#1124 Laurentians / Tremblant Photo Safari and Adventure

Early mornings and a deliberate, casual pace marked this week’s photo adventure in the Tremblant area with long-time photo student Margaret.

photo adventure

Tremblant photo safari

I’ve been travelling to the region that many associate solely with the mega ski hill and village run by Intrawest. The ski hill is impressive but the surrounding hills, rivers, forests and lakes are what keep me coming back.

Like the slow food movement, I prefer observing and shooting with purpose rather than the speed of a fast trigger finger. Margaret finished the day with a manageable number of quality photos that made editing easier.

Tremblant photo safari

© Margaret A. – Laurentian’s water – learning about flow

We shot throughout the day. Yes, there are two magic hours per days. J David Andrews once told me “It’s always perfect weather to shoot something.” Likewise, there’s always something to shoot, no matter the time of day.

Tremblant region photo workshop

© Margaret A. –  Early morning calmness – a perfect time to observe and learn.

Days flew by. One day we visited a segment of waterfalls and rapids. We arrived at 11am and after what felt like an hour Margaret approached excitedly “It’s five o’clock!” When you’re excited and engaged time vanishes.

Margaret’s photos improved and her confidence grew. We both smiled, a lot! We spent evenings reviewing concepts, ideas and photos. See some of her work… Well done Margaret!

Laurentians photography adventure

© Maragret A. – We explored possibilities when shooting a scene – motion, composition, depth-of-field.

#1114 Summer Photo Adventures

Summer started well for groups of photo students who recently enjoyed Custom Photo Courses. We’ve been taking people out to extend their photo limits using their existing equipment.

We’re also preparing a Laurentians Photo Adventure for early summer 2016, below, for people wishing to challenge and explore their skills behind the camera.

Custom Photo Courses
Join us for individual attention or as a small group for our custom courses. We’ve been offering custom courses for many years. Read a recent review.

Photography Lessons

Custom Photo Course
Chelsea, Gatineau Park

Locations include central Ottawa, Gatineau Park. We use other locations, too.

Our most common course is a four hour, individual session for $350.
A two person, four hour session is $550 (or $275 each).

Material covered depends on your needs.
We’ve covered:
• beginner basics
• portraits
• advanced creativity

Contact us to book your summer photo adventure.

Photo course Gatineau

© Christine P.
Heritage cemetery.

2016 Laurentians Photo Adventure
Join us on a relaxing but immersive photography learning session next summer.

We combine a tranquil and comfortable base in the Laurentians bordered by a bike / walking path and the Rouge River.

Early July, 2106

night photography course

Night time Teepee Photography Laurentians Photo Adventure

We’ll be choosing from locations to best suit the weather and the group. Shooting locations and subjects could include:
• Tremblant Village
• Horses
• Gardens
• Rivers and Waterfalls
• Night time Teepee shooting
• Parc national du Mont Tremblant

Throughout the day you can expect:
• early morning shoots
• evening photography
• critique sessions
• time for relaxing & meals

Tremblant Photography Safari

Laurentians Photo Adventure

More important than the locations will be the support and creative stimulation you’ll receive on the adventure.

We are teaming up with a quiet Bed & Breakfast close to the action of Tremblant but a universe away. Our hosts provide a limited number of gorgeous B& B accommodations and attractive camping. You may choose your own accommodation when registering for the Laurentian Photo Adventure.

My family has stayed with them many times and explored the area for years.

Laurentians photo safari

Our hosts’ patio for post shooting relaxation and editing!

Breakfast is available at our base B&B. We will take care advantage of local restaurants and available eateries for lunches, snacks and dinners. Mid-day meals may include packed picnic lunches.

We will be traveling short distances – up to 30km to different photo sites. Most people will travel by personal vehicle or share driving with other participants. No transportation is included in the cost of the Laurentians Photo Adventure

garden photography

Our hosts’ gardens in the Laurentians

Costs include:
• photography instruction fee – early bird rate of $500 for 2 days on the adventure.
• accommodation for two nights. 2015 rates range  from camping @ $14/person/night or lovely B&B rooms from $99/night (single occ. Lover’s Loft) to $154/night (double occ. Garden Retreat); Other rates exist for different rooms.
• meals
• transportation
•extras that you wish to undertake

Photo Adventure spots and accommodation are limited as this is our hosts busiest time of year. Please contact us for more information and booking your adventure.

#1086 Summer Urban Photo Safaris

Summer is here and it’s time for shooting.

Join one of our two summer photo safaris:
• For all skill levels – we’ll challenge everyone at their level.
• Meet photo enthusiasts.
• Discover fun photo locations and new techniques.

© Al Garner – shot on one of our photo workshops!

Each night we pull photo exercises from years of photo workshops in Ottawa and Gatineau. We shoot at different locations each evening.

Two dates in July, 2014 – cost is $75 plus tax…
Join us…

Jon us – urban photo safari in Ottawa

#1067 Kids Art Safaris with Claudia Salguero

We get asked regularly if we offer kid’s art sessions at the studio…

We’ve just booked the talented artist Claudia Salguero to bring some art fun for your kids!

Join us in June for two sessions hosted by Claudia:
•  Sand Madalas
A session of creativity and hands-on work on your own design, creating your own sand colours  and  expressing your self through the possibilities of sand as an artistic medium.

• Salt Dough Magic Faces
With home made salt dough (recipe provided) participants will experiment the creation of faces or masks. With their eyes closed, they will feel the material and the possibilities of working with their two hands at the same time.

kid's art workshop Ottawa

Salt dough faces

Dates are June 7th and 21st.

More details and register!

#1049 Winter and Spring Photo Classes

Our line-up of winter and spring photography courses is almost complete!

Ottawa Gatineau photo workshops

Better photos @ HarryNowell.com photo classes

For those close to Ottawa and Gatineau, we’re offering something for everyone:
a course for communications staff to create better work-based photos
Macro workshop (almost full) and tulip safari with Louise Tanguay
Smart phone photography with Blair Gable
Creative Fundamentals – our most popular course to help people with the basics of photography plus an advanced fundamentals course for those wanting fundamentals support but more than the basics.

For those further afield we offer our Online Photo Program – all you need is a good internet connection and a desire to learn from our members!

… And there are more courses listed and soon to be announced. Stay tuned…

Ottawa Gatineau Photo Classes

Better pictures through HarryNowell.com

#1043 Student Success – Photo & Review

We ran Mastering Manual Exposures last weekend. The session was spent helping students understand the intricacies of light and exposure.

In short we helped people make whites white in appropriate places.

In three hours we brought light to a scary subject.

Some feedback:
I really appreciate Harry’s teaching style which is low key, no pressure but he is obviously extremely knowledgeable and a professional. He always provides just enough feedback and he tailors it to the specific individual.

I have been learning from Harry for over 6 months through a one-on-one Creative Fundamental course, Lightroom course and the On-line Program which I absolutely love.

These courses combined, have taken my photography to a whole new level. I have learned so much and I have a much better appreciation to the complexities and creative side to photography and, I am having so much fun.
Thanks so much Harry.  I am still learning and I will be for a long time.  You are an exceptional teacher.CF-1-3

#1021 New Courses! Macro and Tulips with Louise Tanguay.

Tulip photos

© Louise Tanguay – Tulip Photo Safari – May, 2014

She’s back!
Last year Louise Tanguay‘s workshops were very well received. They often sell out.

We’ve convinced her to come back and share her fabulous skills with you again.
Louise travels the world teaching (some for Freeman Patterson), producing coffee table books and shooting for magazines.

She has two workshops coming up in May, 2014 – Macrphotography Workshop and Tulip Safari. See some of the student’s successes last year.

Want better general photos in nature?
Take the Macro Workshop!

Want a shorter (and cheaper) experience with Tulips?
Take the Tulip Safari!

close-up photography class

© Louise Tanguay – Macrophotography Workshop with Louise Tanguay – May 2014

#979 Sparks and Steel – Blacksmith Photo Safari!

The man of steel is back!

Photo class - Ottawa

Man of Steel – Blacksmith Photo Safari

Two years ago we offered the Blacksmith photo safari and it sold out very quickly.
Our blacksmith has agreed to put on a fiery show for your cameras again.

Suitable for any camera, we offer tips to help make the sparks fly…

Join us!
Registration and more details.

Photo class Ottawa

Blacksmith photography

#966 – Rowing Photo Safari

Ottawa Rowing Photography

Ottawa Rowing Photography – © HarryNowell.com

We hosted a custom Rowing Photo Safari last week with Kelly McKean who works as a performance analyst with “Own the Podium” an organization working with athletes to achieve greater success at international events.

Want the same photo coaching experience? See below.

Kelly wanted to learn some hands-on practical experience shooting sports – photographing a rowing crew from metres away with the support of a veteran photographer (I’ve shot rowing for stock and editorial use…)

The Ottawa Rowing Club deserve a big thank-you for allowing us access to the action – THANKS!

Kelly: “The workshop helped bring my photography skill to the next level allowing me to capture precise skills of athletes in motion.  This is key for providing our olympians with feedback on their performance.”

How did the shooting go? We spent the evening reviewing some important photo elements for shooting sports and then following a rowing crew for their evening training session. She did well…

Ottawa Rowing photography

Rowing photography © Kelly McKean

Kelly: “Learning in the uncontrolled environment of a rowing coach boat was really valuable for me.  There was a constant need to adapt the camera settings and composition of the photo to the changing environment (light, water, waves, motion of the coach boat, speed of the rowers, etc.).

Harry taught techniques that were specific to capturing the movement of the rowers and to telling a story.  I was given several assignments during the photo shoot and Harry provided feedback on the spot.  

It was a great learning experience.

Congratulations, Kelly!

Want the same experience?
The Ottawa Rowing Club is allowing us privileged access to offer this experience to others!

Dates possible are Thursday evenings – July 18, 25, and August 1st.The cost for three hours of one-on-one photo coaching alongside rowing crews is $275 + taxes. One person joins me per evening.

Interested? Let us know…

#929 – New Photo Classes – Basics and Waterfalls

New photo courses are coming up.
Some basics and something more advanced.

Want better photos?

Interested in just a few quick tips on exposure and/or composition?
We’re offering some quick & dirty basics in either exposure or compositional elements.
Join our Basics Seminar!

Basics photo class - Ottawa

Basics photo class - Ottawa

Want something a little more challenging?
We’ve launched our Waterfall Photo Safari for those people looking for the next challenge.
Take the plunge – join Waterfalls!

Waterfall Photo Class - Ottawa

Waterfall Photo Class