#867 Night Light Photo Course in Victoria BC

We’re excited as we prepare to trek to Victoria in November to present one of our most fun workshops – Night Light.

I’ve said before it’s not our most popular (we only offer once or twice a year) but it is one of our most fun workshops. You see, there’s photo magic involved. We help you photograph things you cannot see with your naked eye.

Night Light photo course Victoria

Night Light photo course

Night Light – Ottawa sold out in  this year – we had a fun group who learned tons of fun ideas and techniques – everything from:
• capturing stunning skyscapes as the daylight sky gets sucked into night blackness.
• using flashlights to paint everything from statues to trees to words in thin air.
• using camera flash (SB units) to capture elusive ghosts in photos.
• two techniques to turn normal traffic into rivers of light or race cars among laser beams!

Night Photo Course Victoria BC

Night Photo Course Before Light Painting

Night Photography Course - Light Painting!

Night Photography Course - Light Painting!

Ottawa students said:
“Excellent; night photography has always been intimidating and frustrating. No longer!” JM
“Harry was patient & challenging – love it.” JK
“You do a great job, Harry. Don’t change.” Anon.

Join us in Victoria, BC as guests of Luz Galley.
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Night Photography Course - Victoria BC

Night Photography Course - Victoria BC

#819 Night Light Photography Class – Ottawa

It’s back this October!

One of the most fun courses we offer! Night Light shares the secrets of lighting up the night in ways you have never seen:

• Discover ghosts

• Paint with flashlights

• Create race cars out of ordinary traffic

• Pull magic colours from the night sky

Night Light Photography Class

Night Light Photography Workshop

This course has run for years and makes people smile:

I have never before taken photos at night – (successfully!) and it is becoming more like ‘art’, which is one of my favorite outcomes of this course. Harry is an awesome teacher. I give him 10/10!” SS

The course is designed to teach new photo techniques at night and I must say, this the most fun I’ve ever had in a photo workshop.“ BM

I REALLY REALLY had a wonderful time.” PR

Oh, it’s fun. What can I say!?

Friday, October 19, 2012 – 6-10pm; Practical Shooting
Saturday, October 20, 2012 – 6-10pm; Practical Shooting
Wednesday, October 24, 2012 – 6-10pm; Classroom Review and Critique

Cost: $325 + taxes

Central Ottawa

See past photos from Night Light. More. And more. And MORE!

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Ottawa photo course

Ottawa photo workshop