#600 New feature – Reader Photo of the Month

Ok, ok, we’ve been batting this idea around for a while and would like to see how it works.

We’d like to feature more of YOU on the blog.

What that means:
Once a month we’d like to feature a reader’s photo and the story behind it on the blog.

Send us a photo.

And tell us about it!

We don’t care what specific camera, lens or how many mega-zooples your processor zapped.

We do care about your inspiration, creative process and perhaps some minor technical info – shutter speed and aperture if you wish.


We’d like to inspire, share and promote people doing good things.

How it works

Send us a photo every month that fills you with pride. We will collect photos and select one per month that moves us in some way. That photo and supporting text will be featured on the blog with much fanfare, comments and links to your web site if applicable.

Technical details for submissions:

Photo – Please send one photo at a time. Maximum three photos per person per month. Please keep your photos small – we cannot consider photos greater than 1mb. Ideally, size photos to 450 x 300 pixels at 72 dpi. A gentle watermark is fine.

Supporting Text – This is as important as the photo. What inspired you? Why do you like it? How did you do it? Tell us about your photo!

Links – Would you like a link to your site? Please send us the specific link!

Sorry, we cannot reply to all photos submitted. Stay tuned. We will feature the Reader’s Photo of the Month at the end of each month.

Stay tuned for March’s Reader Photo of the Month on Friday.

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