#949 New Challenges – iPhone photography!

In this month’s Exposed! photo newsletter we explore what new challenges can do for your photography as I embrace the world of iPhone-ography.

accomplished iPhone photography © Blair Gable

accomplished iPhone photography © Blair Gable

Call me slow if you’d like, but I’ve never been an early adopter of new technology.

I bought my first digital camera well after most others and it took until last week for me to jump into the world of smartphones with an iPhone. And the challenges of new technology opened up some interesting doors.

Read more about why I take time to adopt to new technology and how your photography can grow by becoming a beginner at something again!

iPhone photography © HarryNowell.com - start of a new learning curve!

iPhone photography © HarryNowell.com - start of my new learning curve!

#946 – New adventures? – iPhone photo

Soooo, I am looking at iPhones, mostly to assist work.

Not so much for client photography but to support blog work, Facebook and other promotion work. I get tired of pulling out the big (lovely) cameras and going through the whole production needed to get a photo on Facebook, etc.

I DON’T love the techy-tech of photography and I usually a bit behind the leading edge (for good reason! – cheaper and early bugs often get resolved by the second generation.)

What’s your experience with Smartphone photography?

Update… I did it. iPhone. Now I am learning. Can’t wait for Blair Gable’s  Smartphone Photo Safari.

Smartphone photography course

Smartphone photography course - © Blair Gable

#935 On-Location Lighting Photo Class with Photojournalist Blair Gable

It’s back. We had to.

Last spring we offered the first Blair Gable On-Location Lighting workshop.
It sold out quickly.

Blair Gable - lighting course, Ottawa

Blair Gable - lighting course, Ottawa

Blair offers his vast expertise on setting up, quick, simple, effective lighting scenarios for portraits (or other subjects) when time, space and other commodities are limited.

“You say ‘Blair & vast expertise.’ Who is Blair Gable?!
Blair is one of Canada’s leading photojournalists shooting & supplying photos to mainstream news media. He’s been assigned to shoot, oh, just about everybody prominent you hear about in the news – President Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Blue Jays, etc…

Soak up Blair’s offerings while spaces are available. Comes up in October, 2013.

#821 New Photography Class – Summer Sports Photography!

We’re excited!!

In September we’ve booked Blair Gable to share his secrets of shooting summer pro field sports as you shoot the Ottawa Sooners Football Club.

Ottawa Summer Sports Photography Class

Football Photography by Blair Gable

So, who’s Blair?

Blair has photographed the NHL All Star Game, FIFA World Cup Soccer, Toronto Blue Jays, Ottawa Sooners, rugby, hockey for his media outlets.

Blair currently works as an independent photojournalist supplying photo work to Reuters, MacLeans magazine, Globe and Mail, and many other national and international magazines, newspapers and agencies.

In his early years he covered enough sports and events to rise to the top of the field.

Blair is now a sought after shooter. He has photographed Obama, the Queen, Princess Kate, politicians, thugs and celebrities on assignment for different media outlets.

For this workshop he’ll be sharing his sport shooting techniques to help you rise to your potential.


Sat., Sept. 29, 2012 (11-1pm; classroom and 3-7pm (approx) game) Sun., Sept. 30 (1-4pm critique)

• Ottawa Studio Works, 160 Preston St., Ottawa.
• Ottawa Sooners home field at Carleton University

$275 + taxes limited to 8 participants (smallest class sizes around!)

Join the course by email and get the opportunity to shoot high end football as you develop the skills needed to perform!

Register online at the bottom of the Summer Sport Photography workshop page.