#358 Photographing Artwork Presentation… Again

We have presented the workshop Photographing Artwork for Promotion a couple of times this year for the Craft Council of Ontario and Wallack’s Art Supplies. It’s a popular session and we have been asked to present it again.

The Ottawa School of Art in conjunction with Art East and Grow with Art/L’art en herbe are hosting the presentation billed as ‘Developing a Digital Portfolio.’


Friday, October 30, 2009

1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Orleans – Contact Ottawa School of Art (see below)
Presented by HarryNowell.com

Photographing Artwork for Promotion

Photographing Artwork for Promotion

The presentation will include:
• cameras and equipment needed
• appropriate camera settings
• lighting the artwork
• creative exposure and histograms
• colour considerations
• post production
• file storage and archiving
Seats are limited.

Registration details: Contact the Ottawa School of Art (613.580.2765) to register for workshop number is OSO405F.101 – ‘Developing a Digital Portfolio’

Price $40.00

Hope to see you there,


2 thoughts on “#358 Photographing Artwork Presentation… Again

  1. Hi Harry,

    I just have a Canon point and shoot camera, I don’t have any attachments or any prior courses in photograpy. I am an amateur painter but I do put my paintings on the computer and I feel your course could be an advantage or you you feel it it too advanced for me. If not I would certainly be interested in taking the course. I have called the number above to register but no answer. Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Marilyn,
    Thanks for the note. The Photographing Art for Promotion is appropriate for people just starting and for those with some photo background. People have very much enjoyed this session when it was presented at the Ontario Craft Council session in March and at Wallack’s Art Supplies in September. The price is right!

    I have called the number above to register but no answer.
    The course is organized and presented by the Ottawa School of Art‘s Orleans campus in conjunction with Arts East and Grow with Art. Sorry for your trouble! Try calling them at (613.580.2765) to register for workshop number OSO405F.101 – ‘Developing a Digital Portfolio.’ I received a similar email from another potential student and have passed the comment on to the school. Please try again!


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