#963 Web distractions – photo news from the web…

So more photo news from the web:

• “Millions of forgettable photos…
Banff Mountain Photo Contest Declares “no winner.” It’s true! Thanks to Online Photo Member Jane who sent us this link from the Globe and Mail discussing the plummeting value of photographs. Sigh…

2100 Megapixel Photo – Big enough for you?!
Thanks to John, another Online Photo Member for sharing this link – the shot is from Vancouver during the NHL playoffs and you can zoom in to see the massive resolution!

Chicago Tribune lays off ALL its photographers
That stinks! It’s an emerging trend on the value of photography – this news has been circulating for a while and it’s sad.

Thanks for the links – keep sending them to us!

#953 Photo Distractions from the Web

In our Photo Distractions feature we present distractions about photography from the web on our own photo blog!

This week’s round-up:
• Quinton Gordon of LuzStudios offered this tip-of-the-hat to Ted Grant, well-known Canadian editorial photographer, with an  announcement about a retrospective of his work.

Photo District News announces the passing of Wayne Miller, prominent documentary photographer with who shot for Life Magazine.

John Rowlands (opens to his music exhibition announcement) gets interviewed on PhotoKibitz about his 50 years of shooting Rock and Roll’s biggest superstars!

• We are ALMOST ready to launch a new web site featuring photo tips we feature on our Facebook page. We’re loading content…

Photo Tip #171 – Want better photos?
Get CLOSER to your subject!!

Photo Tip #171 - CLOSER!!

Photo Tip #171 – CLOSER!!