#825 Top photo tips

We’ve starting posting top photo tips on our Harry Nowell Photo Facebook page. Some of the latest are listed below. Join the page to get the feed!

Photo tip #145 – Try something new. Laugh at (and learn from) mistakes. It’ll take you to higher places.

Photo tip #147 – protect you camera from the elements but remember it’s meant to be used! Pull it out and start clicking.¬†An inexpensive “oops-it-got-wet” camera is a valuable asset for photographing family water fights from the front lines

Photo tip #731 – Always check camera settings before the shoot: iso, white balance, file type and exposure – check, check, check and CHECK.

Photo Tip #134 – Aim to create a strong Primary Focal Point in every photo – Read about Mary Primary.

Photo Tip #97 – Worry less about what equipment you (don’t) have and more about your skills using it!!

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