#826 Online Photography Program – photo challenge results

Members of our online photo course worked hard this month exploring the compositional complexities of geometry and triangles. After tutorials, notes and technical suggestions they were challenged to import triangles prominently into their photos. Triangulate, they did…

Online Photo Program?

We run a web based photo course to help people grow, photographically, at their own speed, from anywhere the internet reaches.

Have limited time? Live far, far away? It’s a great way to improve your photography and become connected with a diverse photo based community.

Members share ideas, critique and encouragement online.

Interested? Check the online course. Register at the bottom of the membership page or contact us.

How many triangles can you find, below?

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Madeleine B

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Andrew B

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Wilal

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - © JaneB

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Marcel

#825 Top photo tips

We’ve starting posting top photo tips on our Harry Nowell Photo Facebook page. Some of the latest are listed below. Join the page to get the feed!

Photo tip #145 – Try something new. Laugh at (and learn from) mistakes. It’ll take you to higher places.

Photo tip #147 – protect you camera from the elements but remember it’s meant to be used! Pull it out and start clicking. An inexpensive “oops-it-got-wet” camera is a valuable asset for photographing family water fights from the front lines

Photo tip #731 – Always check camera settings before the shoot: iso, white balance, file type and exposure – check, check, check and CHECK.

Photo Tip #134 – Aim to create a strong Primary Focal Point in every photo – Read about Mary Primary.

Photo Tip #97 – Worry less about what equipment you (don’t) have and more about your skills using it!!

Want more tips, automatically? Like our Facebook page

photography tips

More photo tips!

#824 Art Exhibition – Watershed in Chelsea

Watershed Art Exhibition

Watershed Art Exhibition

We have talked about Watershed before. It’s a photo project that follows a watershed from the headwaters of Gatineau Park towards the Gatineau River, Ottawa River and the ocean. Over 11 years we have followed the trickle from over a 10 km stretch documenting its path.

The exhibition has been seen in different venues but we are bringing it to Chelsea, a mere 73 metres from the actual Watershed route.

Please join us in Chelsea as we bring Watershed home.

Plus tôt cette année, nous avons commencé notre exposition de photos des bassins versants qui suit, en partie, le bassin versant du ruisseau Chelsea à partir des sources dans le parc de la Gatineau et serpente à travers les secteurs résidentiels, les infrastructures publiques et à nouveau à travers le parc de la Gatineau. Le ruisseau coule à proximité du Lac Meech, derrière le centre visiteur de la CCN, à travers le village Old Chelsea, sous l’autoroute 5, puis remonte par les résidences de Chelsea et par le parc de la Gatineau via le chemin Notch.

Le projet a pris 11 ans à ce jour.

Le travail est à venir à Chelsea – à un 73 mètres du ruisseau qui a été photographié!

Watershed Art Exhibition

Watershed Art Exhibition


Friday, August 17th; noon-5pm

Vendredi, le 17 août ; de midi à 17 heures

Saturday, August 18th; 10-5pm

Samedi, le 18 août, de 10 heures à 17 heures

Sunday, August 19th; 1-5pm

Dimanche, le 19 août, de 13 heures à 17 heures

63 ch Notch, Chelsea, Qc – an easy 15 minute drive from central Ottawa and one kilometre from Old Chelsea Village.

63 chemin Notch, Chelsea, Québec – à 15 minutes d’Ottawa centre et a un kilomètre du

village Old Chelsea.

Watershed Art Exhibition

Watershed Art Exhibition

#823 Post Processing with Adobe Lightroom with Peter Handley, RGD

Get ready for another leap forward in your photo education!

We have booked Peter Handley, a registered graphic designer with over 20 years experience to help catapult you forward as you learn to master Adobe Lightroom – the current photo editing software for batches of imagery. Adobe Photoshop is ideal for extensive editing of single or small batches of photos. Read the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop.

Read about the Lightroom Seminar.

You will learn to:

• manage your hundreds/thousands/millions of photos

• pull unseen beauty from your digitally captured imagery

• produce beautiful prints, slideshows, web pages and books easily from your files


The sessions are coming up this fall as part of our Creative Business Series:

Saturdays, October 20th and 27th in the afternoons.

$115 for each session or $200 for both sessions (please add taxes).

Register for the Lightroom Seminar (at the bottom of the page.)

Lightroom Photo Seminar - Ottawa

Before Lightroom

Lightroom Photo Seminar - Ottawa

After Lightroom!

#822 Photographing the Photographer!

Ottawa photojournalism

David Barbour - Ottawa street photography

In mid July I taught the Urban Compositions Photo Safari on two HOT days.

On my wanderings back to the car at the end of the session I stumbled upon David Barbour – well known veteran photographer in the city. He was shooting some street photography – photojournalistically capturing a musician.

David Barbour - Ottawa street photography

Photographing the Photographer David Barbour

David was busy shooting and I could not resist – I pulled out a camera and lens and started photographing the photographer – hunting the hunter!

I met David many years ago. He still shoots significantly on film and Leica equipment where he can. He’s had a fabulous career (so far) including:

• World Press Award 1986

• Canada Council Grants

• Work for CIDA, and many editorial outlets

• Extensive exhibitions

We connected afterwards and exchanged some fun. Visit David’s website.

David Barbour - Ottawa street photography

David Barbour - Ottawa street photography

#821 New Photography Class – Summer Sports Photography!

We’re excited!!

In September we’ve booked Blair Gable to share his secrets of shooting summer pro field sports as you shoot the Ottawa Sooners Football Club.

Ottawa Summer Sports Photography Class

Football Photography by Blair Gable

So, who’s Blair?

Blair has photographed the NHL All Star Game, FIFA World Cup Soccer, Toronto Blue Jays, Ottawa Sooners, rugby, hockey for his media outlets.

Blair currently works as an independent photojournalist supplying photo work to Reuters, MacLeans magazine, Globe and Mail, and many other national and international magazines, newspapers and agencies.

In his early years he covered enough sports and events to rise to the top of the field.

Blair is now a sought after shooter. He has photographed Obama, the Queen, Princess Kate, politicians, thugs and celebrities on assignment for different media outlets.

For this workshop he’ll be sharing his sport shooting techniques to help you rise to your potential.


Sat., Sept. 29, 2012 (11-1pm; classroom and 3-7pm (approx) game) Sun., Sept. 30 (1-4pm critique)

• Ottawa Studio Works, 160 Preston St., Ottawa.
• Ottawa Sooners home field at Carleton University

$275 + taxes limited to 8 participants (smallest class sizes around!)

Join the course by email and get the opportunity to shoot high end football as you develop the skills needed to perform!

Register online at the bottom of the Summer Sport Photography workshop page.


#820 – Rowing Photography Presentation @ Ottawa Rowing Club

editorial photo assignment Ottawa

Rowing Photography Assignment - Ottawa Magazine

Last summmer I spent many early mornings photographing the Ottawa Rowing Club for Ottawa Magazine. It was a fun assignment.

This week I return to the rowing club to present the collection of photos I produced last summer. Rowers (elite and newbie) will be there as well as many people intrigued by the fun at the rowing club.

The nice thing is YOU are invited to come and see what the club is all about. Come for the people, the rowing or the photos!

There will be some complimentary copies of Ottawa Magazine and photos will be available for purchase.


Friday, July 20th; 7pm onwards

Ottawa Rowing Club; off Sussex Dr, near the McDonald Cartier Bridge

Rowing Photography

Rowing Photography

#819 Night Light Photography Class – Ottawa

It’s back this October!

One of the most fun courses we offer! Night Light shares the secrets of lighting up the night in ways you have never seen:

• Discover ghosts

• Paint with flashlights

• Create race cars out of ordinary traffic

• Pull magic colours from the night sky

Night Light Photography Class

Night Light Photography Workshop

This course has run for years and makes people smile:

I have never before taken photos at night – (successfully!) and it is becoming more like ‘art’, which is one of my favorite outcomes of this course. Harry is an awesome teacher. I give him 10/10!” SS

The course is designed to teach new photo techniques at night and I must say, this the most fun I’ve ever had in a photo workshop.“ BM

I REALLY REALLY had a wonderful time.” PR

Oh, it’s fun. What can I say!?

Friday, October 19, 2012 – 6-10pm; Practical Shooting
Saturday, October 20, 2012 – 6-10pm; Practical Shooting
Wednesday, October 24, 2012 – 6-10pm; Classroom Review and Critique

Cost: $325 + taxes

Central Ottawa

See past photos from Night Light. More. And more. And MORE!

Read more and register for Night Light!
Ottawa photo course

Ottawa photo workshop

#818 Urban Compositions Safari and Online Photo Program

Saturday we launch into the Urban Compositions Photo Safari.

Today I did some last minute scouting. Each time we run this the route changes as the city changes. We are taking the group to some special sites within the city – asian pagoda, hilltop panoramic cityscapes, tunnels and a hidden stretch of downtown whitewater. We’ll be playing with light – natural and artificial and expanding horizons!

Urban compositions photo safari

Urban compositions photo safari

Today we also sent out the latest web based class to our online photo program members. Last month was all about self portraits. This month they are exploring geometry in their favourite subjects. Curious? Join the fun.

online photography course

online photography program - © CKreiss self portrait

Stay tuned…

#817 Bike Race Photo Safari Photos

A couple of weeks ago we ran the bike race photo safari – a mini version of a photography class: short, intense and priced appropriately.

Participants learned quickly about safety, choosing best shooting locations and the logistics of capturing fine race photos.

Thanks for the fun night and great instructions. As a rookie, I found it quite useful. I know I need to get out there and shoot a lot more to become more proficient, but these small clinics do help a lot.

Thanks for the fun!

Bike Race Photo Safari Ottawa

Bike Race Photo Safari Ottawa

Bike Race Photo Safari - Ottawa

Bike Race Photo Safari - Ottawa

Bike Race Photo Safari - Ottawa

Bike Race Photo Safari - Ottawa

Bike Race Photo Safari - Ottawa

Bike Race Photo Safari - Ottawa