#862 Online Photo Program Success

Many of you know we run an online photo course for those people who want to take better photos but don’t always have time for regular classes.

Online photo class

Online photo class - © Cheryl K

Last month we sent members of the program a challenge to get closer. No, really close to their subjects. Their work took a good step forward as I saw creative developments.

Online photo program

Online photography course - © Maureen McK

Help cheer a few of the many successes from September’s challenge. Members are working towards their October deadline and we just started filming November’s class – there’s still time to register for the online fun!

Online photo workshop

Online photography course - © Scott H

#830 “Do something different” – reader photo on the blog…

Last week we sent out our latest Exposed! photo newsletter urging you to do something differently!

We poked you to start exploring new passions and ideas.

And we asked you to send us something different…

Robert’s submission, below, caught our eye and won its way onto the photo blog. He says:

That’s three of my four children, I was trying to get the youngest at 20 months to don a pair of goggles but she wasn’t to happy about it. My plan wasn’t to place all four images together, but while doing some adjustments in Lightroom, I thought I would try something different using Photoshop.  I was still thinking about the missing photo of my daughter that would have completed the scene, then remembered I had a colourful abstract shot of some pool flotation devices.  

All the images were shot on a very hot day with a helpful cloud cover, using a 50mm wide open at 1.8. On the smaller APS-C sensor, that equates to about 85mm, a nice portrait lens and one of my favourite focal lengths.

What caught our attention?

It’s a photo of portraits of very different kids but all very similar – shot with a similar thread in a different way. I like it…

Nicely done.

And for his creative fun Robert wins one month in our Online Photo Program – this month’s challenge is motion. Stay tuned for some student results.

student photo

© Robert M - Doing something differently


#826 Online Photography Program – photo challenge results

Members of our online photo course worked hard this month exploring the compositional complexities of geometry and triangles. After tutorials, notes and technical suggestions they were challenged to import triangles prominently into their photos. Triangulate, they did…

Online Photo Program?

We run a web based photo course to help people grow, photographically, at their own speed, from anywhere the internet reaches.

Have limited time? Live far, far away? It’s a great way to improve your photography and become connected with a diverse photo based community.

Members share ideas, critique and encouragement online.

Interested? Check the online course. Register at the bottom of the membership page or contact us.

How many triangles can you find, below?

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Madeleine B

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Andrew B

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Wilal

Online Photo Challenge

Online Photo Challenge - © JaneB

Online Photo Program

Online Photo Challenge - Triangles - © Marcel

#811 New Camera – Old Skills

I often get asked “What camera do you use?”

My usual answer is “It doesn’t matter.”

And it does matter to some degree, of course. But some people get more hung up on tech and ignore the skills needed to make it perform.

Point and shoot cameras

Point and shoot cameras

I’ve waited for the right time to upgrade equipment. I have many good cameras but had specific requests for any new camera:

• large file size capability

Large file size means little unless you want to print BIG – it’s not often I need to print big for commercial or editorial clients but I want the possibility for artwork like Watershed. Watershed is shot mostly on medium and large format film because of the large amount of data from 6×7 and 4×5 film.

• High iso capability

Gives way more versatility for event coverage. This feature has been around for a while but not necessarily in tandem with my other wants/needs.

• Video capability

A new tool that boosts what I can offer. We’ve started offering video based newsletters. This summer we also started offering video critique and lessons via our Online Photo Program.

… There are many other features on cameras that are pitched to help entice buyers. Often the features are over-rated. 11 frames per second? Hmm. I’ve almost always shot single shot – it takes practice to time the click. Many features I turn off.

The one feature no camera has so far built in are the skills needed to use the camera effectively. For the last ten years manufacturers have promised “easy, easier, easiest.”

It takes time and patience… A few years ago I was contacted by someone who wanted to start a photo business – quickly: “I want you to teach me everything in two weeks.”

I taught her the fundamentals class and she quickly learned, like any trade, it takes years to get a modest base of skills.

Ok, so what camera did I buy?

It doesn’t really matter. It’s good and will help my work. But my old skills are what keep me going, photographically.

Large format photography

Graflex - cutting edge technology in 1930s