#812 Online photo class – June’s challenge highlights

Online Photo Class
© Ismail – Online Photo Program

This summer we started our online photography program for people wanting to learn at their own pace, from anywhere via the internet.

Online Photography Program

© Beaumont - Online Photo Class - HarryNowell.com/memberships

We developed the ongoing, online course – members register and receive instruction, inspiration and critique throughout the month. The summer is an introductory program with the fully featured sessions starting in the fall.

Online Photo Class

© Furry - Online Photo Course - HarryNowell.com/memberships

In June we pitched the ideas of self portraits with tips, ideas and inspiration to help members push their limits, overcome shyness and develop ideas to  make their photos smile. Self portrait was defined as a photo of you or about you. We sent out the critique session video last week. I was impressed and so were members. A few member photo’s self portraits are attached.

What do you think?!

Online Photo Class

Online Photography Program – © Bressan

July’s session starts soon. We pitch a new challenge to get creative photo brains working and smiling. See what we can do for you! You can join the fun by registering online at the bottom of the photo memberships page.

Online Photo Class
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