#364 Student Produces New Photo Book


It makes me smile.

I just got an email from a past student who has published a book highlighting stories and photos from Arviat, third largest town in Nunavut.

Three and a half years ago Nadine took a Natural Light Portrait Photo Workshop at HarryNowell.com while visiting Ottawa from her northern home. She has sent me periodic updates about her adventures.

This week she sent me the following announcement to promote her new book!

Congratulations Nadine!

Follow the Trail Photo Book - Arviat

Follow the Trail Photo Book - Arviat

#363 Studio cyclist

Yesterday I blogged about the studio lighting course we ran for two of our Pro Program students and showed some behind the scenes shots of Nat and Scott (photographers) in action.

Student Studio Cycling Photo

Marc Champagne was our hard working model – although he looked like he was having a lot of fun!

Pro Program Photo Course

Pro Program Photo Course

Today it’s time to let the photographers shine. They did very well for their first time ever in a studio!

Pro Program Photo Course

The session was fun and very productive learning experience. I didn’t think I would like studio that much! Time just flew.

Pro Program Photo Course

Pro Program Photo Course

Nice work!

Check Scott’s blog to follow his photo path. Nat has a site in development – we will announce her site when it is ready!

#362 Behind the scenes studio shoot

On Sunday we worked with two Pro Program students on a Custom Course designed to introduce them to the world of studio lighting.

Studio Lighting Photo Course

Studio Lighting Photo Course

We worked in the studio to get them acquainted with strobes (big flashes), hot lights so they would be technically savvy when the models arrived.

Studio Photo Course

Studio Photo Course

In the afternoon we brought in two models – the first was a triathlete who wanted some studio cycling photos. The second was an actor looking for some headshots.

Studio Photo Lighting Course

Studio Photo Lighting Course

Today I have posted some behind the scenes (available light) photos of the students in action. In the days ahead I will post some of the student’s results. Check back later this week to see the results!

Studio Photo Course

Studio Photo Course

Interested in a group course on assignment studio lighting? Consider our photo workshop “On Assignment with Andrew Balfour.”

#361 Dogged Blog

Sorry, faithful blog readers!

Over the last two weeks we experienced an annoying infiltration into our WordPress based blog. The blog would intermittently disappear a couple of times a day and we would do our best to restore the files to keep you reading.

Our blog was hit, we believe, by a mischievious meddler with too much time on their hands. Meddler had written a program that targets a whole bunch of sites including ours. The program knows how to regenerate itself. This was not something personal and they didn’t get involved every time the blog disappeared.

The blog has been stable for five days now. We hope we’ve licked this problem. How did we outsmart the meddling smarty pants? We upgraded to a newer version of the WordPress software, changed our passwords and upgraded our security settings. It’s complicated.

We’ve also been told by three faithful readers that our website has recently caused an alert on their browser. Is this related to the dogged blog? We’re investigating. It seems the meddler’s infiltration plopped a few lines of text that promote a nasty site posing as a dive resort, etc that caused the alerts. We’re cleaning this up.

We’re a small business without a significant IT department and a not-very-helpful host – our enquiries to them so far have generated lack lustre support. But we’re very lucky to be connected to a smarter Smarty Pants with good web and research skills capable of handling the meddling smarty pants.

Our Smarty Pants will be supporting our Creative Business Seminar‘s web session on Sunday, November 8th. I will be presenting the web ideas, she will be supporting the presentations.

Please keep us posted with anything you experience at HarryNowell.com. Constructive comments very welcome!

#360 Stock Assignment

It’s always nice to hear…

We did some stock work last summer to be used primarily for a government department’s annual report. I just got an email from the communications department – the reports have been printed.

The client wanted city scenes depicting pedestrians of all stripes busily going about their business. An important theme was to have motion depicted in all photos to add some vibrancy. It was a fun project!

I will see the finished project soon and have asked for a digital version of a page for the blog – we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime you can see an out take from the assignment:

Stock Photo Assignment

Stock Photo Assignment

#359 Exposed! Photo Newsletter

Our ‘Exposed!’ Photo Newsletter went out last week.

October’s photo newsletter bloomed after a photo contestant asked why her photos had not been short listed in a contest. I was forced to quantify what makes a good photo or:

How to get your photos noticed!

Read the answer in this month’s edition of ‘Exposed!’

Next month’s ‘Exposed!’ reveals “Top Gift Ideas for the Photographer on Your List” with suggestions of what to buy for any level of photographer. There will be ideas for every budget and photographer.

Make sure you receive the newsletter – sign up for Exposed! at the top, right of this page.

Simple creative photo

Simple creative photo

#358 Photographing Artwork Presentation… Again

We have presented the workshop Photographing Artwork for Promotion a couple of times this year for the Craft Council of Ontario and Wallack’s Art Supplies. It’s a popular session and we have been asked to present it again.

The Ottawa School of Art in conjunction with Art East and Grow with Art/L’art en herbe are hosting the presentation billed as ‘Developing a Digital Portfolio.’


Friday, October 30, 2009

1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Orleans – Contact Ottawa School of Art (see below)
Presented by HarryNowell.com

Photographing Artwork for Promotion

Photographing Artwork for Promotion

The presentation will include:
• cameras and equipment needed
• appropriate camera settings
• lighting the artwork
• creative exposure and histograms
• colour considerations
• post production
• file storage and archiving
Seats are limited.

Registration details: Contact the Ottawa School of Art (613.580.2765) to register for workshop number is OSO405F.101 – ‘Developing a Digital Portfolio’

Price $40.00

Hope to see you there,


#357 David Trattles Workshop cont’d

Some more feedback from David Trattles’ Social Documentary Photo Workshop hosted at HarryNowell.com supported by Canadian Geographic.

We received some photos and review from another student, Jessie. She said:

My biggest photo self discovery on this course was that I needed to be a little “messy”. My work was too “square” and “nice” as David put it.

I am so happy I took this workshop as David helped me break through to the next step, and help me view things differently.

A couple of her photos. Nice work Jessie:

David Trattles Social Documentary Photo Workshop
David Trattles Social Documentary Photo Workshop
David Trattles Social Documentary Photo Workshop
David Trattles Social Documentary Photo Workshop

#356 William Jans – Photo show tonight!

I have heard good things about tonights show by photographer William Jans. His promotion:

Join photographer William Jans for his tales of absurd adventures. Stops include Mining in Bolivia, Cycling the “Most dangerous road in the world”, Trekking to Machu Picchu, and visits to the Amazon and Galapagos. Come see why 15 WEST COAST SHOWS HAVE SOLD OUT!

(85 University Pvt) 7:30 doors, 8 pm show.

$24 at the door on show night.”