#113 The workshop

Pretty perfect weather was what we had for the Urban Landscapes Workshop this past weekend.

Harry, the instructor.

It was a good group sharing varied experiences. We explored locations in central Ottawa and Hull discovering unknown secrets, rediscovered memories and overlooked landmarks.

Reviewing the ideas of the ‘gray card.’

One student piped up “I’ve never noticed that tall building before!” Another was full of smiles and new knowledge by the end… she had come a long way, photographically, in a short time.

Helping navigate the camera.

Another student sent me some photos from the start of the course to use on my blog – thanks Chris!

The one thing to remember…

Thanks for the fun! We meet again for the critique session this week. There may be an Urban Landscapes course in the spring – stay tuned.


One thought on “#113 The workshop

  1. That was a very challenging weekend Harry!

    After years of taking pictures and your Creative Fundamentals course in the spring, I felt I had the technical aspects down.

    Urban Landscapes gave me new perspective on how to see a subject and tell a story about it.

    Two thumbs up for this course!

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