#170 Sessions Photo Challenge wrap-up

Our newest course, Sessions Photo Challenge, ended last night with the final critique session.

During the challenges visited three locations over the three practical sessions:

  1. downtown landscapes at night – capturing architectural and city night lights
  2. photojournalistic street portraits and city life in a busy night strip
  3. capturing an art show opening in a prominent gallery

Sessions Photo Challenge

Sessions Photo Challenge photo by Sylvie
Students learned about:

  • different styles of shooting
  • different shooting challenges
  • dealing with elements of street photography
  • technical and creative elements of the craft
  • light painting

I saw challenges, concerted concentration and smiles as participants saw their photography grow. It was our first Session Photo Challenge but, based on reactions, we are holding the second offering in February.

There is a summer version in the plans, too.


#169 Winter workshop schedule posted

The winter photo workshop line-up has been set.

Have a look… Christmas is coming:


Natural Light Portraits
January 7 (eve), 10 (day), 14 (eve), 2009.
Better People Pictures!

A great learning opportunity described as three days of fun!
H.P. Ottawa Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light Portraits Photo Workshop

Sports Photo Workshop
January 24, 25, 28, 2009.
Capturing Pro Hockey with media passes for the Ottawa 67s.

Challenging, fun, great learning and a teacher who is positive and able to provide constructive feedback in a gentle and positive manner.
M.M. Ottawa Sport Photo Workshop

Sports Photo Workshop

Sessions Photo Challenge
February 5, 12, 19, 26, 2009 – evenings.
Watch your photo skills grow!

My fellow photographers have noticed a huge difference in my photography since I’ve taken your workshops. They also say, “That Nowell Guy has really made a difference”. And of course I say, Harry is the Best instructor EVER! They go, yeah, yeah, we know. So you can be very proud of your ability of teach. Thank God, there is a Harry.
Cheryl – Ottawa garduate of many of my courses.

Sessions Photo Challenge

Night Light
March 28th, April 1st, 2009 – evenings.
Pump up the light – pump up the fun!

… it is becoming more like ‘art’, which is one of my favorite outcomes of this course.  Harry is an awesome teacher.  I give him 10/10!
Sandy,  Night Light

Night Light Photo Workshop

Spring 2009

Creative Fundamentals
April 15, 18, 22, 2009
Our most popular photography workshop.

I learned more about my camera and photography than I have in the ten years I been photographing
Nicole, Creative Fundamentals

Creative Fundamentals

Creative Business Seminar
April 19, 2009
I find your courses very well prepared, highly constructive.  Your approach is very holistic.  You are a good listener and are not afraid to share your expertise.  BRAVO!
Anonymous, Creative Business Seminar

New!! Professional Program
Custom Photo Courses
Live Critique Sessions

Questions? Anytime,


#168 Photo Quote Challenge

An Exposed! reader sent me some of his favourite quotes after reading our latest e-newsletter “Wise Quotes from Working Photographers.” Dave sent me his favourites including:

“Hang out with those who are better than you.

A challenge was inspired. Send your best and favourite photo and creativity quotes to Harry@HarryNowell.com or comment below. I will post a collection in the next two weeks. Thanks, Dave, for inspiring the fun.

Favourite Photo Quotes?:

Favourite Photography Quotes

#167 “Dante was here” exhibition

I went to a session last night called “Web Promotion for Creatives” last night. It was excellent – an informal session presented to people in creative careers. There were photographers, illustrators, designers and one fiction writer present. It was a fun ‘professional development‘ evening.

I also got a message from RA photo club member Peter Juranka about an upcoming group photo show on Thursday, November 27th in Ottawa. Sounds like fun:

Dante was here Exhibition

#166 Life Magazine archives available on Google

Photo District News reports today that Life Magazine has teamed up with Google to make its huge photo archive available for viewing. Life still keeps a tight hand on the image’s copyright.


That leaves the door open for unlicensed use of the small file sized imagery.  However Photo District news quotes Life President Andrew Blau “Bloggers pasting photos into blogs are our lowest priority.” They continue, “LIFE’s first priority will be to pursue “blatant misuse,” such as unauthorized use of the images on commercial products, Blau says.”

Interesting times, as the realistic application of copyright protection continues to evolve! Read the whole PDN article.

Many of you have noticed I do watermark everything on my blog. I do so partly to:

  1. discourage unwanted use
  2. show pride in my work by attaching the watermark and
  3. promote my business in the event someone places one of my photos on their screensaver.


#165 Wise Words from Working Photographers

This month’s Exposed! Newsletter was sent out yesterday:

My path to photography success was long and often bumpy. As I went I soaked up as many scraps of information as possible. Luckily, I met some good people who helped shape the foundations of my work.

In this edition of Exposed! we revisit some valuable photography advice that helped guide me along the way…

Get it right in the cameraAnthony Scullion says “Get it right in the camera – not photoshop!”

To read more sage advice please read:

Wise Words from Working Photographers.”

Have fun,


#164 Wise quotes and used gear

Some miscellaneous notes today:

1. The monthly Exposed! Newsletter comes out this week – “Wise words from working photographers.” Stay tuned.

2. Also just confirming final details of the sports photography workshop that will complete the winter photography workshop lineup.

3. I got an email from veteran photographer Anthony Scullion who is selling some fine photo equipment including:

  • 2 x Nikon F5 and a lens
  • Hasselblad gear
  • lighting equipment

Contact him directly at scullion@magma.ca

4. And as a rookie pond hockey player I am happy the weather is getting cool:Ottawa 67s hockeyOttawa 67s hockey


#163 Photographing Artwork

I finished shooting some three dimensional art work for Johanna Nousiainen – I mentioned her past work in the last few weeks. She works in felted wool. Her current work is quite amazing – the largest piece is 100 metres long.

The vernissage is on Wednesday evening at the Karsh Masson Gallery from 5:30 onwads. 136 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa.

A new Exposed! photo newsletter is coming out this week. Stay tuned,


#161 Canoe and kayak assignment

A couple of weeks ago Canoe and Kayak Magazine assigned me to another portrait. They are featuring Paul Mason – world renowned whitewater canoeist and cartoonist. Instead of an epic photo of Paul dropping over a precipice in his boat:

Paul Mason

– they are looking for a portrait of Paul, the person behind the paddle.

Paul was open to the exposure and we went out last week. Check the March edition to see him on the pages of ‘Canoe and Kayak’.