#115 Product review

Finished up the Urban Landscapes workshop last night. There were smiles all round. All students progressed well.

Before the trip to Iceland – see past postings – I started looking for a new over-the-shoulder (OTS) camera bag. I have had many photo bags and use different styles for different projects. For a backpack style I have owned two LowePro full sized camera backpacks – they’re good.

My current OTS bag was starting to break down, it had no waist belt and when loaded it hurt my shoulder. Time for a new bag. I searched and googled for a couple months. I kept coming back to the Crumpler “Brazilian Dollar Home”. It seemed to have everything I wanted:

  • waist belt support
  • large capacity
  • inconspicuousness (does not yell “steal these cameras!!!”)
  • comfy
  • laptop-able

I bought it at Henry’s in Ottawa. I have had it for over a month and have used it for assignment, travel, Iceland, etc.

The verdict?

I love it. I can load it and travel comfortably. I have fit:

  • 2 full features bodies + 1 small body
  • 4 prime lenses + 1 large telephot
  • laptop
  • memory cards, film, batteries, cords, etc.
  • laptop

This loaded it’s heavy.

The only downside may be that there is pressure on the laptop when fully loaded as the bag wraps around my body trying to curve the laptop. Is this bad for the laptop?

Two thumbs up for the Crumpler bag.


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