid style.

Today’s blog post features a fun family who wanted a similar experience in portraits – less structured and more true to the personalities of the family. For this kind of portrait I travel lightly and spend an hour following the family in their fun.

Candid family portrait - Ottawa Gatineau

Family pictures - Ottawa Gatineau

We played in a forested park and I captured the antics of the family. Big smiles and true personalities came through.

Candid family portrait - Ottawa Gatineau

Candid family portrait - Ottawa Gatineau

If you’re looking for better portraits either to be in them or to take them we have a few options:
• We can photograph you. Contact us for details.
• We can teach you – we have a series of fun photo classes. We’ve offered Natural Light Portraits  for years. The portrait class offers simple tips on how to get better portraits of friends or family.
• You can take your own portraits with guaranteed success and smiles. We offer DIY Portraits whereby you bring your camera and plug into our lights at our central Ottawa photo studio. We make it easy. You take the photos. Easy, fun, and way cheaper than hiring us to do it for you!!

Family pictures - Ottawa Gatineau

Candid family portrait - Ottawa Gatineau