#1088 Online Photo Program – Photographing Water – Member Results!

© Jeffrey Furry - Classic Waterfall

© Jeffrey Furry – Classic Waterfall

Last month I presented our Online Photo Members the challenge of photographing water. We presented some technical tips and a broad suggestion of what was possible within the realm of water photography.

It is an amazing program and I have learned so much from it and from you.

© Al Garner - Macro Water Droplets

© Al Garner – Macro Water Droplets

I thought most people would photograph rivers and waterfalls.

I was happy to see that, while we had some (excellent) rivers and waterfalls, people pushed themselves to photograph water in many different ways including bursting water balloons!!

© Maisie Ismail

© Maisie Ismail – bursting water balloon!

“… thank you for all the instruction and encouragement from the online program for the past year plus that I’ve been a member.” LR

I’ve learned so much in the short time that I have taken part.” JS

Members make me smile – I’m proud of them all!
I’ve seen excellent shots and excellent growth in skills!

© J Scott - Home studio capture

© J Scott – Home studio capture

#1079 Online Photo Class – May’s challenge

Last month we brought our online program the challenge of getting very, very close to their subjects.

© Chris Payant - Macrophotography class

© Chris Payant – Macrophotography class

With new spring flowers bursting from winter’s depths online members  got their camera’s clicking. But members captured more than just blossoms!

© Jeffrey Furry - close-up photography

© Jeffrey Furry – close-up photography

What members said:
I loved this challenge (my fave) and I found what I love to shoot the most (I think!) 
Your on-line program is absolutely great and I have to say I have learned the most from it because of the different challenges and just the way you teach it.
Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your expert knowledge.  You get us out of our comfort zone for sure.” CP

© Gilles G - Macro - different worlds!

© Gilles G – Macro – different worlds!

What a fun challenge! I have always wanted to try and get a shot of a field of dandelions and could never figure out how, but I finally got one thanks to this challenge.” JS

I’ve been teaching photography for almost 15 years and I never get tired of seeing people grow!
Thanks for the fun!

© Maisie I. Creative Macro!

© Maisie I. Creative Macro!

#1049 Winter and Spring Photo Classes

Our line-up of winter and spring photography courses is almost complete!

Ottawa Gatineau photo workshops

Better photos @ HarryNowell.com photo classes

For those close to Ottawa and Gatineau, we’re offering something for everyone:
a course for communications staff to create better work-based photos
Macro workshop (almost full) and tulip safari with Louise Tanguay
Smart phone photography with Blair Gable
Creative Fundamentals – our most popular course to help people with the basics of photography plus an advanced fundamentals course for those wanting fundamentals support but more than the basics.

For those further afield we offer our Online Photo Program – all you need is a good internet connection and a desire to learn from our members!

… And there are more courses listed and soon to be announced. Stay tuned…

Ottawa Gatineau Photo Classes

Better pictures through HarryNowell.com

#1021 New Courses! Macro and Tulips with Louise Tanguay.

Tulip photos

© Louise Tanguay – Tulip Photo Safari – May, 2014

She’s back!
Last year Louise Tanguay‘s workshops were very well received. They often sell out.

We’ve convinced her to come back and share her fabulous skills with you again.
Louise travels the world teaching (some for Freeman Patterson), producing coffee table books and shooting for magazines.

She has two workshops coming up in May, 2014 – Macrphotography Workshop and Tulip Safari. See some of the student’s successes last year.

Want better general photos in nature?
Take the Macro Workshop!

Want a shorter (and cheaper) experience with Tulips?
Take the Tulip Safari!

close-up photography class

© Louise Tanguay – Macrophotography Workshop with Louise Tanguay – May 2014

#967 Custom Photo Course Review – Macro & Fundamentals

So last week we ran a custom course for Christine who wanted a refresher on photography and an intro to macro photography. We met at a public ornamental garden and covered elements of Creative Fundamentals and Macro work.

How’d she do?
Her photos improved and her confidence grew!

Custom Photography Course - © Christine Payant

Custom Photography Course – © Christine Payant

And it sounds like she loved it…
(Ok, ok… now, I know I am a good teacher and photographer but comments like these make my teaching worthwhile!)

Thank you so much for the great Creative Fundamentals custom course yesterday. It was absolutely worth every penny. 

I learned so much in just one day and can’t believe I never learned or knew about these skills before. This proves to me just how important it is to continuously upgrade and maintain photography skills in order to get better and better.

Custom Photo Class

Better Photos © Christine P.

You are a wonderful and very patient teacher and obviously a gifted photographer.
Thanks so much for the great custom course.

I will definitely be taking some more courses this summer and fall.  I will probably start with the on-line course, to keep me pushing to take more pictures and improve my skills.

Thanks again so much.

Thank-YOU Christine! I love teaching and I love creating beautiful pictures. I feel so lucky to do what I do!

Custom Photography Class

Better photos through HarryNowell.com! © Christine P.

UPDATE: Christine just sent us an email – she’s been enjoying her new skills! Nice work Christine!:

Macro Custom Photography Course

Macro Custom Photography Course © Christine P.

#957 Macro Photo Class Review

Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay on the photo blog at HarryNowell.com

Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay © Marc Lafleur

Nice work.

That’s what I thought when people sent in photos from the Macrophotography Class with Louise Tanguay.

Louise‘s last two workshops with us sold out and for good reason! She is a well-loved teacher and superb photographer with many publications and accomplishments to her name.

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay featured at HarryNowell.com/blog

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay – © Johanne Blain

We’re lucky to have her – she travels and teaches all over the world. A few students insisted we bring her back soon for another workshop. We’re working on it!

See a small sample of student’s work in this blog post.

What’s coming up next for photo classes? Check our listings and Online Photo Program. We also do custom courses – anytime – for our courses.

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay – © Alicia Borisonic

Ottawa Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay

Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay – © C Bressan

Macrophotography Course - ©Sébastien Albert - trobophoto.com

Macrophotography Course – ©Sébastien Albert – trobophoto.com


#947 – Tulip Photo Course Successes!

Tulip Photo Safari

Tulip Photo Safari - © Morina Reece

Thanks to everyone who got up really early to take advantage of Louise Tanguay‘s wealth of experience in the macro, nature, tulip photo department.
The safari was well attended!

Tulip Photo Safari

Tulip Photo Safari - © Lynn Gaulin

The photo safari met this week with a quick lesson and lots of practical tulip shooting.

They loved it:
Here are a few shots from my best day off in years. It was my first try at macro photography and I loved it.

Tulip Photo Safari

Tulip Photo Safari - © Cheryl Kreiss

Louise is also teaching our Macrophotography Photo Workshop at the end of May – it’s currently full but, so far the waiting list is empty. If you want a spot you could be first in line if there is a cancelation! Just send us an email.

Tulip Photo Safari

Tulip Photo Safari - © Johanne Blain


Tulip Photo Safari

Tulip Photo Safari - © Stéphanie Beauregard

Tulip Photo Safari

Tulip Photo Safari - © Taylor Shurie

#900 More Photo Classes with Louise Tanguay

This week we launched Boost your Creativity with Louise Tanguay. Treat your eyes to some of Louise’s photo work!

We’re very pleased to offer two more sessions with Louise this spring:
Tulip Photo Workshop 
Macro Photography Class

Tulip photography photo class

Tulip photography photo class

Tulip Photo Workshop
This mini workshop allows you to soak up the world renowned expertise of Louise Tanguay while shooting one of the finest displays of tulips in North America. Louise’s macro and garden photography has taken her to Hawaii, Europe and throughout Canada.

Spend four hours under Louise’s photo care to help your photos grow into blossoms!

May 14th, 2013; 7am-11am

$125 plus HST – minimum of 5

Tulip photography class

Tulip photography photo class

Macro Photography Class

Looking for more than an appetizer in photographing flowers, bugs and other fine work? Consider the Macro Photography with Louise Tanguay.

Spend three sessions with Louise to take your photography to a new world.

Monday, May 27th; 8am-noon
Tuesday, May 28th; 8am-noon
Wednesday, May 28th; 8am-noon

$375 + applicable taxes

macrophotography class - Ottawa

macrophotography class - Ottawa

#816 Ottawa’s Macro Photography Class

In June we ran the Macro Photography Class with Louise Tanguay. The course filled quickly and people loved it.

This is Louise’s first class with us and she brings with her vast teaching and photo expertise. Our students were lucky to learn from Louise:

I loved this course and Louise is a great teacher.

The challenges made me experiment with angles I never would have explored otherwise. This workshop was great because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was so helpful !

I found Louise a wonderful ”teacher” if I can call her like that. The way she made the presentations and explanation had a major impact in my photography.

I thank you both for the enthusiasm you gave me! I think I am becoming a better photographer. How about that!!!

The challenges forced me to explore new techniques and aspects of photography… it opened many new doors for me.

I enjoyed this workshop tremendously and I learned so much. Thank you.

Learned lots. Thank you very much… and had fun too…

…great course and Louise was so awesome and I got to learn a lot.

Stay tuned for more courses!

See some photo successes:

Ottawa Photography Class

Ottawa Macro Photo Workshop

Macro photo workshop

Ottawa Photography Class

Macro photo workshop

Macro photo workshop

Ottawa Photography Class

Ottawa Photography Class

Ottawa Macro Photo Class

Ottawa Macro Photo Workshop


#809 Photo Newsletter – reader’s local photo.

Last week we sent out our monthly newsletter about  photo adventures close to home. You DON’T need to go to exotic places to get amazing results:
Photo Adventures Close to Home
We asked people to send in photos close to their home and we’re happy to feature Christel’s macro photo submission, below.

Why Christel’s photo? It’s simple, clean and strong. AND it was shot close to home!

Congratulations Christel!

newsletter reader's photo

reader's photo challenge - © Christel P