#601 Reader’s Photo of the Month

Last post we announced a new feature: Photo of the Month

We will be highlighting one of your photos every month with links and much applause. Just follow the guidelines and send us a photo. We will pick one and add some comments.

This was sent to us by KFPhotoArts, one of our students:

Photo of the Month - March

Photo of the Month - March

He says:

I shot this image about a week ago while the moon was full and close; according to NASA, it was the best view of the moon in 18 years!  Well lit by moonlight, my frozen fingers fumbled around at the switches and buttons as I adjusted various settings on my camera.  The resultant image was good but didn’t capture the cold that my fingers felt that night.  I wanted more, and so I continued tonight to add an artistic element to the photo to draw the cold out of my fingers and onto the canvas.  My pick #77 of 365

KF started taking our photo courses last year with the goal of pursuing an artistic line of work. In the photo above he has taken a raw photo and started transforming it with painting software. To be effective you need to start with a good photo!

His work makes me remember the ache of cold fingers – good narrative that adds to the visual art.

Good work!

Check the guidelines.

Send us your photo of the month!

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