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The last ten years have brought a stampede of interest in hobby photography. Digital cameras have made photography seem easy. More than ever people are shooting more of the same things.

In this edition of Exposed! We challenge you to do something differently!

I have seen many people embrace photography, develop their creativity and find a new outlet for fun.

With more people, come more challenges. One particular challenge is separating yourself and your work from the everyone else's. Below we explore ways to create some buzz for the work you produce.

Photograph it differently!
Photograph it differently! This shot sold very well. Why? Because it was shot differently than most golf shots.

Tips for setting yourself apart

These tips and ideas to set your photo work apart are (fill in the blank: difficult, expensive, uncertain, time consuming, risky, solitary, challenging) ________________.

Yes they are! But the rewards can be very satisfying.


This month is easy and tough at the same time.

Your homework is simple: "Do Something Different."

The hard part is coming up with the idea and following through. If you take this on there will be mistakes! And challenges. But it's a numbers game - the more you persist the better the chances of success!

Send us some different photos and projects - we'll feature some on the blog!

Pro Perspective

In the mid 90s I started shooting stock photography and had some breakthroughs creatively and financially. As it became easier for people to shoot (digital) and market (web) stock imagery the market got flooded by good work. With greater supply came lower prices. Everyone was jumping on the bandwagon and it soon became apparent it was time for me to look for the next good thing!

In the 2000s I started shooting music festivals as part of my summer work. I had some good successes but increasingly had trouble as more and more people started shooting the festivals and offering their work for free. With too many people shooting I started pulling out - it was harder to earn a living from the work with so many people offering the same thing.

I have often found that the most fun photo ops are dangerous! They attract too many people and the pond becomes crowded.

Final Frame

Don't follow the photo masses. Set your own trends!

Take (different) photos
Have fun!