#966 – Rowing Photo Safari

Ottawa Rowing Photography

Ottawa Rowing Photography – © HarryNowell.com

We hosted a custom Rowing Photo Safari last week with Kelly McKean who works as a performance analyst with “Own the Podium” an organization working with athletes to achieve greater success at international events.

Want the same photo coaching experience? See below.

Kelly wanted to learn some hands-on practical experience shooting sports – photographing a rowing crew from metres away with the support of a veteran photographer (I’ve shot rowing for stock and editorial use…)

The Ottawa Rowing Club deserve a big thank-you for allowing us access to the action – THANKS!

Kelly: “The workshop helped bring my photography skill to the next level allowing me to capture precise skills of athletes in motion.  This is key for providing our olympians with feedback on their performance.”

How did the shooting go? We spent the evening reviewing some important photo elements for shooting sports and then following a rowing crew for their evening training session. She did well…

Ottawa Rowing photography

Rowing photography © Kelly McKean

Kelly: “Learning in the uncontrolled environment of a rowing coach boat was really valuable for me.  There was a constant need to adapt the camera settings and composition of the photo to the changing environment (light, water, waves, motion of the coach boat, speed of the rowers, etc.).

Harry taught techniques that were specific to capturing the movement of the rowers and to telling a story.  I was given several assignments during the photo shoot and Harry provided feedback on the spot.  

It was a great learning experience.

Congratulations, Kelly!

Want the same experience?
The Ottawa Rowing Club is allowing us privileged access to offer this experience to others!

Dates possible are Thursday evenings – July 18, 25, and August 1st.The cost for three hours of one-on-one photo coaching alongside rowing crews is $275 + taxes. One person joins me per evening.

Interested? Let us know…

#965 Photo Student Wins Int’l Credit! + Fall Photo Class Planning

Summer has just arrived (yay!) but that means we are busy planning our fall photography classes. And we want YOUR help! See below.

…But first we’d like to congratulate Morina, a graduate of our photo program!
This morning I received an email from Morina, a ProProgram graduate. She has taken many photo courses within her program. This morning she sent a message and a page from Photography Week:

Harry, you’ve taught me well! You are the first person I want to thank – highly commended for my photo in the international magazine Photography Week. You said “Do something different” – I did and look what has happened. So excited….

Really, we just kept feeding Morina photo skills. She worked hard over 2 or 3 years to turn that knowledge into award winning photography!

Congratulations, Morina! 

Student Success - Morina Reece's photo

Student Success – Morina Reece’s photo “Highly Commended” in Photography Week Magazine. Good work Morina!

Preliminary Fall Line-up
We’ve started to load some photography courses on the fall’s agenda:
Creative Fundamentals (Sept/Oct) – A classic course (that’s already a quarter full.)
Night Light (Oct) – Popular course chasing the magic light of the night.
On Location Lighting with Blair Gable (Oct) – Learn lighting from a leading photojournalist.
Photography for Communications Professionals (Nov) – We help you get better workplace pictures!
Mastering Lightroom with Peter Handley (RGD) (Fall – dates to be set) – Improve your post processing guided by a prominent graphic designer.
Online Photo Program (start anytime!) – Our monthly challenges keep you consistently engaged and help you improve your photography!

Photo Class Help!
But we need YOUR HELP. Most of our courses are developed because YOU requested them.

What do you want to learn!?
Let us know via email or in the comments, below.

#964 Summer Photo Adventure Suggestions

Summer’s here and that means shooting season!

But how are you ever going to get good pictures if you don’t have exotic vacation plans to shoot the Great Wall of China or the Slot Canyons of Arizona or Iceland’s stunning waterfalls?!

In this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter we offer tips and ideas to shoot magnificence closer to home.

Photo assignment close to home...

Shot 10 metres from home with an iPhone!

It’s true – many people leave their camera’s packed away until they go somewhere special! But there’s always something special to capture if you train yourself to see it.

Read the whole article for local photo fun and tips!

#963 Web distractions – photo news from the web…

So more photo news from the web:

• “Millions of forgettable photos…
Banff Mountain Photo Contest Declares “no winner.” It’s true! Thanks to Online Photo Member Jane who sent us this link from the Globe and Mail discussing the plummeting value of photographs. Sigh…

2100 Megapixel Photo – Big enough for you?!
Thanks to John, another Online Photo Member for sharing this link – the shot is from Vancouver during the NHL playoffs and you can zoom in to see the massive resolution!

Chicago Tribune lays off ALL its photographers
That stinks! It’s an emerging trend on the value of photography – this news has been circulating for a while and it’s sad.

Thanks for the links – keep sending them to us!

#962 Rowing Photo Safari

A couple of years ago I spent the summer shooting at the Ottawa Rowing Club for an assignment for Ottawa magazine. It was a fun job – I rowed at university and my father rowed for Britain in the 60s – that let me relive the fun of the sport!

Rowing Photography for Ottawa Magazine

Rowing Photography for Ottawa Magazine

We’re offering a very small rowing photo safari next week on a weekday evening.

The Rowing Safari
We’ll be taking one or two people to the club to experience photographing a training session. I’ll be coaching the photographers to capture the on-land preparation fun, photojournalistically, and then jumping in a coach boat to follow the rowers on water.

Rowing Photography Safari

Rowing Photography Safari

The session will be an evening of photo learning and opportunities. Approximately three hours of photo fun.

Interested in the spot? Interested in a session later in the summer?
Contact me by email for details…

Rowing Photo Safari

Rowing Photo Safari

#961 Latest Photo Tips…

For almost a year we’ve been posting photo tips on our Facebook Photo Page. Below are some recent tips:

Photo Tip #192 – Nothing to shoot? There’s ALWAYS something to shoot! Challenge yourself to find new ways to shoot ordinary things…

There's ALWAYS something to shoot!

There’s ALWAYS something to shoot!

Photo Tip # 191 – Keep your main subject out of the middle of the photo!

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

Photo Tip # 183 – Make sure they know what your photo is about!

Make sure they know what to look at!

Make sure they know what your photo is about!

We’re loading these tips onto our new site – Prime Photo Tips!

#960 – John Rowlands Presentation – “Life and Adventures of an Entertainment Photographer”

Join us for an evening of stories about a life of photography in the fast lane.Ottawa born John Robert Rowlands has spent more than 50 years working with the biggest names in entertainment – David Bowie, Elton John, Elvis, Michael Jackson…

The Who's Pete Townshend - captured by John Rowlands

The Who’s Pete Townshend – captured by John Rowlands

Learn how John rose to be one of the elite photographers given privileged access to the biggest stars of the last 50+ years.

John presents “Life and Adventures of an Entertainment Photographer” with Q&A following the presentation.

• Meet John Rowlands. 
• See his work.
• Hear stories about his business, friendships and the opportunities he created.
• Q&A will follow the presentation.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from a photo superstar of the superstars.

John Rowlands presentation

John Rowlands presentation

Wednesday, June 26th – 7:30-9:30pm
160 Preston St.
Ottawa, On.

$20 tax incl. payable at the door.

$15 + tax payable in advance – RSVP to book your spot with a credit card – limited spots available in our intimate venue.

#959 Ottawa Exhibition this Weekend – The New Art Festival

Watershed Art Exhibition

Watershed Art Exhibition

It’s a big weekend – we’re exhibiting Watershed and other stories at the New Art Festival in Ottawa.

It’s a very fun collection of artists showing and selling their work. Last year was my first year and it ranged from misty to pouring – and that put a damper on things! This weekend the weather looks fabulous!

I’ll be exhibiting some “Watershed” – a photographic exploration of 13km of a creek that meanders through Gatineau Park and Old Chelsea, past our home and under Highway 5. Most of the work was shot on medium and large format film. I’ll also exhibit other stories – something for everyone…

Other Stories

… And Other Stories

But come and see others, too. Who’ll be there?
Louis Helbig! He’s an aerial photographer who has shot the Alberta tar sands, Sunken Villages and has just returned from a new aerial adventure – but you better ask him about that! …erm, I just found out Louis is away this weekend! 

Sandy Sharkey! She’s a super woman – just returned from shooting wild horses in the Western United States.

… And many, many others!
Please join us.

Saturday June 15th to Sunday, June 16th.
Central Park, 
The Glebe, 
My booth is ‘9 south‘ near Clemow and Bank St.

Free admission.

Last year there was cake!

#958 Photo Exhibition Review – John Rowlands’ 50 Years of Rock & Roll History

We just exhibited John Rowlands’ 50 years of Rock & Roll at Ottawa Studio Works!

Jean Marc Carisse and John Rowlands

Jean Marc Carisse and John Rowlands

Many thanks are in order…
• Thanks to John Rowlands for photographing (and sharing) Rock & Roll legends for the last 50 years.
• Thanks to all the people who made the exhibition possible – Tetra speakers, past students and Ron LaVoie for supplying the music.
• Thanks to everyone for entering the Music Photography Contest (Congratulations Jacqueline Barisan and Bartholemew Nowak for your photo successes!)
• Thanks to Spotlight Ottawa and Photokibitiz for sharing the fun!
• And thanks to all of YOU for visiting the exhibition, supporting the Ottawa Food Bank and purchasing John’s work!

John Rowlands with Photo Contest Winner Jacqueline Barisan's photo

John Rowlands with Photo Contest Winner Jacqueline Barisan’s photo

We had a steady stream of visitors including Andrew Balfour and Jean Marc Carisse, prominent Ottawa photographers. And the stories John Rowlands told over the evening captivated the audience. Amazing…

The show will stay up for a few weeks and is available for viewing and purchases by appointment if you missed it! Just let us know…

Jean Marc Carisse, Harry Nowell and John Rowlands

Jean Marc Carisse, Harry Nowell and John Rowlands © Sandra Finnner

#957 Macro Photo Class Review

Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay on the photo blog at HarryNowell.com

Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay © Marc Lafleur

Nice work.

That’s what I thought when people sent in photos from the Macrophotography Class with Louise Tanguay.

Louise‘s last two workshops with us sold out and for good reason! She is a well-loved teacher and superb photographer with many publications and accomplishments to her name.

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay featured at HarryNowell.com/blog

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay – © Johanne Blain

We’re lucky to have her – she travels and teaches all over the world. A few students insisted we bring her back soon for another workshop. We’re working on it!

See a small sample of student’s work in this blog post.

What’s coming up next for photo classes? Check our listings and Online Photo Program. We also do custom courses – anytime – for our courses.

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay

Macrophotography class with Louise Tanguay – © Alicia Borisonic

Ottawa Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay

Macrophotography course with Louise Tanguay – © C Bressan

Macrophotography Course - ©Sébastien Albert - trobophoto.com

Macrophotography Course – ©Sébastien Albert – trobophoto.com