#627 Ottawa’s Farm Photo Safari

Near the end of May we ran the Farm Photo Safari in central Ottawa at the Museum of Agriculture. Participants were treated to dog agility tests that tested their cameras, sheep shearing, cows, horses and contending with an event that won’t wait for slow photographers.

Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

Our group smiled their way through the session, learning new tips and developing better skills.

Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

One participant said: “I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Farm Safari.  I found the format very good, starting with less challenging shots and working up. You were very organized and eager to help everyone no matter their level of expertise.

Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

A big THANK-YOU to the staff at the Museum of Agriculture for making our safari work well!

Museum of Agriculture

Museum of Agriculture

Why take a safari with HarryNowell.com? We have good events and locations – but more importantly is the knowledge we share that will help you develop your photo skills better and faster than going to the farm by yourself!

 Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

Farm Photo Safari - Ottawa

Join us for the two photo safaris in July:

Join us test your cameras during some fast paced bike race action.

Capture the wild antics of leading street performers lined up for your cameras.



#626 Ottawa Marathon Photos

This year the Ottawa Marathon ran right past our photography studio on Preston St. So we camped out to cheer friends and family in the full marathon and half marathon.

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

National Capital Marathon Men's Lead Group at 3km

 Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Top Three Women in the Ottawa Marathon - 2011 - at 3km

National Capital Marathon 2011 photos

National Capital Marathon 2011

National Capital Marathon 2011 photos

National Capital Marathon 2011 photos

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Luc Rock – we have featured him before in 2008 as he was preparing for the Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland. Go, Luc, go!

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

Ottawa Marathon 2011 photos

National Capital Marathon 2011 photos

National Capital Marathon 2011 photos

Two of our ProProgram students shot the event:

Nathalie Madore was our first graduate of the program. She took many workshops in sports and other photo disciplines.

Wayne is currently in our program – soaking up photography and gaining experience!

Congratulations to everybody!!

And thanks to all volunteers and organizers who made this event happen!


#625 Reader’s Photo of the Month

Yep, this month we had to choose from some good submissions for this month’s “Reader’s Photo of the Month.” It was a tough final decision this month.

We choose a photo from reader’s submissions based on the photo but also the supporting commentary.

We don’t care what specific camera, lens or how many mega-zooples your processor zapped.

We do care about your inspiration, creative process and perhaps some minor technical info.

Read the guidelines.

Send us a photo for next month’s Reader’s Photo of the Month.

This month’s Photo of the Month belongs to Hagen Hohn:

Hagen Hohn - Reader's Photo of the Month

Hagen Hohn - Reader's Photo of the Month


My inspiration: Probably the biggest pleasure I get from driving, is the skill needed to drive at speed, door to door, with other drivers that I trust. I’ve been doing it for 12 years now and still love it. The race track provides the safest place to do it. So it was to the track that we went, to try to recreate the feel of sports cars running at speed.

Challenges to overcome:

• First, there is mounting a heavy camera on the side of a car without any shakes. I had a bit of difficulty here as part of the rig i had built (and tested), failed just before we went out. I compensated by shortening the shutter speed.

• The second is shooting at the height of the day. I could only get the track for 20 minutes at noon, so the sun is pretty harsh. I counted it with an 8 stop variable neutral density filter, and a 2 circular stop polarizer. Even with that, the first 5 minutes flew by arranging the cars and giving direction to the drivers, then another 5 minutes trying to get the exposure and camera settings right.

This is my vision: cars, owners and their passions, doing what they intend with their vehicles. Sometimes that might be showing them and participating in competitions, and for others, like these guys, driving them.

Congratulations Hagen!! Send him some cheers.


#624 Exposed! Photo Newsletter – Reasons to try film photography

“That was terrible!” I exclaimed when I returned from picking up some newly processed medium format film I’d shot.

My ever-patient wife asked, “What happened?”

film photography Ottawa

Large format film photography - Graflex

When it comes to certain types of artwork, especially with film, it needs to be perfect, or it’s just plain “terrible!”

Film is a tricky medium. There are no guarantees — just experience and knowledge to help guide your way. I still shoot film for certain aspects of my photography work and in this edition of Exposed! we help answer the question “Why shoot film photography?” Below are many reasons some working and hobby photographers shoot with film:

Shooting with film

We’d also like to say a big thanks to our Exposed! sponsors who help make these free newsletters possible. This month visit Dave Andrews for some printing. He plays some fine music, too!

Dave Andrews


#623 Where are they now?

We recently asked some ProProgram graduates what they have done since graduating from the Program. We were impressed!

Today we feature Scott Martin who finished his program in 2010. He started his program and quickly developed a passion for music photography. That seems to have done well – he combined his background in web development, music and photography to develop SpotLightOttawa.com.

Scott says:

There were a lot of avenues I wished to explore with my photography. The problem was, I was feeling pulled in too many directions. I needed a starting point. For me, that was music. I’ve been a music junkie since I was 13. I love discovering new music/bands, and going to live shows. Tagging along with friends to Ireland 10 years ago for their weeklong tour was the reason I bought my first digital camera. So music it was.

Spotlight Ottawa


Earlier this year, I had someone from a media relations company contact me asking if I wanted to attend one of their artist’s shows and do something with the artist. It seemed open ended. What did that mean?? I enquired about an interview. Granted. Oh no!! Now what? I didn’t really want to post interviews on my photography site. I racked my brain for a few days. Because of that initial contact, my online music magazine Spotlight was born.

Four months in and I’m having a ball. We’ll see where it takes me. Being as shy as I am, that first interview was terrifying! I’ve done 4 more since. I’ve attended and photographed many shows. I have met new people. I have taken an interest in learning to become a better writer to post articles on my site. I have never been a fan of the word for word question/answer style written interview.
People talk about doing personal projects to help grow your photography. This online music magazine is my personal project.

It has opened up a new creative path in my life. Writing? Interviews? These aren’t things I envisioned myself doing a couple of years ago, but I’m having fun with it all. I hope I’m helping to introduce people to the great music coming out of Ottawa, as well as some of the great artists we have coming to Ottawa to perform.

Nice work, Scott. He’s grown well in many ways – photography, networking, contacts and business – all part of the ProProgram!



#622 Music in print at Ottawa Studio Works

‘Tis summer season in Ottawa and that brings much music to outdoor festivals in the region.

Ottawa Music Festival

Ottawa Music Festival

For many, many years I covered or supplied Ottawa Jazz Festival, Tulip Fest or Bluesfest for editorial and other clients. Work has been published in Ottawa Magazine, Ottawa Sun, LA Times, NY Times and others.

Ottawa Music Festival

Ottawa Music Festival

In July we will be opening the doors at Ottawa Studio Works to show work shot at festivals over the last decade.

We’ll be open at the studio – 160 Preston St – for some afternoon or evening hours on July 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16.

JJ Cale

JJ Cale

Ben Harper

Ben Harper

#621 World Press Photo 2011 + Photojournalism Presentation

Has it been a year already? Almost. This summer Ottawa welcomes back the World Press Photo exhibit. It’s a great chance to see some work by some of the best photojournalists in the world. And this year we have a bonus – a talk with Ottawa photojournalist Blair Gable at Ottawa Studio Works.

World Press Photo Exhibit Ottawa

The exhibit is put on by a Dutch not-for-profit and highlights work by photojournalists telling stories of tragedy and hope.

Ottawa dates have already been released.The show runs in August at the Canadian War Museum.

We had a good turnout last year! Just like last year, we invite you to see the event as a group.

This year we have a presentation arranged by Ottawa photojournalist Blair Gable who will talk and exhibit photography from the first 10 years of work as an editorial photographer – from community newspapers to international news wires.


Blair Gable photographing the Queen

Blair Gable photographing the Queen

World Press Photo Exhibit

Details:When: Thursday, August 18th, 2011; 6:30pm

Where: Inside the front doors of the Canadian War Museum, 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa

Exhibition Cost: Free

Blair Gable Photojournalist Presentation

Details:When: Thursday, August 18th, 2011; 8pm

Where: Ottawa Studio Works, 160 Preston, Ottawa

Presentation Cost: Donation encouraged.

RSVP to Harry@HarryNowell.com


#620 Student Success

Good news!

Two past students have combined forces and landed a photography exhibition at the Gatineau Park visitors centre. The exhibit includes other photographers and highlights reptiles and amphibians in Gatineau Park… and it’s on until the end of August.

Photo student art exhibition

France and Shelley's Exhibit

Shelley Ball combines her biologist background with a passion for photography to run 44th Parallel Photography

Photo student art exhibition

Shelley's photo of an Eastern Newt.

France Rivet runs PolarHorizons.com and has taken many of our photography classes as part of her recently completed ProProgram.

Visit the show! Send some cheers.

Photo Exhibit

Shelley and France at the exhibit


#619 Upcoming workshops

So we’ve been all about artwork, exhibitions, and David Trattles lately.

Coming up in June we have three of our newest workshops coming online:


Photographing Your Children

June 7 (eve), 11 (morn)

Learn to capture timeless memories of your children or grand children with baby and child photographer Christine Denis . More than just a photo course – meet others and learn about storytelling.

Photographing your Children photography course - Ottawa

Photographing your Children Photography Class



Intro to Film Photography and Darkroom Skills

June 11, 12

Climb aboard the growing resurgence of interest in film photography and darkroom skills. Whether it’s to master a new art form or to challenge your photo skills join us on this new course.

Film and Darkroom Photo Workshop - Ottawa

Film and Darkroom Photo Workshop



Landscape and Wildlife Photography with J David Andrews

June 3(eve), 4, 10 (eve), 11, 13 (eve)

One spot remains… (may change without notice)

Want better photos from wild places? This is your course! Develop your wildlife and landscape skills with veteran photographer J David Andrews, natural history and wildlife photogapher.

Landscape and Wildlife Photography Course - Ottawa

Landscape and Wildlife Photography Course - Ottawa

#618 New Photo Safaris in Ottawa

They’re back! We have two new photo safaris coming up in July. Each safari presents a new challenge with interesting events combined with photo support in central Ottawa.

Bike Race Photo Safari

The first one involves fast paced action at a ‘behind the scenes’ bike race. This training race sends elite or sub elite cyclists around a closed loop where they test nerves, technical skills… and your cameras. Expect speed, fast paced corners and tight packs of well oiled machines.

Join us as we get close to the action with a pack of cyclists passing you every 90 seconds – perfect for perfecting fast paced photo skills. We meet for approximately two and a half hours to test your photo skills and challenge your photo friends in a race that will test the best photographers!

$65 + tax

July 12th; 6-8:30pm, Ottawa (Rain date: July 19th; 6-8pm)

Ottawa Bike Race Photo Safari

Ottawa Bike Race Photo Safari


Fire Breathing, Unicycle Riding, Flaming Juggler Photo Safari

In July we explore the world of the unusual. Jugglers tossing flaming chainsaws? Acrobats? Clumsy clowns? Who knows what crazy performances we will find. We DO know the antics will challenge you and your cameras

Join us to discover some acts of daring and delight while performers perform for your cameras.

$65 + tax

July 29th, 5:30-8:00 (Rain date August 1, 5:30-8:00)

Fire-Breathing, Unicycle-Riding, Flaming Juggler Photo Safari!

Fire-Breathing, Unicycle-Riding, Flaming Juggler Photo Safari!