#120 Photo job available

Mimi, graduate of my Creative Fundamentals and Creative Business Seminar, sent me an e-mail about a photo job offer at the University of Ottawa. Anyone interested?

Thanks Mimi!

In other news, my story on the Pumphouse will be completed soon. The story is a special one for me as I usually spend my summer fun in whitewater. It’s been a good and busy summer. Alas, my paddling time has been limited.  Sigh:

whitewater paddling on the Ottawa River
Whitewater kayaking on the Ottawa River

#119 Working Creatives Meeting

Last night I organized the season’s first session of the Working Creatives group – established last year. There are ~115 members with a different mix coming to meetings every session.

The group’s raison d’etre is to provide an informal and inexpensive forum for people working in a creative field (as their principle occupation) to learn, meet and network. We have had presentations from or about Apple, Corel, suppliers, archiving digital work, etc.

The group has graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, film/video talents that work independently, or for government or other employers. Veterans and those emerging into their fields attend. There is a lot of cross discipline information and networking – it’s win/win.

If you are working full time in your creative discipline or emerging into your field in a serious way and would like more information please let me know.

#118 Paddling photos

Here are some more photos from Ottawa’s Pumphouse. It’s an amazing downtown Ottawa resource producing fun for Olympians, casual paddlers and spectators alike.

The club is run by the ORR.

Ottawa Pumphouse
Rachel Penman – back from junior world cup action in Europe

Ottawa Pumphouse
K1 Junior National Champion, Michael Taylor

Coach (and elite paddler) John Hastings 

Have fun,


#117 The week’s preview

Coming up this week at HarryNowell.com:

  • submission of work to a client wanting a photo 300 inches wide. They are interested in film for this large project to get decent resolution.
  • a promotional shoot for a musician and his 11 piece band
  • edit and prepare submission for Iceland stock work
  • follow-up on previous stock submission
  • post extra new dates for the second Creative Fundamentals photo workshop – the first one filled
  • developing and posting fall & winter photo courses. Look for sports and a series workshop.
  • prepare to shoot two returning Beijing Olympians for a magazine.
  • a Working Creatives network meeting
  • prepare for a Custom Course for an NGO communications department

It’ll be busy.


#116 Photographer’s Olympic Report

Photo District News filed a report of the Olympics from the photographer’s perspective.

Mountain Bike Photo - ChelseaGallery.ca
Relatively new Olympic sport – Mountain Biking

” “It’s pretty amazing actually,” says Getty Images photographer Shaun Botterill… Photographers and editors interviewed over the last few days universally praised the Beijing Olympics as the best-run games in years.”

Read the full article.

I don’t usually watch tv. But I have been glued to the tv late at night! The Olympians have amazed me!


#115 Product review

Finished up the Urban Landscapes workshop last night. There were smiles all round. All students progressed well.

Before the trip to Iceland – see past postings – I started looking for a new over-the-shoulder (OTS) camera bag. I have had many photo bags and use different styles for different projects. For a backpack style I have owned two LowePro full sized camera backpacks – they’re good.

My current OTS bag was starting to break down, it had no waist belt and when loaded it hurt my shoulder. Time for a new bag. I searched and googled for a couple months. I kept coming back to the Crumpler “Brazilian Dollar Home”. It seemed to have everything I wanted:

  • waist belt support
  • large capacity
  • inconspicuousness (does not yell “steal these cameras!!!”)
  • comfy
  • laptop-able

I bought it at Henry’s in Ottawa. I have had it for over a month and have used it for assignment, travel, Iceland, etc.

The verdict?

I love it. I can load it and travel comfortably. I have fit:

  • 2 full features bodies + 1 small body
  • 4 prime lenses + 1 large telephot
  • laptop
  • memory cards, film, batteries, cords, etc.
  • laptop

This loaded it’s heavy.

The only downside may be that there is pressure on the laptop when fully loaded as the bag wraps around my body trying to curve the laptop. Is this bad for the laptop?

Two thumbs up for the Crumpler bag.


#114 ‘Secret’ Olympic training site

I mentioned I was working on a magazine assignment highlighting a downtown Ottawa ‘secret’ Olympic training site. It’s a slalom whitewater kayak and canoe course within metres of the office towers in the central core.

The Pumphouse - Ottawa
Downtown Ottawa’s ‘Pumphouse’ with downtown Hull in the distance.

Ottawa’s downtown water pumping station near Bronson and Wellington has provided necessary waterworks infrastructure for the city of Ottawa for over a century. The Ottawa River Runners have been paddling there for years.

Three years ago a pedestrian slipped on the crumbling banks of the waterway and drowned. The city shut the whole site down and stripped the banks of the waterway.

The Pumphouse at low water – LeBreton Flats development behind.

Central Ottawa is now left with a beautiful green space – don’t dare call it a park – and a world class facility producing Olympic athletes.

Sarah Boudens and James Cartwright – athletes training at the site – are representing Canada at he Beijing Olympics!

The feature will appear in Ottawa Magazine in the spring or early summer 2009. James Hale will be writing the article around my photos.

#113 The workshop

Pretty perfect weather was what we had for the Urban Landscapes Workshop this past weekend.

Harry, the instructor.

It was a good group sharing varied experiences. We explored locations in central Ottawa and Hull discovering unknown secrets, rediscovered memories and overlooked landmarks.

Reviewing the ideas of the ‘gray card.’

One student piped up “I’ve never noticed that tall building before!” Another was full of smiles and new knowledge by the end… she had come a long way, photographically, in a short time.

Helping navigate the camera.

Another student sent me some photos from the start of the course to use on my blog – thanks Chris!

The one thing to remember…

Thanks for the fun! We meet again for the critique session this week. There may be an Urban Landscapes course in the spring – stay tuned.


#112 Beyond Iceland

I have been all about Iceland lately. There is life beyond Iceland:

The Urban Landscapes Photo Workshop is hosted this weekend. It’s a fun and challenging photo safari in the beautiful cities of Ottawa and Hull.

Urban Landscapes

I am also working on a magazine feature for Ottawa Magazine – covering local Olympians and their Ottawa Training site. It’ll run next spring.

Some more stock work for a government client is being delivered tomorrow.

So far this year work has been good. I am smiling. While you will always have some good luck, consistent business growth takes sustained hard work. See my Creative Business Seminar for ideas for your creative business.


#111 Exposed! and Iceland – a different perspective.

First, Exposed! went out late last night to most subscribers. You can subscribe at the top of this page – it’s free. This month’s article is:

Photography Hell in Heaven.

Second, I came across ANOTHER Iceland adventure blog (Aug 12/08) that recounts about their experiences in “NICEland.” Amy includes photos and stories of their July trip. If you look closely, ahem, you may see me “on vacation.”