#1167 Pond Life, Chicken or Egg and, Self Regulation Learning

Which came first? The chicken or egg?
What’s making all that noise in the pond?
What do YOU do when you’re upset (or ANGRY!)?

This month’s videos challenge young learners to think, question and develop strategies to find answers.

Watch the videos.
See the notes underneath for learning extensions.

Chicken and Egg
Kindergaretn & Grade 1 inquiry into the life cycle through chickens and eggs:

Pond Life
What creatures make ALL THAT NOISE?!
Inquiry with literacy / creative writing links.

Self Regulation
Look what happened! … it was an accident!”
Strategies for kinders and primary students for when things go wrong…

See all the videos including:
• Investigation of capacity (approximately Grade 3 math).
• Tadpoles and frogs – life cycle.
• Creative writing / storytelling prompt.

We’re always looking for ideas to support Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 learning with links to the Ontario curriculum and appropriate for homeschoolers and Forest School fans!

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