#823 Post Processing with Adobe Lightroom with Peter Handley, RGD

Get ready for another leap forward in your photo education!

We have booked Peter Handley, a registered graphic designer with over 20 years experience to help catapult you forward as you learn to master Adobe Lightroom – the current photo editing software for batches of imagery. Adobe Photoshop is ideal for extensive editing of single or small batches of photos. Read the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop.

Read about the Lightroom Seminar.

You will learn to:

• manage your hundreds/thousands/millions of photos

• pull unseen beauty from your digitally captured imagery

• produce beautiful prints, slideshows, web pages and books easily from your files


The sessions are coming up this fall as part of our Creative Business Series:

Saturdays, October 20th and 27th in the afternoons.

$115 for each session or $200 for both sessions (please add taxes).

Register for the Lightroom Seminar (at the bottom of the page.)

Lightroom Photo Seminar - Ottawa

Before Lightroom

Lightroom Photo Seminar - Ottawa

After Lightroom!